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  1. This is seriously funny! I can just see it happening in my head! Love the chapter and yay for Roman getting his sight back Hopefully soon they can deal with Mark! Hope for more soon.
  2. It looks they are communicating better. Nicole was a bit weird but I guess she doesn't really understand the situation. I love the Mike bet between Rola. That made me giggle.. Love the update
  3. Mark needs shooting, and then strangling, or strangled and then shot, I'm not fussed about the details as long as he is in a lot of a pain and for a long time. I vote for it to be me. Grrr I really want to castrate him. My heart goes to Roman, he is missing out on so much but at least he and Ella are still together, that has to be a good thing. Rola are stronger united. Hope to see more soon
  4. That's just mean. You know I want more but that's not a fair choice! *throws tantrum*
  5. Awww rola family scenes are great to read. I like seeing Ella and Roman happy for now at least, I'm sure something will happen to one and/or both. Hope not though. I want them to be happy now for a good long time! Ah good they know where Mark is now, hopefully that means he will be caught and locked up (or I volunteer to hurt him ) Looking forward to more soon..
  6. Life is like a mirror; what you give to others is what you'll get in return.

  7. Got to be difficult for Roman to work out how Ella is feeling and how far he can go with her but hopefully in time it will be okay. Looking forward to more
  8. Ah Roman and Ella are just perfect together. Uh oh Mia's baby on the way. Hope that goes okay Roman has the kids to look after I'm sure it will be fine Looking forward to more
  9. Aww rola family scenes just make me want to melt! Hope to read more soon x
  10. I Lily, she's so cute and sneaky and yeah I just love her. Noooo I don't like the Roman twist. He is not supposed to have a love child but makes sense regarding Mark. You broke my heart! Hope you update soon..
  11. My heart just literally shattered into pieces. Roman is an idiot, a really stupid idiot.. but poor Ella! Imagine finding out your husband kept something like that from you. I don't know what Ella is going to do next but I don't want the children to suffer.. Hope you update soon
  12. Ah I like the fact that Ella truly is trying and despite her struggling she admits it. It's a good sign. I love the family dynamic and the DVD joke. That just makes me giggle. Loved it. Hope you update more soon
  13. Very fitting one shot. Alf going through so much so that the world could be at peace. May those soldiers never be forgotten for all they did. Awesome one shot.
  14. Awww Roman has some very good points, looking for her 'father' is not going to help her move forward. She is not strong enough yet. She needs more time. I loved the Mike/Roman scene, perfect. I love this part, Ella and pizza are just hilarious! Looking forward to more!
  15. Yayyyy another Jen fic. I am liking the premise of the story. It looks very interesting. I'm curious as to what the illness is. Looking forward to more
  16. I love the chapter, it was very good. I love how Ella was goading Mark without even really trying that was skill! Jacko is still awesome! He's definitely a favourite of mine! Looking forward to more soon
  17. Rola are infuriating! Roman has a point in where I doubt Ella would be able to cope with the distance and how long she would be away from the children but Roman also has to acknowledge that Ella knows her own mind, they're both right in their own way. It's difficult for both of them. Love the chapter and looking forward to reading more
  18. Hypnosis sounds like a good idea for Roman. I want him to fight back! Mikey! He's just awesome but I Iove the blindfold thing he did. Effective. Looking forward to more
  19. Ah Ella really is doing her best to heal and move on, of course she still has panic attacks but she is making an effort to face her issues head on. I loved the chapter and grumpy Roman Looking forward to more
  20. Love love love Lily, I can totally imagine her innocent smile! That could properly definitely start wars! I love Jacko keeping check on Roman, he's just awesome! Love the chapter and definitely looking forward to more
  21. Love how they are reconnecting again, it is so sweet and lovely to see. Ella is surely on the road to recovery now Great chapter
  22. It is great to see Ella spending time with Irene, Rachel and Leah. It must have been hard for Roman to have to ask them to be there but Ella seemed to have enjoyed it. Two great updates, hope to see more soon.
  23. PM me and let me know what it is you want, and if I can I shall do.
  24. I love how Ella is working with the guys to get through this and get Mark out of their lives. I don't like the fact that Roman won't be with Ella and get through this, I can understnd why he is not but at the same time, I do get why he isnt. I just hope that soon they can sort it out and get Rola back on track. Looking forward to more soon.
  25. just amazing! Your artwork always is!
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