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  1. Cute! I loved Ella spending time with Mike, that was fluff at its finest and put a grin on my face. Hahaha talk about upstaging Ella, I love the helicopter I adored the racy fluff This chapter was kind of perfect, makes me scared that something bad is going to happen but until then I'm going to enjoy the fluff.
  2. ROLA!! Fluff!!! Love Rola fluff!! Irene & George's conversation made me smile. I love how there is this connection between them and how confusing it must for him to watch his daughter struggle. Again. FLUFFF! More fluff, now please
  3. Steve? Shush, Ella needs Roman there. Rola fluff! I love seeing them all sassy and cute and cute again I love the pretense of the run to get her there and googling the camera stuff had me laughing my head off because that is so so so adorable! More fluff please
  4. No no no, Roman needs to stay with Ella not be in combat.
  5. Something does not feel quite right to me, Iraq? Really especially when their marriage is on the rocks or well Ella thinks it is. For me they both need to bang their heads together and just wake to everything. I get Ella is dealing with her issues but she totally needs to chill out a bit! I understand her not liking Roman in Iraq, hell I don't like it but he supposedly had to go. She doesn't seem very vested in recovering, more that she's pushing Roman away so in a way I get why he had to go to Iraq, maybe she needs to learn some sort of independence but at the same time I'm glad Ella knows h
  6. This chapter hurts my head. They are happy and then they're not. Psychological torture here!! Make it better! Update soon..
  7. I love Rola but they're going back and forth. They need to communicate but having said that I do love the fluff. It put a smile on my face Looking forward to seeing more soon
  8. Roman and Ella are trying to get back on track, I love it! I want to see Ella growing stronger and getting back to her usual self. The quote below sums it up! Family is what you make it, not just blood! Keep the updates coming!
  9. Ella is definitely hiding something so I'm not surprised that Roman is not exactly distrusting but he's suspicious of what is going on. I hope they are going to get back on track but it's Rola. As if it is that simple. Looking forward to more soon :)
  10. Chapter 36: Ella!! The disappearance is her way of running away from the situation but her emotions must have reached a point where she had to get out but I wish she had spoken to Roman and explained how she felt. How is he supposed to be her rock, the man she relies on if she does not talk to him. They need to communicate with each other. Chapter 37: Roman is doubting her commitment to get better and frankly I'm not surprised, she didn't exactly make him feel like she needed him. She's determined to do it all by herself. I hope they can get through this. Looking forward to more soon
  11. Haha, yeah I totally agree with that. As much as I don't like Mark, their banter is quite funny. I wonder how long it will take for Mark to twig that Roman has his sight back.. Ella and Pete.. well she's seeing that Roman is trying to protect her but of course she is stubborn. Looking forward to more Update soooooon please!
  12. Ah I've missed Bound and Rola. I do not like the secrets they're hiding but I can see that they both have their reasons for those secrets. I want more please :D
  13. Nah..I'll kill him first! Hehe I love Ella, her lines just make me smile! Loved the chapter, looking forward to more!
  14. Ah my Rola. I adore these two. Uh oh Mike in the army. Ella definitely won't like that. I want more soon please
  15. Uh oh Mark knows.. I wonder what he will do! I really want Ella to be the one to kick his ass! Looking forward to more
  16. Thanks for the comments and for reading! I have decided against the sequel for numerous reasons but I will be back with a new story in the future
  17. Ah I have missed Rola but I couldn't help but laugh at the mention of Lily being worse than the bad guys! Haha I can totally see that. Ella and pizza I'm not even going there but it did bring a smile to my face. I'm looking forward to seeing how they deal with Mark already.. Hope to see more soon
  18. Sneaky Roman 'pretending' that Ella is dead! Only Roman would manage to pull that off, well him and Lily Can I be the one to help Roman and Jacko kill Mark? I would totally enjoy that! I hope the kids are going to be okay with the news but Mark needs to be kicked where it hurts and yes again i volunteer for it.. Hope to see more soon! xx
  19. I'm glad Rola have started talking to each other again, Ella needs to open up more.. Hope to read more x
  20. Now more people know about Roman and his 'sight'. I am intrigued to find out what is going to happen next, how is or will Mark get his comeuppance? Looking forward to more...
  21. Heh! I've been there! I totally dislike Mark, get rid of him please! Ella's acting just made me giggle when she hit him, me thinks she actually in some form enjoyed it. Hope to see more
  22. Uh oh George is there. I do love Rola family scenes though. It's definitely very good to read. Ella shouldn't avoid Roman.. Looking forward to more
  23. Avenger Assemble, nice sofa day with my brothers
  24. I love the Rola fluff especially with Mike. Mike as a teenager just makes me giggle.. I am glad that Rola are getting themselves back to some sort of normality. It is what they need. This just goes to show how far Ella has come since the issues came to light, she's trying and whilst she may fall, she can pick herself up again and keep going. Loved the chapter, hope to see more soon
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