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  1. i will include the teaser in my chapter 4 chapter 3 tonite hopefully
  2. dont let anything bad happen please *gets on her knees and begs*
  3. hey really good make it so mattie is pregnant plz!
  4. here asre some teasers for next chapter In the house, it was opposite to Jack’s house. (He and Martha have split up) The phone rang and it said “I am on the case” looked at her hand. It was a photo of jack and Martha split into 2 What’s this persons plan?
  5. i wil update asap lots of things to do!!!!
  6. hey thanks for all the comments will finish on an update soon just have to make sure it is good
  7. cracked me up that!! 2008 one plz!!!
  8. really good! i wil reading more updates of this!
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