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  1. “Nah old man, you’re barely going to remember it,” Ella promised leading them out to the waiting limousine.  She paused to kiss Roman on the way out and smirked as she saw the red lipstick stain she’d left on his lips. “Don’t wait up sweetness, it’s going to be a late night,” she added before slapping him on his behind. 

    The look on his face was priceless and she couldn’t help the grin on hers. 

    :lol: I love this line, so funny, so glad to see them happier :D

    Great chapter.

  2. Ella made her way home from her therapist’s office. She was tired, feeling ill and despondent.  It had been pointed out to her how Roman was controlling her and at first she’d denied it but things began to make sense the more she talked to him.  The way Roman held back his affection, held back physical contact when she did something that displeased him.  The way he was isolating her father, saying she spent too much time with him and now the demand that they move house.  She didn’t want to move away, she felt safe in the house.

    No. Just no. Ella you cannot blame someone else for the way you act, yes Roman has his flaws but he doesn't know how to deal with anymore than you do.
    Hmm I think I know what Ella is going to do with the pregnancy, but I'll wait to see if I'm right.
    ‘I don’t know what to do about El, nothing I say to her is helping.  We barely talk and even when we are sitting in the same room I miss her. I’m writing in here because I can’t talk to her. She makes me see a kind of sense about most things and I miss that just as much as anything else.  I made her sleep on the sofa because I knew that with her besides me I’d force things. I’d make love to her because that is when we are close. She is my heart and in hurting her I hurt myself but she has to be free to decide what she wants.  I need her to fight for our marriage as much as I’m fighting for it.’
    Aww Roman! I can tell he's hurting and does not know what to do next. I hope that he can find a way through this.
    Roman and Ella really need to communicate with each other.
  3. I think that Roman and George are heading towards a fight.. FYI topless and sweaty Roman would be ideal and preferred :lol:

    I want Ella to make some positive changes and make more strides towards recovering. 

    Roman laughed softly before leaning over and kissing her gently on her lips before he stood up and climbed out of the bath, pulling the plug to drain the water. He took his time to cover himself with a towel noting that she was watching him and then grabbing his bathrobe he walked with her into their bedroom and climbed naked into bed next to her. She curled up in his arms like normal and he slowly relaxed into sleep.  


    So so cute :wub: 

    More please :D

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