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  1. I will explain in the next chapter. It will b up soon.
  2. Yeah so was I when I seen it. I was really happy that she looks forward to what storylines she gets its intresting to know what the cast members think about storylines.
  3. Im doing my GCSE's this year and I really stuck on where to start revising. Anybody give me some tips on where to start?.
  4. I got one from Kate the other day. She wrote a letter back saying how she misses joel now he has gone but is looking foward to furture storylines. I have not got a scanner so i will not beable to upload it sorry.
  5. Spoilers for: Episode 1 Cassie is caught cheating on Ric with a older man. A couple announce their engagement. Noah bar is set alight with half the town inside!
  6. Hey I'm new to this forum and this is My first try for writing a Fan fic so go easy on me. First part will be up soon
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