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  1. twosidesbanner.png

    Coming Soon (After Fear)....

    Story title: Two sides to every story

    Type of story: Short/medium

    Main characters: Belle, Geoff, Nicole, Aden, Liam

    BTTB rating: T just to be safe

    Genre: Romance, mystery, drama

    Does this story include spoilers: No

    Any warning: I’ll warn if necessary.

    Summary: Seeing his girlfriend pashing a rock star devastated Geoff. A break up with Aden saw Belle hit the bottle. Coming home, Geoff and Belle hit the bottle, ending up in bed.

    But a pregnancy in the mix makes everything come a head for Geoff and Belle. Nicole is missing, Aden is no where to be seen... what if your start to doubt what you see. Nothing is as it seems

    This sounds good, is this a sequel to Fear? Or just something diff?


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