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  1. OMG you cant leave it like that, loved all the emotion, u need to update ASAP. Aden doesnt look to happy with Nicole. Um hello she could love one way he saved bens life. Cant wait for more. =]
  2. OMG I loved this Poor Aden he is adorable. Cant wait for more =] Glad ur feeling better.
  3. loved that chapter =] poor belle please survive. Cant wait for more. I wish Aden was holding her hand.
  4. “He hurt my daddy and I don’t like people who hurt my daddy!” I loved this bit too. I love this fic your fics are always awesome and so much emotion. I love it. Can't wait for more. =) Hope your feeling better too. Poor Aden. =(
  5. wow is all i can say, love our u wrote the emotion, can't wait for more.
  6. Just read the first two chapters I love it. Poor Aden. Can't wait for more.
  7. Loved it, went away so I couldn't read it then it was in the library loved every single moment. Great ending too. x
  8. Just got back from a trip up the coast yesterday so happy this is updated. Poor Belle, hope Aden finds her =] can't wait for more.
  9. Was that your first time Bec? I saw it twice at the movies could of seen it 100 can't wait till the dvd comes out.
  10. yah there will be more. Cant wait for more. I think u should end if on 50 chapters that would be good =] loved this so fluffy and cute.
  11. WOW I liked that aden and belle were cute until the end. cant wait for more.
  12. Too cute. Loved this and can't wait for the last chapter will be sad but good to. I have loved reading this =]
  13. aww I loved it. Everything is connecting I can't believe Jed didn't go back for her. More soon please I'm loving these quick updates =)
  14. aww that was so sad, poor belle and and aden need to talk and get back together before she dies. more soon please cant wait.
  15. Just beautiful very fluffy loved it. Merry Christmas to you too.
  16. I loved this was so good, full of emotion. Enjoy your holiday cant wait to read more. X
  17. aww i loved that chapter, so beautiful. I can picture it now. Aww poor irene. Please let aden and belle together, Jed stay outta it!!! Cant wait for more xx Cant remember if I reviewed the chapter before this but it was great too. X
  18. Nope, it's meant to say Jed... Jed wants to meet Aden again, so that Aden can pay for his mistake (hurting Belle)... this happened over four years ago, but it's resurfacing now and ruining Jed's happiness with Belle. Hope that helps Thanks yeap I got it, bit slow lol. x
  19. loved it poor belle. OMG JED don't hurt Aden, He wanted to meet this Aden Jefferies again, and make him pay for his mistake... the mistake that was made over four years ago, but was just now resurfacing to ruin Jed’s life. Did you mean Aden not Jed? coz that didn't make sense. Can't wait for an update. xx
  20. OMG I loved this, so good. There all so cute, I love our roman calls aden son. Cant wait for more. =]
  21. wow i loved that, oh JED and ADEN met how funny, his lying not good cant wait for an update.
  22. That was so sad, wow belle has cancer too. Never saw that coming, hope Aden answers and comes and is a match poor ben. cant wait for more. x
  23. loved that poor aden, so sad, i hope everythings alright with nic, please spill soon bustinng to know. x
  24. I loved this, poor belle, she seems to always think about ben I mean who wouldnt. Aw no wonder what happened to nic, cant wait update soon. =]
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