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  1. That was a sad chapter Please post more soon.. I hope Ella is okay & realises who really loves her...
  2. I've total worked it out the hint the blast from the past!! Is it Jonah & Mamma Rose??? Please tell me!! In Pm if you like!!
  3. Loved that chapter lovely name Hayley it's sweet of them as well!! Little confused wasn't Irene & Tony togther but now there not??
  4. Loved that chapter nicely done!! Loved the letters to Scott & Kim !! Can't wait for more!!
  5. Just about to read this chapter printing it off lol!! Can't wait for more you fan fic is total awesome!!
  6. Loved that chapter oh Mattie's having a baby!! Thats cute! Thanks so much for the dedication for that chapter it wasn't a problem to write such a lovely comment!! I wouldn't like people saying that to me!! Well can't wait for more chapters!! Amz
  7. Lovely Chapter!! I liked it !! Oh Ella & Noah thats cute!! How old are they meant to be about 1o? I can't wait for more!! Tash, Rob & ella are such a cute Family!! Don't worry what other people say it doesn't matter yr story is the best!!
  8. Thanks for that I get it now!! So they realise they still love eachother!!
  9. I would just like to say how awesome this Story is I just finished reading it its taken me awahile but I got there its awesome!! I was nearly crying with those letters from Hayles!! Thats a shame Kim told Noah though!! It's all good!! One Question are J&M married in this story coz theres something about them wanting them to ask eachother to move in wouldn't they all ready be living together!! Could you answer that one question for me!! Can't wait for more!!
  10. I loved that chapter it was really good!!! One question has ric killed rocco couldn't really tell what happened with that slant writting!! Please post soon can't wait
  11. Loved that first chapter I don'tget it though!! How can that contain 2007 spoilers??
  12. Just read the last three chapters!! Lovely written, so is Jack dead?? What ever happened to him & Lara??
  13. Its so beautifully written. Poor Martha but now I know why it's called Daddy's Kisses
  14. I just read the whole thing!! Please contine!!! Lets hope Jack & Martha work thing out!!
  15. That was great, I hope she stas with Ric and doesn't go for Lucus!!!!
  16. That's good please make Ric & Maddy stay togther!! I love them together!!! If you don't mind me asking sorry if im being rude, or it's not really my business!! But do you have a baby?? Because I think it's more better & fun to base things on life experiences!!! Can't wait for next part !!!
  17. Poor Maddy & Lucus!!! I bet Ric will blame himself!!!! So they lost the baby for real??
  18. That was a brilliant chapter!!! Good work!!! I was a bit confused at first coz i thought Mattie had an abortion!!! Aww a little mattie & ric running around!!! Can't wait for next post!!!
  19. Just read your last post!!! Awesome Fab chapter can't wait for more!!!
  20. I'd like to say what awesome writting you have done I finished ready your first story earlier today!!! Now I've finished this one!!! On what you have written!!! This is a really awesome story!!! I think I know whats wrong with mattie!!! Well Please post again soon can't wait!!!!
  21. That's so sweet!! I love it!!! I always thought Ric & maddy would get togther!!! I love it!!! Update soon
  22. I'm loving your story!! Keep posing really awesome!!!
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