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  1. Just got to the episode where Nate arrives, first impression is he's gorgeous!!!! Love his accent, British with a hint of Kiwi
  2. That would be so amazing! I adore Sally and loved her storyline with Pippa - I really hope they come back soon!
  3. It varies greatly throughout the year, but episodes airing this week in Aus were filmed between 11th-22nd February, so around 4½ months currently. Thank you for letting me know! More of a delay than I thought!
  4. Could someone please let me know what the time delay is between filming & being aired in Australia? Thanks
  5. I went to see My Bloody Valentine 3D and it was really good! If you like gory horror then this will be for you and the 3D effects are brill too!!
  6. Happy Birthday BTTB! I've been hear for nearly 3 years and love spending time with this fab forum!!
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