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  1. Great! Loving this fan fic!
  2. Loved it! Shame it's ending, but it was a real great end! Looking forward to other fan fics!
  3. Lol! I think it's humanly impossible to be better looking than Jack! lol
  4. Very nice! LOving it! I can't even imagine how fit this man must be if Jack is pretty average looking compared to him! lol Or maybe just big headed.
  5. I'm sorry, but I'm just plain upset about this Jack business. lol It's a twist though! Very unlike any other fan fics I've read.
  6. Hi! Can people just re-read little bits of red on the chapter 5 please, I just realised that some bits aren't clear, and that might be a bit confusing. I hope I've fixed the problem! Thanks
  7. ! I think that deserves a *dum dum dum* lol
  8. Ooh! Go Jack, Go Jack, Go Jack! lol Great story! Loving it! I wonder how Jack will get her back... Hmm...
  9. Thanks for the comments. Next chapter will be up tomorrow!
  10. ! But, Jack!! Lol! Aww he was all protective and stuff, so sweet! Aww! Can't wait for next chapter! This story has already got me hooked! lol
  11. Aww I was smiling all the way through that! I felt quite crazy actually, smiling at a screen.. lol Well, apart from the end part! Why'd she stop! Just why!? What's happened! *Dum dum dummm* lol This fan fic has started off great! Can't wait to read more
  12. , and ! Oh My God! Jack and .. Cassie! It's so wrong! But the story is so good! lol I'm thinking of other reasons why Jack would do this and stil love martha, but I can't think of any! lol! Damn it! Well I must admit, it is very different to other fan fics with Jack & Martha in! lol Aww Tony and Beth! Bless! lol
  13. Ooh, It's all going on! Lol Sounds great! Can't wait to read it (nice name by the way, "Worst nightmare" sounds very cool and bad, in a good way! lol)
  14. Very nice! lol It made me laugh! lol Aww it's ending
  15. Lol! Thanks, that's what I'm planning on doing, making it a bit different than what you'd expect! I'll try my best to make it different But of course, i'm going to have to put the typical Jack & Martha stuff in, else it wouldn't be a proper fan fic! lol
  16. Lol! Try and stop me! I keep thinking of bits I can do for it! lol I've already wrote Chapter 6! lol
  17. Ahh, wouldn't be too sure about that.. Mwa ha ha! lol
  18. Great! Can't wait! Aww poor Martha, and Jack, and Rose!! lol
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