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  1. I love the Mumma Rose one on the last page. She looks evil
  2. That sounds fun! My step-mum is Russian but has been living here for about 6 years, so she and my dad are out there at the moment visiting her family for a few weeks. I'd love to go with them in the future.
  3. 28 degrees here today, which is still too hot for me, but much more bearable than yesterday, which was the hottest July day in Britain since records began apparently!
  4. Lol, it's the opposite for me. I went into town yesterday and was trying to find shops with air conditioning because it was so hot outside
  5. It's already warm here, and it's supposed to reach 36 degrees later on in this part of the country.
  6. It was 31 degrees here at midday, and even hotter in the early afternoon. It's still unbearably hot now.
  7. I was just thinking the same thing...
  8. ^ Ooh, good song choice. The Fray - She Is.
  9. The Fray - How To Save A Life.
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