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  1. i havn't got that one yet! I have secrets and the city! Its looks really strange because you get so used to seeing the characters now but when you look back a few years, it looks all strange! All the characters have left!
  2. I think i will watch my home and away dvd!! With icecream!!
  3. i love that song too!! The Cranberries - Zombie!
  4. Love that song!! Im listening to Dead or alive - You spin me right round 2003 remix!
  5. Emmanuel Carella- don't say a word. Hush hush everybody!!
  6. Happy birthday to your cousin!!
  7. Congrats on the moving!! Hope it goes well!
  8. Salmonella dub- dancehall girl, off the home and away hits 2!
  9. looks like lucas21 is gone......
  10. Love the sig, its so true!
  11. Is there any spoilers on the back to the bay website? If there is,can you tell me were to find them? Thanks
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