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  1. Me too! I can't stick to one genre and I like all music. It's really annoying when people ask what music I'm into and I can't pinpoint it down to one specific style. It also annoys everyone else when I tell them I like everything xD

    And speaking of The Dresden Dolls, I'm listening to "The Jeep Song" now.

    Totally. People were always like "What's your favourite genre?" and all I could say was "Um, all of them?". :(

    Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad (Feat. Leighton Meester) :wub:

  2. I want a label. :(

    Ahh labels! Totally overrated. :P If you have one, you feel you're being stereotyped. When you don't, you seem like a misfit. But misfit's good, atleast you can try something different without getting those 'you shouldn't be into that' looks from people. :P

    I didn't think of it like that. :D

    Strata - Cocaine (We're All Going To Hell)

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