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  1. Cal

    Lillehammer ser veldig fint. Kanskje de vil være vert for vinter-OL igjen. :P Du må vise meg hvordan å kjøpe en billett på metroen fordi jeg ikke kunne gjøre den siste tiden. :P

  2. Cal

    Det er bra, fordi jeg misliker isbjørn. :D Vil du bo i Oslo? Jeg elsket det kongelige palasset og den samiske museum. Jeg liker å være et vanlig medlem, men jeg er ikke vist i noen av medlemslister. Jeg tror jeg er brutt. : P

    Beklager, min norsk er dårlig.

  3. Cal

    Tusen takk. :P Far ønsker å fiske i Nord-Norge, men jeg ønsker ikke å bli spist av en isbjørn. :(

  4. Cal

    Jeg ønsker å reise til Norge igjen. :(

  5. Cal

    Just popping in to say hi. I feel ill. I think it was caused by thinking about that awful brown cheese you guys eat. :(

  6. Cal

    OH. You see how awful I am at guessing games! :P

  7. Cal

    I only noticed you left a comment on my page TWO WEEKS ago. Sorry for not noticing! :o

    Three letter? M_n. Men? :P

  8. Happy Birthday, Musie! :D Have a good one!

  9. Cal

    I'm good, thanks. :) And yourself?

  10. Cal


  11. Cal

    My MSN just cut me off and now you're gone! :(

  12. Cal

    Hello! Ok, I'm late returning the comment. And I apologize. But that MSN convo was seriously LOL. That pick-up line was... scary and I definitely want the word blacklisted for everybody's safety. :P

  13. Cal

    KITTEN. How are you doing? Life over here sux so bad. Recession is my enemy for life.

  14. Cal

    I'm good, thanks. Yourself? :)

  15. Hello, partner! :D

  16. Cal

    Help me. I just ate an entire bag of M&Ms and I feel slightly sick. And I have a song on repeat and it's nice but it's annoying because it's been playing for HOURS and I don't want to turn it off because I hate silence. I need background noise all the time. Hi :/

  17. Cal

    I'm hungry. 0_o

  18. Cal

    Vampy? Oh no!! I'd hate that... I'd need to eat :D

    OMV. I have the sudden urge to run out into the garden.

  19. Cal

    Duuuuuuuudette! I'm tired due to me getting dressed at 5:30am. That nightmare was a damn b**tard :(

  20. Cal

    I'm all done. I have to go into Galway tomorrow with Pa to collect the sister from the train. Shall be very exciting. =D

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