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  1. Getting ready for the the devil's daughter. Good on you Si-Co.
  2. I know who dies, and who kills him, but as this is a spoiler, i am not sure to put it up. Unless you really really want to know.
  3. very funny, i am going to laugh for ages. Thanks
  4. I found it really hard this week, when i was in a nursing course 58 miles away from my hubby. I am 35, with two small children. But i could not wait to get back to this site, aswell as seeing them.
  5. I m glad your back also, missed you and your opinions. Hope you enjoyed your self.
  6. Oh bless you, are they always like this. How do you cope..LOL
  7. Go to sleep, your studies are important to you.
  8. My hubby took his daughter, whom is know 14, to see Lord of the rings, years ago, and i stayed home to mind our young baby. But i recorded it years ago from telly, and i remember saying to my self, i will watch it when i can see them altogether, and i am half way through them, and it it FANTASTIC, i am so glad that i can watch them in a row, instead of a year a part. The rest of the family thought i was mad to wait for such a long time to watch it. But as i am seeing it for the first time, they are very jealous.
  9. Hi mer girl , which series of lost are you watching, as i cant wait for the second series to start in the uk.
  10. Is this true to the story lines, if not, it really got to me, very well done to who ever wrote it, but what happened to kim
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