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  1. I have 3 cats, and 1 puppy. Plus a son 5 years, and a daughter 3 going on 33.
  2. I am goodthanksd hunny. Sorry, my cat walked on the pc.
  3. It is a lot cooler this evening, thanckgod.
  4. Ok. go to bed, and will chat soon.
  5. I am fine thanks, but the one i wanted to win his engine blew up. Very boring to other people. So how are you.
  6. Lol. I was really really looking to spend loads of time with them, i guess because they have already been off for a few days, they have been excited as if it was xmas. They will soon calm down, or if they don't i will lock them up in the garage, only messing.
  7. When does your school hols begin. They have started here, i was looking forward to having my two home for the hols. But they are driving me nuts already.
  8. I am here, but watching the bike racing on telly also.
  9. Well if you give up, great for you. But having stopped both times for my pregnancies, i can't be bothered no more in trying. I will give up when they are older, trying to make a good excample for good health. Also it ain't good for me as a nurse, telling my patient's to give up, when i smoke. LOL
  10. Oh dear are you a smoker.??????????????
  11. I am sure you will enjoy it, as any holiday is better than staying at home.
  12. Liz have a great time on your hols, where are you going.?
  13. Have a great time, the board will still be here, when you get back.
  14. Where are you going on hols angelgirl.
  15. Of course it is, you will receive more respect of others. Taken more seriously, like the members do with you.
  16. Cal f, you do come over older than you are, that is good vertue than be being classed as younger.
  17. You will have a fab time with your mates, just keep safe.
  18. It will be back up soon, so don't worry about it. Meaning it was closed over very silly issues
  19. Hay Cal f, are you around and about. I saw a avater this morning and i laughted my kegs off. Was that one down to you?.
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