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  1. Hello! An episode of Home and Away that aired, I believe in 2005, played a song in the background that I’ve been trying to find for years! On daily motion and YouTube, the episode number is listed as 3898 part 1. Scene goes: Scott and Haley are talking in a restaurant or diner after closing. The song is slow and sung by a man. The scene starts right after the opening credits with Hayley asking Scott why he’s upset. They are talking over the song too much for me to discern enough lyrics to look them up. I’m assuming it’s a song by an Australian artist, and I’m American so I wouldn’t know where to start looking! But maybe it was a popular song and someone will recognize it. Its a long shot, since it’s such an old episode, but if anyone recognizes the song or could pass on information on how I could find out about the song - it would be so appreciated! Thanks! Katie
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