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  1. As they say in Melbourne, Fisher by the length of the Flemington straight.
  2. It has to happen once he has fully recovered from the whole Susie episode and her subsequent death.
  3. I wish 5 would start updating the Home and Away UK FB page again. There has been nothing in over a year!
  4. I am loving Home and Away at the minute. It's brilliant and while she isn't everyone's cup of tea, I feel that Tori is playing a blinder. I love how she rowed in behind Leah against Justin and made sure Justin stayed the night in the cell. Hopefully the viewing figures are looking good. Christian and his new outlook on life is fascinating as well. I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out with Rachel and Tori. I hope he will be in the show for a good while yet to really tease this out. Loving Sienna too..for more reasons than one Edit: I was reading up about the gorgeous Emily Weir and IRL she had alcohol problems so this current storyline must be bringing back bad memories for her but it's why she is playing it so well IMO.
  5. Neighbours was supposed to be on 5Star now but there's some crime show on instead. If Home and Away goes ahead surely they won't skip to Monday's ep?
  6. What kind of ratings does H&A get in the UK?
  7. I've watched Home and Away in different spells over the years. When I was very young, Bobby was my favourite and I remember being sad at her death. A few years later, I remember Pippa, Ailsa, Will, Alf, Irene, Donald, Maz and Leah but Vinnie was my favourite then. Next period was with Maddie, Roo, the twins and my favourite was Hannah? the one who had to learn to walk again After that the Astonis were hard to top and it's sad they are away. At the moment I would go for John or Ziggy but please reunite John and Maz!
  8. Were it not for the geographical distance between the places, you'd near think it was the same container Susan Kennedy was in a while back. I'm back watching and love Mia. The tension between her and Ari was great. A shame Ari and Tane's past came back to spoil things. As much as I enjoyed Christian steering Tori in the right direction, I can't help wishing she was with Robbo.
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