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  1. Who replaced Shane as the poster boy of the show in 1996
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  3. I like her so far, her and Bella will become friends eventually and the build up to her and Ryder getting together is fun to watch
  4. Vj and Ryder would have been a good friendship, Bella needs a female friend her own age aswell
  5. A family that I really enjoyed watching on the show never a dull moment and plenty of drama, they arrived in 2000 from the city(Sydney) and 4/5 years later they were gone and presumably still living in the city as we know Rhys, Shelley, Kirsty, Jade are there but not too sure about where Dani ended up after she left, will we ever see any of them again.
  6. Was watching some episodes from 2011 starting with the Braxtons first episode and noticed how much teens were in the show then compared to now, in that year there was Indi, Nicole/Sasha, April, Ruby, Romeo, Dexter, Xavier and Casey, and now there is only Ryder, Bella and Niaku, the show needs some new teens to freshen the show up,For most of Ryders stint he hasn't had a proper male friend until Nikau and Bella aswell apart from Raffy needs a female friend her own age but it seems there is more interest on the late 20's early 30s characters.
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