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  1. I really not liking these two together - I simply do not think they suit each other. And finding myself hoping Justin will break up and find someone more fun ! I really liked Justin when he was with Izzy and Willow . I remember him with Scarlett Snow but for the life of me I cant rerember how she was connected to Summer Bay or how it went wrong !?
  2. Ch5 aired its last episode off the year yesterday - not sure how I am going to cope without my daily fix of Home and Away . Anyway . I dont know if this has already been posted. But what was with the point in the Diner Robbery . They seemed to have scrapped the storyline and I still wonder who was responsible ! Or maybe I just missed a episode , I dont know . What does everyone think ?
  3. I really not liking some of the newer characters - Any - hows....... Fave. Amber, Dean , Nikau , Ari , John Palmer I love Jasmine and Willow Justin. Least Mac - Cannot warm to to her at all Tane - Very boring Tori - Leah - Owen -
  4. Hiya new to the forums - I have a question that has been bugging me for a while . I coudnt decide which section to post . Why doesnt H&A film at the Rock Pool anymore ? It was once my fave location for scenes ..... Its where Dr Nate used to swim and I think Charlotte King met her death nearby . Anyone know ?
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