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    Favourite TV shows: Gilmore Girls, Shortland St, Friends, The OC, 7th Heaven, Home and Away, Neighbours, Rove, Two and a Half Men, Joey and Medium<br /><br />Favourite Movies: Walk the Line and Grease<br /><br />Favourite Celebrities: Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Jennifer Aniston, Resse Witherspoon, Delta Goodrem, Kelly Clarkson, Jim Carrey and Brad Pitt

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  1. Erin Wow I started this topic over a year ago and I even remember making it lmao
  2. Hey, well theres a name game on another forum but I haven't seen it posted on here. all you do it say a name and take the last letter of the name to make another name for example: Jamie Eric so yeah, I'll start off first... Caitlin
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