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  1. Can Channel 7 please go back to a standard schedule of 5 episodes a week? Mon to Wed single episode, Thu double. I work away and want to set to record the show but they keep messing about with it, which is annoying. Having 4 episodes a week then chucking in these ridiculous triple episodes for weeks on end to catch up makes watching really hard. You can plan a few weeks in advance. And before anyone says 7Plus, no thanks. I want to watch on my TV in my lounge not on a silly little screen and also be able to skip through adverts not forced to watch them.
  2. That’s what the advert break is for and there is 3 of them in every show. Do they have to spoil the show as well? No,, they never used to be this bad. Channel 7 are obsessed with cramming every micro second of advertising for $$$$ at the expense of the viewer. It’s really sad. I can’t get used to it because it’s getting worse. Channel 7 need a massive kick up the posterior.
  3. Do any other viewers find the constant pop ups advertising upcoming programmes, lotto results, countdown timers (or whatever other rubbish Channel 7 chooses to spoiler the show with) as annoying as I do? Adverts belong in the break, not splashed all over the bottom of the screen during the show.
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