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  1. Thank you so much for the comments, Kristen and Helena NOTICE: Contains swearing and language. You had been warned. CHAPTER THREE Four weeks later... Things seemed to be improving well in the Buckton household and everyone was happy again considering they had been almost torn apart because of Grant’s actions and what he did to Charlie and how they had been struggling to come to terms with everything that happened last year. And it’s all thanks to baby Ruby; her mother and grandparents are learning how to smile and laugh again, and that they were brought close as a family again because of her arrival which was a blessing to them. Charlie settled into motherhood slowly and it had changed her a lot in the last four weeks as she loved beginning a mother to baby Ruby and enjoying every moment of motherhood. And she found a way to settle her baby daughter into a routine with her mother’s help. Ruby was a happy and beautiful baby who slept well through each night and takes her feeds regularly like a little well-behaved missy. She was always doted on and adored to bits all the time by her mother and grandparents. 2nd April 1993... Ruby-who is now one month and four weeks old-was crying loudly and making a fuss, and she refused to drink her mother’s milk and she was becoming unsettled and irritable, and it was worrying her mother and grandparents as they took turns trying to pacify her. “Shush, shush. What’s wrong, darling?” cooed Charlie who was doing her best to pacify her baby daughter. “I think she may be thirsty. Here’s a bottle of boiled water.” said Elise handing a bottle of boiled water, and then Ruby began to suckle on the bottle teat, making a gurgling sound. “She’s a bit hot.” said Ross feeling the baby’s forehead. “Um...I think something’s wrong with her breathing.” said Charlie listening to Ruby’s breathing, and it sounded like she was breathing rapidly. “That doesn’t sound good. We should better take her to the doctor now,” said Ross feeling concerned for his baby granddaughter. “Damn. Her temperature is high. It’s 35.5.” squeaked Elise as she used the ear thermometer, to check how high Ruby’s temperature was. “What?! No! Is she going to be okay?! What is wrong with her?!” whimpered Charlie, shaking all over. “Shush, shush, darling. Calm down. Everything is going to be alright, I promise. We will take Ruby to the hospital now and make sure she will get the medical attention she needs, ok?” said Ross reassuringly. Charlie nodded solemnly when she put her baby daughter into the baby seat so she followed her parents out of the house and then off they went to the hospital. At the hospital... Charlie and her parents stood patiently in the room as the doctor and the nurses began to tend to baby Ruby. Charlie told the doctor about Ruby’s symptoms. “How long has it been happening?” said the doctor gently. “Since this morning. She won’t settle, and she was becoming irritable. Her breathing is rapid, and she won’t drink my milk. Expect only for a few sips of boiled water from a bottle. My mum checked her temperature and it was high. She was floppy. Please help my baby girl. I can’t ever bear my life without her in it. Please do something.” sniffled Charlie as tears glistened on her cheeks. The doctor reassured, saying they would do their best to help Ruby. An hour later, tests were run on Ruby to find out what was wrong with her. The doctor walked over to the Bucktons. “Um...we ran some tests. And it turned out she has Group B streptococcal infection.” said the doctor and he began to explain what it meant. “Is she going to be okay?” squeaked Charlie staring up at the doctor. “We will put her on antibiotics and keep her in here for a few days." said the doctor. Charlie burst into tears, collapsing into her parents’ arms weeping silently as her parents held her in their embrace tightly-hoping that their little precious baby granddaughter would pull through this. Ruby had meant a lot to them, and to her mother, more than anything in the world, as her arrival into the family was a blessing to their lives, and they can’t bear the thoughts of their lives without her in it if they lose her... Later on at the hospital... Charlie stood beside the crib, staring down at her baby daughter. “Hey little darling.” whispered Charlie, when Ruby let out a whimper. “Shush, shush baby girl. You are going to be okay. The doctors and nurses are taking good care of you and making sure you will get better. You are a little tough fighter like Mummy, aren’t you?” cooed Charlie stroking Ruby’s tiny button nose. Suddenly, the door opened and there walked in Sally and Miles, Damian and Finaly, Blake wearing plastic aprons to stop the spread of infection from their clothes when they rubbed their hands with hand sanitizer to stop the spread of germs. “Hey we heard what happened. Your mum told us,” said Sally staring down at baby Ruby. “How’s she doing?” said Miles stroking baby Ruby’s arm gently with a finger. “They had put her on antibiotics and she will be staying here for a few days,” said Charlie. “That’s a relief. You must have been scared, eh?” asked Finaly. “Yeah I was. I was scared thinking that I had done something really wrong.” said Charlie exhaling deeply “You’ve done nothing wrong, Charles.” said Blake. “Try saying that to the bitchy nurse.” said Charlie wiping a tear from her cheek. “What nurse? What did she say to you?” said Damian narrowing his eyebrows. “A nurse was really nasty to me five minutes earlier before you come in. She accused me of me making Ruby sick and that she said I don’t deserve to be her mother. And that my parents should have sent me off to a home for unwed mothers and babies to hide me away from the world, you know. And that Ruby should have been better off with a proper family who can raise her better more than me.” sniffled Charlie. Her friends all stared at her in stunned silence as they felt disgusted and angry with the nurse for saying such terrible things about her when Sally hugged a distressed Charlie around the shoulders. “What?! Bitch! She was so out of line! She had no right to say that! How could she ever say these stuff to you?! Don’t listen to her, Charlie. Ok? You are a great mum to Ruby.” said Finaly. “What’s this we hear about a nurse accusing you of making Ruby sick?” echoed out Ross’s voice as he walked in with Elise when they stared at their daughter who walked over to them and snuggled into mother’s arms for a comforting hug. “Sweetie, tell us what happened.” said Elise. Charlie repeated everything-about what she had said earlier to her friends-to her parents. “What a ****ing cow! Oh she is going to have it coming to her! How dare she ever say these stuff about my daughter?!” snarled Elise as she stood here seething. “Don’t listen to her, darling. You had done nothing wrong, that would cause Ruby’s illness,” said Ross hugging his distressed daughter. “But I did, because I was never given antibiotics to stop spread of the infection when I was about to have Ruby! If I did, Ruby won’t be lying in a hospital crib right now!” sobbed Charlie. “Shush, shush. It will be alright. We will sort it out. It will be okay, sweetheart. Look at me. Don’t take any notice of that stupid judging woman, ok? You are pretty good as a mum to Ruby. Your father and I are really proud of the way you have grown up so fast in the last four weeks.” said Elise. “Your mother’s right, Charlie.” said Ross wiping the tears from his daughter’s cheeks. “Thank you both, guys. I love you both.” said Charlie. “We love you too, kiddo.” said Ross. “I am going to track down that ****ing cow and give her a piece of my mind.” said Elise so she turned on her heel and hurried out of the room followed by her husband and daughter. “Which one is the nurse?” said Ross glancing sideways at Charlie. “The young one with reddish hair. That’s her over there near the nurses’ reception holding a folder.” said Charlie quietly as she pointed out to a young nurse with reddish hair. Elise stormed over to the nurse. “Oi!” Elise called out altering the nurse’s attention so the nurse looked up to see Elise storming over to her... “What is your ****ing problem with my daughter?!” snarled Elise raising her voice louder causing a few people’s attention so they turned their heads to see what is going on. “Excuse me?!” said the nurse. “What gives you the right to say these horrible stuff to my daughter, eh?! You stupid ****ing bitch! You had no right! NO RIGHT! How dare you ever accuse her of making her baby sick?! How dare you ever say that I and my husband should have sent her off to a home for unwed mothers and babies?! You were so unprofessional and out of line! You don’t ever know anything about us! NOTHING! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT WE HAD GONE THROUGH IN THE LAST YEAR! DO YOU?! NO YOU DON’T!! Charlie is a good mother and she would never let danger or harm came to her daughter because she loves her to bits!! What gives you the right to be such a judging and bitchy cow to my daughter?! YOU EVER DON’T KNOW WHAT SHE HAD GONE THROUGH LAST YEAR! BECAUSE A GUY RAPED HER AND GOT HER PREGNANT!!! DID YOU KNOW THAT, DIDN’T YOU?! NO YOU DON’T!! You have no idea what she had gone through!! And that she had to keep it a secret for five months until she found out she was pregnant!! We were almost torn apart because of what that ****ing piece of scum did to our daughter!! Can you image what it was like to be in her shoes, eh?! How would you feel right now if you were in her shoes after beginning raped and having to keep a secret because she was scared to say anything before finally revealing everything after she found out she was five months pregnant?! We were struggling to come to terms with everything in the last year before Ruby arrived into our lives!! And we were brought together again as a family, thanks to her because her arrival was a blessing in our lives!! Why can’t you **** off and leave us alone?! We got a little sick baby lying in that room right now and her mother is upset about her baby girl’s illness!! She is trying to stay strong for her daughter!! The last thing she needs is someone beginning bitchy and judging to her, accusing her of beginning a bad mother!! Why can’t you ever mind your own ****ing business, eh?! I hope this teaches you a lesson for beginning a judging bitch!! Next time, think hard before you judge and speak!! And make sure to taste your ****ing words before you spit them out of your ****ing big fat mouth!! If you ever hassle or accuse my daughter again like that, I swear to God you will regret this!! GOT IT?!” screamed Elise. The whole hospital were all silent after listening to her outburst. Reeling from Elise’s outburst, the nurse stood here shaking with clasped hands to her mouth so she dropped the folder and then ran off in the direction to the bathroom crying her eyes out. Elise stood here seething with clenched fists when Charlie appeared at her mother’s side. “Mum, come on. Let’s go back to Ruby.” said Charlie quietly. “What is going on here?!” said the doctor walking over after overhearing the commotion. “You both go ahead. I will take care of it and explain.” said Ross so he walked over to the doctor and explained to him about what happened earlier when Elise and Charlie went back to Ruby’s hospital room. “I am so sorry, Charlie. I know I shouldn’t have lost it like that with her. But the way she spoke like that to you. I just needed to give her a piece of my mind because you don’t need any more stress right now.” said Elise feeling a bit guilty and horrified for how she lost it at the nurse in front of the whole hospital. “It’s okay, Mum. You were just standing up for me. Thank you.” said Charlie hugging her mother around the shoulders when Ross walked in a few minutes later. “I had explained to the doctor what happened earlier and he wanted to apologise for it so he will talk to the nurse about her unprofessional behaviour but he will make sure Charlie will get an apology from her.” said Ross. “Hear that, Rubes? Your grandmother was so scary, isn’t she? She kicked that little evil witch’s bum for beginning mean to your mummy.” said Miles so everyone all chuckled quietly. “Well we think we should go and leave you all to it, guys. But keep us updated about Ruby and how she’s doing.” said Finaly. “We will do. Thank you all for coming here for support. I do appreciated it.” said Charlie hugging her friends. “No worries.” said Damian. He and the others left the room after saying goodbye to the Bucktons. Two days later... Ruby had made a speedy recovery from her illness, leaving her mother and grandparents relieved to know that their little loved one was going to be okay, and that they are able to take her home. Charlie stayed in hospital, keeping vigil beside her baby daughter’s crib for two days, and she was allowed to sleep on the big couch at night-time, as she hadn’t wanted to leave Ruby’s side but on the first day, her parents had to make her go home and have a shower, have something to eat and then have a sleep, telling her they would stay with Ruby. At the hospital... “Ready to go home, Rubes?” said Charlie when she finished buckling her baby daughter into the baby seat. She hoisted the baby bag over her shoulder while her father offered to carry the baby seat when they left the room with Elise. Suddenly, the doctor walked over with the nurse beside her so there is a tense but awkward silence when the nurse stared at Charlie. “I want to apologise for these stuff I had said to you. I was unprofessional and out of line. I am so sorry for what you had gone through last year. But I know it was no excuse for me to step out of line and said these horrible stuff to you. Your mum was right. I don’t ever know what it was like to be in your shoes but I can’t image what you had gone through. And I think you are a good mum. And again I am so sorry for what I said to you.” said the nurse. “Thank you. Apology accepted.” said Charlie when her parents nodded curtly at the nurse. "Um...and by the way, I want to apologise for the way I went off at you." said Elise to the nurse. "It's okay. You were right. I shouldn't have judged your daughter harshly like that." said the nurse quietly. And then she turned around on her heel and walked off. “I had talked to her about her behaviour and what she said to your daughter was so out of line. I had given her a warning and made sure she will apologise to you.” said the doctor. “Thanks, Doc. For everything. It’s really appreciated. Come on, Let’s go home.” said Ross when he walked off-carrying baby Ruby in her baby seat-with his wife and daughter so they left the hospital together to go home back to their house.
  2. Thank you for the comments, Kristen and Helena CHAPTER TWO One week later... "Here we are, Ruby. Welcome to your new home." cooed Charlie taking the baby seat out of the back of the car. She walked inside, glad to be home from the hospital when she looked around as her parents walked in carrying her bag and Ruby's bag. Ruby began to cry making a fuss when her mother took her from the baby seat into her arms walking to the nursery. "Ruby, this is your new bedroom. We call it a nursery." said Charlie when she cradled her little baby daughter in her arms. She walked into her bedroom. "This is Mummy's bedroom." said Charlie stroking Ruby's tiny button nose gently when her parents walked in. "We will be having a BBQ tonight and we will invite our friends over. Just kinda of a little celebration to welcome Ruby to our family." said Ross. "Sounds good." said Elise. "Yeah why not? It sounds great. Hear that, Rubes? We are having a little celebration party to welcome you to our family." said Charlie. She left her bedroom with baby Ruby in her arms in the direction to the nursery. A few hours later... Ross was cooking meat on the BBQ whilst Elise began to set the table. Charlie was sitting on a chair, holding Ruby in her arms. They were joined by Pippa, Michael and their children, Alf and Alisa, Duncan, Roo, Martha, Irene and Donald, Greg and Bobby, Sam. Pippa's second son Dale was with them too considering he was born two weeks ago. He was Michael and Pippa's first child together. "She's the spitting image of her mother, isn't she?" cooed Irene when she peeked into the pram. "Dale and Ruby are going to be best friends when they both grow up together. At least we can arrange playdates sometime, yeah?" said Pippa chuckling quietly. "Looking forwards to it." said Charlie. “Aw she’s so cute, isn’t she?” said Sally peeking into the pram. “She does look like you because she got your little button nose, Charles.” said Finaly stroking baby Ruby’s tiny round cheek gently. “She looks like a little mini Charlie.” said Damian so everyone all chuckled quietly. Charlie watched Roo interacting with her five years old daughter Martha. Roo had been born and raised in Summer Bay. She became a teen mum when Martha was born so Roo kept her daughter after changing her mind about giving her up for adoption. So Roo raised Martha in Summer Bay until they moved to the city a few years ago. Roo and Charlie were close really like sisters as they are ten years apart. Charlie was pleased when Roo and Martha came over from the city to visit her and baby Ruby. Charlie smiled at the scene when she looked around at her family and friends. She watched her parents talking and laughing with Pippa and Michael, Alf and Ailsa while Donald and Greg stood nearby chatting. Charlie looked at her friends who were chatting and laughing as they stood under a tree with bottles of soda. And then Charlie watched Martha and Christopher playing ball with Alf and Ailsa’s four years old son Duncan joined by Sam who is Greg Marshall’s ten years old son. Sam was Bobby’s foster son and then she married Greg last year so they including Sam became a family together. Donald Fisher was Bobby’s father and they has a close father-daughter since she found out the truth about her birth parents a few years ago. Bobby never got on well with her birth mother Morag Bellingham who was Alf’s sister so relations between them had been strained and tense since Bobby found out Morag was her birth mother. Pippa was married to Tom and then they moved to Summer Bay five years ago with their foster children-Frank and Steven, Lynn and Sally, Miles, Carly. Pippa and Tom had only one child-Christopher who is now five years old. And sadly, Tom died of a heart attack three years ago so Pippa remarried again to Michael Ross in 1991. Finaly and Damian ended up living with Pippa and Michael in 1991 because of their mother Irene Roberts’ drinking problem including the break-up of her marriage that resulted Finaly and Damian getting taken into foster care. Irene returned to Summer Bay a few times attempting to take her children back but they refused to go with her so she gave up when they told her to leave town and get help. And then Irene returned to the Bay two months ago, now a changed woman. She had sought help for her drinking problem and had vowed that she would never touch a drop of alcohol ever again. She is living at the beach, and she had got a job at the Diner. And she was slowly starting to rebuild her broken relationships with her two children thanks to Charlie who believed in her and that she had changed for good including that she encouraged Finaly and Damian to give their mother a second chance. Irene felt terrible for the things she had done in the past, and it had made her realise how she had been a bad mother, and had sworn to make up for it when she got help for her drinking problem. Irene had a painful past that her family and friends were aware of so it turned out that she was raped at the age of 15 years old by her uncle which she fell pregnant but she was forced to give her child up for adoption so she never found out it was a boy or a girl. She had tried several times to track down her child for months but no luck so she gave it up. Irene used her experience to help Charlie through it and they formed a close bond considering they were survivors of sexual assault. Carly-who was raped five years ago when she was hitchhiking home from a party-used her own experience too to help Charlie through it. “Charlie, you alright, love?” said Irene noticing Charlie seemed to be quiet staring into space for a while. “Huh? What? Oh, Irene. Yeah I am fine. Just thinking about things. Everything, you know. What I had gone through in the last nine months. What Grant did to me, my pregnancy and then having Ruby, thinking about what my parents had told me last week in the hospital about Ruby’s future. I have to make a decision. Keep Ruby and be a good mum to her or let my parents raise her instead of me. Don’t get me wrong, Irene. I do love Ruby all with my heart. And I just want to do what was right for her future. ” said Charlie staring at her baby daughter. “Charlie, love. Look at me.” said Irene so Charlie looked at the yellow-haired woman. “I am sure whatever decision you will make is right for Ruby. I am sure Ruby will understand what her mummy had done was right for her future when she is older enough to know. I am sure she will know you loved her and wanted the best for her.” said Irene. “Yeah I know. I can be a natural with babies and little children because I had helped babysat Christopher and Duncan, Sam and Martha sometimes for their mums if needed. I used to talk to Roo about her experiences as a teen mum and ask her questions about what it’s like beginning a young mum and whatever. I know it’s a huge responsibility looking after a little baby at such a young age if I want to keep Ruby and be a good mum to her with my parents’ support including everyone’s too. So I guess I will have to think about it and let my parents know later on probably tonight about what my decision for Ruby’s future is.” said Charlie. Ruby began to cry flailing her fists when Charlie lifted her out of the pram taking her into her arms. “Shush, shush. It’s okay. Mummy’s here, Rubes.” whispered Charlie rocking her baby daughter who stopped crying so she settled down quietly in her mother’s arms making some cute baby sounds. “You are such a natural with her, darl.” smiled Irene. “I know.” said Charlie looking down at her baby daughter who cooed quietly. Later on this evening... Charlie walked into the living room to find her parents sitting down on the couch. “Hey, Dad, Mum.” said Charlie. “Hey, darling. How is Ruby doing?” said Ross. “She’s good and sleeping peacefully like a angel. So I wanted to talk to you both.” said Charlie. She sat down on the sofa opposite her parents so she sighed quietly and cleared her throat. “I had been thinking about what you both said to me last week. About Ruby’s future. And I had made my decision.” said Charlie. “Okay. Let’s hear it.” said Elise. “Um...I want to keep Ruby and be a good mum to her. I know I am too young to be a mum but I understand it will be a huge responsibility looking after a baby at such a young age. But I can do it with your support, guys. Look at Mr Stewart's daughter Roo. She was a teen mum, right? Look at how she had done so far and what a good mum she was to Martha. I can promise you both something. That I will be a good and responsible mum. I don't want to give her up for adoption because I can't ever bear it if I give her away to strangers. I had been attending counselling sessions and putting my demons behind me, doing well in my school work. I would do anything to get a part-time job to support myself and my daughter including our futures.” said Charlie. Her parents looked at one each other taking in what Charlie had told them and then they looked at their daughter who is waiting for their reply. "Well if that is what you want, darling. Whatever decision you make is right for your baby, we will always support you no matter whatever happens. But we are sure you will be a good mum and we will help you out whatever you need us. We can help you settle into motherhood and help you work out a way to juggle between motherhood, school and your social life. And we can help you work out how to get Ruby settled into a routine. Like I did when you were a newborn, Charlie. If you want to keep Ruby and be a good mum to her, we can help you out and help you raise her. Right, Ross?" said Elise. "Yeah of course. Your mum's right.” said Ross nodding in agreement. "Thank you, guys. For everything you had done for me in the last four months. All your support and everything but thanks again. I love you both." said Charlie looking around at her parents so she sat down between them on the couch. "Aw, we both love you too. I and your dad are so proud of how you had dealt with what had happened in the last four months." smiled Elise when she and Ross hugged their daughter who smiled as she snuggled into their embrace. After a while, Charlie let a huge yawn and then snuggled into her father’s arms so she fell asleep. “Aww isn’t that so adorable?! She was adorable when she was a little girl, and she would fall asleep in your arms like a baby.” cooed Elise. “Old days, eh?” smiled Ross. He lifted his daughter up into his arms and carried to her bedroom so he tucked her into her bed gently. Ross and Elise both peeked into the crib, watching their granddaughter sleeping with smiles with their faces. “She’s so beautiful, isn’t she?” She’s the spitting image of her mother,” whispered Ross. “Yeah she is. The jewel of the family. Come on. Let’s go to bed.” said Elise. “Dad, Mum?” said a voice from the bed. “Yeah, sweetheart?” said Ross. “I love you, guys.” said Charlie. “We both love you too, sweetheart. Now go to sleep. Sweet dreams.” said Ross pressing his lips to his daughter’s forehead. Charlie smiled, and snuggled into her bed, and she soon fell asleep. Pecking her daughter on the cheek, Elise turned off the bedside lamp and left the room, leaving the door ajar. Ross and Elise both walked into their bedroom so they began to kiss passionately tugging at one each other’s clothes. And then they fell into bed making love with one each other for one hour until they fell asleep snuggled into one each other’s arms. AUTHOR'S NOTICE: I just thought to bring in Irene's past early into this fanfiction. Yes I know she never revealed it to anyone on the show until the end of November/early December 2015 (Episodes 6334-6335, 6342) but I thought why not bring it early into this fanfiction so she was able to use her own experience to help Charlie through it.
  3. I had posted my new fanfiction on Saturday if you want to check it out
  4. Ok thanks I can't see any mistakes in the first chapter. Can you quote it please so I can edit it? Thanks I would like to hear your opinion on what Charlie's decision about Ruby's future as I had mentioned above at end of the first chapter.
  5. Hey guys! I am back! I wanted to apologise for what happened with my previous fanfiction; 'Life At Summer Bay' and I had it deleted because I wasn't happy with the direction I had taken it in really. I had decided to rewrite my FIRST Home and Away fanfiction 'The Beginning' about Charlie and Ruby's mother-daughter relationship and their lives in Summer Bay, etc.... I had written it in January 2010 and completed it in December 2012 with 57 chapters on my other BTTB account when I was ~JarlieFanEver~ So I decided to rewrite it but it will be kinda of different and etc...from my previous fanfiction. Yeah I had written 12 fanfictions from 2010 to 2017, hehe, and I must be rewriting a few of them as well Reposting my ad for my first Home and Away fanfiction I had written in 2010... Title of story: The Beginning Type of Fic: Long Fic BTTB Rating: G/T Main Characters: Charlie and Ruby, other characters involved Genre: Tragedy, Drama and Family, Teen and Romance, Friendship, Betrayal Does it contains spoilers: Nah Warnings: Adult Content, Violence/Death, Language and Sexual Content Story beginning read-proofed?: No Summary: This is about the mother-daughter relationship between Charlie and Ruby including their lives in Summer Bay. And of course, it involves their family and friends, their lives in Summer Bay. CHAPTER ONE Charlie Buckton was born on the 1st of January 1980 in a sleepy little coastal town named Summer Bay. Her parents-Ross Buckton and Elise Daniella-wanted her to be raised there because they had been living in Summer Bay all their lives since they were born as Ross and Elise were childhood best friends and sweethearts. They got married a year before Charlie was born. Ross was a detective at Yabbie Creek Police Station and Elise worked at a charity store in Yabbie Creek Ross’s parents both died in a car accident when he was 18 years old and he was their only child. Elise was the only child of her parents too. Elise’s mother died from terminal cancer when Elise was eight years old and then Elise’s father died of a heart attack a couple months after witnessing his daughter’s wedding to his son-in-law. Ross and Elise would always do anything to make sure that their daughter had a happy and stable life in Summer Bay surrounded by their friends and neighbours, everyone whom they knew and got on with very well. Charlie loved living in Summer Bay and she never wanted to leave the Bay neither wanted to move away because Summer Bay had been always her home where she was born and raised all her life. She loved all her family and friends including everyone whom she got on with very well... When Charlie was twelve years old, she was raped by a local boy-named Grant Bledoce who was four years older than her-in the bushes because she rejected his advances when he tried to ask her out on dates several times but she refused. Left reeling with humiliation and anger after beginning rejected by her, Grant confronted Charlie that day down the pathway where the bushes. And then it was where he dragged her into the bushes when she fought and struggled against him. Charlie cried and pleaded with him to stop but he laughed in her face and called her a little sooky kid when he raped her. The rape had left Charlie terrified and traumatized, alone, scared and lost so she never told her parents neither anyone about what Grant did to her until it was all revealed five months later after she found out she was five months pregnant and it was too late for her to have a termination. With the support of her parents and friends, Charlie told the police everything from the beginning to the end about what Grant did to her in the bushes. But Grant denied everything when the police questioned him. Later on, when Charlie walked into the Diner when she saw Grant sitting there at a table so she scowled in both anger and disgust at the sight of the boy who had robbed her of her innocence so she decided to confront her rapist and face her demons... Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Charlie stormed over to Grant's table-finally revealing her anger and emoticons as she went off at Grant telling him what she thought of him and how she hated him for what he did to her five months ago in the bushes. The whole Diner were staring at the scene and listening to the little girl's outburst. "You know what?! I would never let you be a part of my baby's life and you don't deserve to be its father at all! Because of what you did! You took my innocence away when you raped me in the bushes! I pleaded and cried for you to stop but you laughed in my face and called me a little sooky kid when you were doing this to me! i am going to make sure one day that my baby would know everything about you and what you did to me, and that you are nothing but a little pathetic piece of ****! I will never, never forgive you for what you did to me! Never! Gosh I was so afraid of you! I was scared and defenceless, powerless, alone and lost! I had been carrying this secret for the last five months because I never fought back! Now I am not scared anymore and I am going to fight back because there's no way I am going to stand back and let a pathetic and disgusting pervert like you win! I will make sure you would hurt anyone again ever! And i am going to testify against you in court! I am going to make sure the world will know about you and what you are capable of! You stole my innocence and ruined my life! "Charlie, whatever I did to you, I am so sorry! We were just having fun! Come on!" stammered Grant. "Rape is not fun, you pathetic son of a bitch! It's a crime! Interesting that you must know something. Do you know what happens to child molesters and rapists in jail, eh?! Dad had told me stories about what happens to them in prison. Oh you are so scared, aren't you, eh? Who is now a little sooky kid, eh? I hope the inmates will call you that when they are looking forwards to get you alone in prison after they hear why you are in for! I hope you have fun in jail with your new friends and it's where your little pathetic perverted ass belongs, Sooky!" said Charlie smiling smugly when Grant's face went while shaking with fear after hearing what happens to child molesters and rapists in jail... Grant sat there whimpering and shaking with fear when he felt everyone's eyes on him so he can sense the mutterings and whispers echoing around him. And then he got up and ran out of the Diner without looking back. Charlie stood here so she exhaled deeply feeling relieved that she had finally stood up and fought back by facing her demons and confronting her rapist. Grant went back to the police and changed his statement about what he did to Charlie so he was found guilty and sentenced to jail for the rest of his life. He was a loner with no friends neither family as he didn't have a happy childhood growing up considering his parents were alcoholics and addicted to drugs as they lived at Yabbie Creek. Grant's parents died in a car accident in January 1992. With the support and love she had received from her family and close friends at school, Charlie went to counselling sessions to deal with what had happened to her which helped her come to terms with everything that had happened in the last five months-finally placing her demons behind her and moving from the past to the future. 1st March 1993, Monday, at Northern Districts Hospital... Charlie-who is now thirteen years old-is sleeping in her hospital bed as she stirred sleepily and as she opened her eyes she saw her parents sitting beside her hospital bed. "Hey sweetie. How are you feeling?" asked Elise brushing her daughter's brown hair away from her face. "Groggy." muttered Charlie as she rubbed her eyes. She'd had a emergency Caesarean section to deliver her baby because of a condition named placenta praevia she had. "You have a little baby daughter. They said she is healthy and perfect. And beautiful like her mum. Here's a photo of her." said Ross handing a photo over to Charlie who stared at the photo of her baby daughter for the first time. She was silent not knowing what to say. Charlie had been traumatized by the rape and then now the birth of her baby daughter because it was such a shock for her as she realised she was now a young mother of 13 years old. After a half hour, the door opened so there walked in a nurse-who is pushing a crib into the room and there laid inside the crib is a tiny baby wrapped in a pink blanket with a beanie on her small head and it seemed to be making some squeaking sounds. "Hello. I thought I would bring her in to meet her mum." said the nurse when she placed the crib nearby the bed. "Thank you." said Elise so the nurse left the room. Charlie sat up in bed leaning against her pillows when her mother lifted up the tiny baby from the crib into her arms. "She's so beautiful, isn't she?" said Elise when she and Ross stared down at their baby granddaughter. "Can I hold her please?" said Charlie. "Sure. Here you go." said Elise placing the tiny baby into Charlie's arms. Charlie felt its tiny warm body squirm against her body so she looked down at her baby daughter who looked perfect and beautiful in every way; green eyes, rosebud lips and locks of brown hair, tiny cute button and ten fingers, ten toes. "Is it alright if I can have sometime alone with her please?" Charlie asked her parents who nodded at her in reply. "Sure, darling. We will be going down to the cafeteria to get something to eat but we will be back soon, alright?" said Ross pecking his daughter on her brown head gently before he and his wife left the room. Charlie started into the baby's beautiful dark green eyes that looked down so she ran a finger across a tiny chubby cheek; it was so soft. And the baby began to cry flailing her fists so Charlie put a finger allowing a tiny hand to grasp it. A smile crept across the girl's face when a tear rolled down her cheek as she felt a special connection with her little baby daughter. She began to feel maternal feelings and emotions tugging away at her as a mother-daughter bond began to develop between them slowly as motherly love began to swell in her heart... Holding her little baby in her arms, Charlie realised her baby daughter was the light of her life and that she had a burning desire in her heart; she wanted to be a good mother to her baby daughter. "I think I may name you Ruby," said Charlie and the baby made some cute sounds in reply if to agree with her new name. "Yes that's right. You like that name, don't you? Ruby is a good name, isn't it? It does suit you. Welcome to the world, Ruby Tuesday Buckton." said Charlie stroking her baby daughter's tiny button nose gently. She spoke to her daughter softly; "Hey, darling Rubes. I will promise you something. That I will do anything to keep you safe and protected from danger and harm. By making you always feel loved and wanted, cared for. Because it's not your fault, the way you were conceived. you are my little baby girl. Born of my flesh and blood, and no one else's. You are the light of my life. Because I know you will heal my broken soul and scars. You have made me smile again. What happened to me last year, it wasn't your fault. I will never take out my resentment and anger, hurt and grief on you because of what happened to me. None of it was your fault, ok? No one will ever take you away from me. You are the best thing that has come out of it. I love you so much, Ruby. I will never have anything to live for if anything happens to you. I will put your name on the birth certificate and place 'father unknown' on it. I don't ever want you to be known as a Bledcoe and carry your creepy father's surname for the rest of your life. Because I wanted you to be known as a true Buckton daughter always." whispered Charlie placing a gentle kiss on her baby daughter's forehead. At the hospital cafeteria... Ross and Elise are eating their lunch in solemn silence until it was broken a few seconds later. “Elise, I had been thinking. Well I thought it’s the right choice for everyone, if we can raise our granddaughter instead of her mother. Because we have full parenting skills, don’t we? Look at Charlie. She’s too young and it will be a heavy burden on her shoulders looking after a tiny baby at such a young age. She is just a kid who has the right to live her childhood and focus on her education. We can give our granddaughter the proper and happy, stable and loving childhood deserved to her by proper parents like we had done with Charlie.” said Ross. “You meant we will be raising our granddaughter and becoming parents to her instead of our daughter?” said Elise staring at her husband in surprise. “Well yeah something like that. I know it’s not a easy decision for everyone but I feel it must be right because like I said earlier, Charlie is just a kid herself and she has the right to focus on her education and live her childhood instead of looking after a little baby.” said Ross. Elise sighed quietly when she took a sip of her tea and stared out of the window in silence. “You know what? Why can’t we let Charlie have sometime with her daughter first and then we can tell her what you had told me and see how she takes it, yeah. But I am sure it’s up to her to make a decision if she wants to keep her baby daughter or let us raise her instead of her. Whatever decision she makes is right for her baby, we will support her no matter what.” said Elise. “Fair enough. I think you are right.” said Ross taking a bite of his sandwich. After a half hour, Ross and Elise returned to their daughter’s hospital room so Charlie told them that she had named her baby daughter Ruby Tuesday Buckton. “Aw such a lovely name! I think it does suit her. Don’t you agree, Ross?” smiled Elise. “Yeah I agree. Ruby is such a lovely name.” said Ross. “Um...Charlie, I and your father had been talking earlier in the cafeteria. It’s about your future and of course Ruby’s.” said Elise quietly. “Oh ok.” said Charlie staring at her parents wondering where that conversation is going. “Well it was my idea. Ok I was thinking if it would be best for everyone if I and your mother can raise Ruby and becoming parents to her instead of you. We both thought she deserved to be raised by proper parents like us. We can give her a happy and stable, proper and loving childhood like we did with you. You are just a kid who deserves the right to live her childhood and focus on her education. Looking after a little baby at a young age is such huge responsibility and it will be a heavy burden on your shoulders.” said Ross. “Darling, look you don’t have to decide right now. We both agreed we would give you a week to think about it. Whatever decision you make is right for Ruby, we will do anything to support you no matter whatever happens. It’s up to you if you want to keep Ruby or let us raise her instead of you.” said Elise. Charlie stared at her parents in silence struggling to take in what they had told her when she looked down at her baby daughter who is still slumbering in her mother’s arms but deep down, she knew her parents were right to tell her and that she has to make a decision about her baby daughter's future... AUTHOR'S NOTE; So here you go! First chapter of my rewritten fanfiction 'The Beginning' Hope you enjoy reading it so looking forwards to hear your feedback on it. What will be Charlie's decision about Ruby's future? Choose which opinion is best below... 1) Keep Ruby and be a mother to her?? OR... 2) Let her parents raise Ruby instead of her??
  6. Hey guys! I am back! I wanted to apologise for what happened with my previous fanfiction; 'Life At Summer Bay' and I had it deleted because I wasn't happy with the direction I had taken it in really. I had decided to rewrite my FIRST Home and Away fanfiction 'The Beginning' about Charlie and Ruby's mother-daughter relationship and their lives in Summer Bay, etc.... I had written it in January 2010 and completed it in December 2012 with 57 chapters on my other BTTB account when I was ~JarlieFanEver~ So I decided to rewrite it but it will be kinda of different and etc...from my previous fanfiction. Yeah I had written 12 fanfictions from 2010 to 2017, hehe, and I must be rewriting a few of them as well Reposting my ad for my first Home and Away fanfiction I had written in 2010... Title of story: The Beginning Type of Fic: Long Fic BTTB Rating: G/T Main Characters: Charlie and Ruby, other characters involved Genre: Tragedy, Drama and Family, Teen and Romance, Friendship, Betrayal Does it contains spoilers: Nah Warnings: Adult Content, Violence/Death, Language and Sexual Content Story beginning read-proofed?: No Summary: This is about the mother-daughter relationship between Charlie and Ruby including their lives in Summer Bay. And of course, it involves their family and friends, their lives in Summer Bay.
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    I bet you guess I used to be ~JarlieFanEver~ on my old account and now I am back with a new account, lol.

    As you know I had been rewriting my fanfiction Life At Summer Bay :D and I had posted Chapter 18 last week if you want to check it and read it considering you were one of my best readers because of your reviews on my previous fanfictions :) 

    I had saved all my previous fanfictions to my laptop as well considering they had been all deleted from my old account on my request. But I will be rewriting a few of them. :)

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