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  1. Thank you so much for the comments, @Suzza101 and @Kristen and @Helena Sorry this is a short chapter. I had been trying to figure out what to write next for this chapter, lol. Today marks four weeks since I posted this fanfiction Contains swearing and language, violence e.g. two people getting into a fight and someone getting headbutted. You had been warned! CHAPTER TWELVE Later on this mid-evening at Yabbie Creek Pub... Draining down her fourth glass of wine, Phoebe saw a man sitting alone all by himself so she got up from her seat stumbling over to him and he got the surprise of his life when she settled herself on his lap wrapping herself around him. “Hey handsome. Want to have fun?” said Phoebe in a flirty tone. “Um....” said the man when Phoebe kissed him on the lips and then they began to make out passionately for a few minutes until they were confronted by the man’s girlfriend who just had walked in to find her boyfriend kissing a strange woman. “What the ****...?!” exclaimed the man’s girlfriend angrily. “Oh ****! Babe, it’s not what it looks like! She just threw herself on me!” said the man. “Oh this is your handsome guy? I am sure you don’t mind sharing him with me!” smirked Phoebe. “Get off my boyfriend, you ****ing cow! Oh I do know who you are! You were in yesterday’s newspaper! Phoebe Nicholson and her little dirty secret, right?! You are a skank!” spat the woman. “Your boyfriend told me I am better at sex more than you!” sniggered Phoebe. “What?! No! I didn’t say that, honestly!” said the man. The whole pub had gone quiet so they were witnessing the scene in silence and muttering to one each other. “Why can’t you get off him and **** off, yeah?! Go and find another guy to make out with!” spat the woman breathing heavily. “Oh make me, you pathetic cow! I don’t give a ****!! Whatever!!” said Phoebe flashing a rude finger gesture at the woman. “Oh you ****ing bitch!!” snarled the woman. She stormed over and dragged Phoebe off the man by the hair. And then they got into a scuffle-shouting and scratching, hitting one each other, pulling one each other’s hair. Everyone all got out of the way scurrying away to another corner not wanting to get caught in middle of what was going on while one of the bartenders hurried off to ring up the police to tell them there has been a fight at the pub. A hour and a half later... The police had been called to the pub and taking statements from the whole pub who had witnessed what had happened earlier from the beginning to the end. The police had broken up the fight handcuffing both the women and putting them in separate corners away from one each other. “She started it first!” spat Phoebe who is in a dishevelled state with her hair all messy and finger-mark scratches on her face. She has a few bruises and a bloody lip. “That ****ing bitch deserved it! She threw herself on my boyfriend and was all over him!” spat the woman breathing heavily as she is in the same dishevelled state like Phoebe too. “Oh what a pathetic ****ing cry-baby you are!! Go and **** your tits!” sneered Phoebe. “Oh you little bitch!” said the woman. “That’s enough! Both of you!” said Kat in a stern tone. “Fine! Whatever! I will shut up then! ****ing bitch.” said Phoebe and then she sat there in silence. After another hour, Phoebe is unhand-cuffed after beginning told that she can go and that she was to stay out of trouble next time, and not get into any more catfights. “Babe, come on.” said the man reaching out his hand to his girlfriend who got up looking sullen-faced. Suddenly, the woman kicked the man straight into the groin with her knee causing him to let out a groan of pain so she headbutted him straight into the face breaking his nose. “****ing asshole!” spat the woman. And then she turned to face Phoebe who stared at her stonily. "Hey you know what?! You are always welcome to my boyfriend anytime! You can have him whatever you like to! You are a ****ing slut just because you can't keep your legs closed, right?! How many guys had you screwed over and over behind your ex-fiancé's back, eh?!" snarled the woman. And then she stormed off from the pub so her boyfriend hurried after her calling out her name and pleading with her to let him explain. “Come on. I will take you back to the motel.” Kat said to Phoebe so they both left the pub making their way to Kat’s car and off they went driving on the way to the motel in silence.
  2. Thank you so much for the comments, Suzza101 and Helena, Kristen Contains language and swearing including someone getting slapped. You had been warned. 4th of January 2015... CHAPTER ELEVEN At the motel... Phoebe woke up with a throttling headache when she groaned quietly and turned onto her back to find Dom sleeping in bed next to her. “Oh, ****!” moaned Phoebe so she remembered what happened the night e.g. getting drunk and meeting a stranger at the pub, and ending up in bed with him... Dom stirred sleepily and then opened his eyes. “Morning.” said Dom. “Hi good morning.” muttered Phoebe. Suddenly, the door burst open and then there walked in Ash who got a shock to see who is lying in bed with Phoebe who leapt up and then let out a shriek pulling up the blankets to her chest to cover her breasts. Dom sat up in a flash looking curious and confused at the same time wondering who that man was standing in the doorway. Phoebe just sat there red in the face feeling embarrassed and horrified that she had been caught in a compromising position with no way to get out of it so there is a awkward silence when Ash stared from a red-faced Phoebe to a confused Dom blankly... At the Braxtons’ house... The Braxtons brothers and Ricky, Denny, Bianca, Darcy and Rocco, Josh all gathered together for a breakfast BBQ in the backyard joined by John and Marilyn, Jett, Alf and Roo, Maddy, Ruby, Irene and Mila, Sean, Sasha and Chris, Spencer, Zac and Leah, Oscar and Evelyn, Matt and VJ, Nate and Kat, Andy and Hannah. Kyle was grateful for the support he was receiving from his family and friends. Everyone all told him they were really sorry to hear what happened with him and Phoebe. “Roo, I wanted to apologize for the way I spoke to you yesterday at the caravan park.” said Kyle feeling guilty when he remembered how he spoke to Roo like that yesterday at the caravan park. “It’s fine, Kyle. I don’t blame you. Apology accepted.” said Roo giving him a small smile. “How are you coping now, love?” said Irene giving Kyle a sympathetic smile so Kyle shrugged silently. “Well I am okay. Just trying my best to get there. I just found out two days and it’s a lot to get my head around to everything, you know. But I will be alright.” said Kyle. “All right, everyone! Breakfast is ready! So help yourselves to whatever you want to eat!” Brax called out altering everyone’s attention and then they all settled down to breakfast when they helped theirselves to food. Back at the motel... “What is the meaning of this?” said Ash coldly. “Ash, This isn’t what it looks like. Please let me explain.” said Phoebe getting out of bed so she pulled on a T shirt. “What is going on? Who is this?” said Dom staring from Ash to Phoebe. “No one! Look why can’t you get changed and go, yeah?” said Phoebe not looking at him so Dom narrowed his eyebrows and got out of bed grabbing his things, and scurrying off to the bathroom. “Ash, it was a stupid and drunken mistake! I met him at a pub in Yabbie Creek last night. We just got talking and enjoying ourselves, and having drinks, whatever. And then I invited him back to my motel room. So we kissed and then it led to a thing to another thing before we can stop ourselves! But I don’t think he does know about our little dirty secret because I never told him or explained to him about the situation I was in! I am so sorry for kicking you out yesterday because I was just angry and guilty, upset that I had lost everything. Kyle and our future including our engagement beginning called off my friends and the whole town turning against me because of our love affair and how we had lied to Kyle and everyone for the last 3 months, losing the baby!” said Phoebe. Ash stood here staring at her in silence as he struggled to take in what had occurred. “Wow okay! How so interesting! We had been having a secret love affair for the last three months and then later it gets out! And you had broken up with Kyle yesterday ending the engagement and then you lost your ****ing **** towards his niece Darcy including me and not to mention the fact how you felt about marriage and having kids! And then you decide to shag someone five minutes after losing our baby and dumping me!” said Ash stiffly. “It wasn’t like that.” said Phoebe exhaling deeply. Suddenly, Dom walked out of the bathroom-his face showing mixed expressions of shock and disgust, anger which confirmed he had overheard everything, and he is clutching yesterday’s newspaper. Phoebe went pale-faced looking horrified so she guessed Dom must had seen the front page which had revealed the full truth about her little dirty secret. “Is this true?” said Dom. “Look this isn’t what it looks like. Please let me explain.” said Phoebe. “Nah I don’t want to hear it. What happened last night shouldn’t have happened. It was a ****ing stupid and drunken mistake, wasn’t it? That’s what you said, right? You used me and seduced me into your bed five minutes after losing your baby and dumping this Ash guy.” said Dom stiffly. “Dom...” said Phoebe. “Go to hell, you stupid slut! I don’t ever want to see you again ever!” spat Dom so he stormed out of the motel room slamming the door hard behind him. “Ash...” whimpered Phoebe reaching out to Ash but he walked backwards holding up his arms-disgust and anger showing on his face. “You know what? Screw you, Phoebe! I don’t have time for your **** right now because I don’t want to hear it anyway so you can shove it up your ****ing pathetic ass! You had made it clear it was over between us for good! All I came here to let you know that I am leaving the Bay for a while to find my sister. I hope you are ****ing happy with whatever you want to do with your life! No wonder you are such a heartless and selfish, tow-timing and manipulative, lying skank who can’t keep her legs closed, eh?! I hope you are happy with yourself! It is what you wanted, isn’t it?!” said Ash. “Ash, please don’t go!” choked Phoebe trying to grab Ash's arm but he pushed her aside. “Don't! Don’t ever touch me! I don’t want to talk to you neither look at you! Go and **** yourself, you disgusting stupid bitch!” spat Ash. He turned on his heel and stormed out of the motel room without looking back so he slammed the door hard behind him. Phoebe stood here in silence tears rolling down her cheeks-feeling stung and hurt at what Ash had said to her but she can’t blame him as she knew that she deserved it. Later on... Everyone were all stunned when they read Ash’s Facebook status; ‘Hello everyone. Look I just wanted to let you all know that I am leaving Summer Bay for a while to go on a road trip to find my sister Billie. I won’t be on my social media accounts for a while. And by the way, Phoebe had lost our baby yesterday. I know you don’t want to hear it but I am really sorry for everything that had happened in the last three months. I know saying sorry won’t be enough to make up for it. I do wish I would do anything to go back in time and change things, you know. Things would have been different if I hasn’t slept with Phoebe and got her pregnant including the fact that I had ruined everything between her and Kyle including the fact that I had ruined my friendship with Kyle and destroyed the trust he had placed in me for years since we were boys. I will never forgive myself for how I had ****ed up really. Kyle was right. I shouldn’t have thrown our friendship away like trash by going behind his back and sleeping with his ex-fiancée. I shouldn’t have done that. As you know I and Phoebe are no longer together anymore because she had ended up shagging someone last night five minutes after losing our baby and then dumping me for good. I told her what I thought of her after catching her in bed with the guy she slept with last night. And she told me yesterday that she never wanted to be married neither wanted to have kids because they aren't her thing and that she wanted to focus on her musical career. Again I am really sorry for what happened in the last three months. I promise I would do anything to make up for it and make things right when I come back to the Bay someday. Goodbye, everyone.’ Near the ‘Goodbye Summer Bay’ sign... Ash sighed deeply looking around at the view of Summer Bay when he looked at a photo of his sister. “I am coming for you, Billie.” said Ash quietly. And then he walked off to his car and leapt in before driving off away from the Bay straight in the direction to the outback. A few hours later... Phoebe walked into the Surf Club so she made her way over to a table ignoring the stares and sniggers, whispering and muttering, pointing from a few people. She was hurt and upset, betrayed and angry since reading Ash’s Facebook status so she assumed everyone would be talking about what she did last night by now. “OI!” exclaimed out a angry voice and Phoebe whirled around to see the four Braxton brothers standing there with Denny and Bianca, Ricky. “Is that true, eh?! You ended up ****ing another guy didn’t you?!” spat Heath. “What I do is none of your ****ing business, Heath Braxton!!” snarled Phoebe. “Did you try to slap our daughter, didn’t you?!” said Bianca. “Oh I bet that little pathetic brat ran crying to her parents, didn’t she?! She went off at me like that in public yesterday and I just thought a slap across the mouth should shut her up, that little ****ing bitch!!” spat Phoebe. SMACK! Bianca lost her temper after hearing Phoebe insulting her stepdaughter so she lashed out and slapped Phoebe hard across the face. "You just watch your mouth! I swear to God I will do it again if you utter another ****ing insult about my daughter!" snarled Bianca pointing at Phoebe. Phoebe stood here in stunned silence clutching at a red spot on her face. “What the hell, Phoebe?! How could you ever do this to Kyle?! Lying to him and us including our friends and everyone for the last 3 months and not to mention the fact you lied to us about what the 2 grand was for!! We don’t ever want to know you anymore at all!!” spat Ricky. “Hear, hear!” said Denny. Kyle snorted quietly and shook his head so he left the Surf Club. “Kyle, please!” said Phoebe when she tried to go after him but his three brothers blocked her way. “Don’t ever think of going after our brother! He doesn’t ever want to talk to you neither want to know you anymore!” said Casey coldly-his voice shaking with anger towards Phoebe for breaking his brother’s heart. “Yeah just stay the hell away from him and leave him alone, alright? You are no longer part of our family anymore despite what you did to him!” said Heath. “I am so sorry, guys...” said Phoebe. “Get lost, Nicholson! We don’t want to hear any more of your ****ing apologizes! And by the way, you are no longer working at Angelo's Restaurant anymore!” said Brax. "I am fired?" squeaked Phoebe when Brax nodded stiffly at her. "And stay the hell away from us! And don't ever think of coming over to our house because you are no longer welcome there anymore!" said Ricky coldly. "Don't ever think of coming anywhere near Darcy or you will regret it if you do!" said Bianca. "Now get out of our ****ing sight!" spat Denny. Phoebe exhaled deeply and ran out of the Surf Club crying silently back to the motel to hid herself away from the outside world to get away from the staring and pointing, whispers and muttering, sniggers she had been receiving from the whole town... And she knew she had to accept the fact somehow that she had lost everything since her little dirty secret is exposed e.g. Kyle and the baby, Ash, her job including her friends and everyone who had turned against her so she now felt alone and lonely, lost and isolated from the outside world...
  3. Thank you so much for the reviews, Helena and Suzza101, Kristen Contains adult themes that involves a sex scene between a couple. You had been warned! CHAPTER TEN At the caravan park... Ash is sitting all by himself in front of a bonfire as he sipped a bottle of beer feeling lonely and alone, miserable and isolated from everyone as they including his friends had all turned against him since his love affair with Phoebe was exposed. He had texted Phoebe and called her a few times to check on if she was alright but she didn’t reply back to him so he guessed she had dumped him somehow since she told him she didn’t want to be with him anymore but he can’t blame her. Ash exhaled deeply staring at the photo of himself and Billie so he knew he had to make a decision about what he would do next now by planning to take a road trip away from Summer Bay for a while in a attempt to find his sister and explain his side of the story to her about what happened and that he never laid a hand on her boyfriend. At the Braxtons’ house... “Darcy, why didn’t you tell us that Phoebe almost slapped you?” said Heath when Josh told him and Bianca, Brax and Ricky, Casey and Denny, Kyle what happened earlier in the Diner so they were disgusted and furious at what Phoebe was about to do to their daughter and niece. “It’s no deal. I was just upset and angry that she hurt Uncle Kyle. I am so sorry, Daddy. I didn’t meant to make things worse.” sniffled Darcy as tears rolled down her cheeks. “Hey, hey. It’s okay, kiddo. Come here.” said Heath hugging his distressed daughter so she cried quietly in her father’s embrace. “It’s not fair, Dad. Why did she have to go and hurt Uncle Kyle like that? I don’t understand.” said Darcy. “We know, kiddo.” said Heath. Darcy pulled back from her father’s arms and wiped the tears from her cheeks. “Are you okay?” said Kyle when he sat down on the couch. “Yeah. What about you?” said Darcy. “I dunno but I will be. It will take some time for me to get over it.” said Kyle. “I am so sorry she hurt you, Uncle Kyle.” said Darcy. “Yeah me too.” said Kyle when Darcy hugged her uncle around the neck. “I love you, Uncle Kyle.” said Darcy. “Love you too, kiddo.” said Kyle hugging his niece tightly in his arms. Rocco walked over to the couch holding up his short chubby arms blabbing; "Uncle Kyle! Me want cuddle Uncle Kyle!" so a smile crept across Kyle's face. "Come here, little guy." said Kyle lifting his little nephew up placing the little boy onto his lap. The others all smiled when they watched Kyle interacting with his niece and nephew. “You would have been a great dad, Kyle. You are a natural with kids.” said Ricky. “Yeah I know.” said Kyle giving Ricky and the others a small smile. But he is glad he got his family and friends around him for support and that they would be always there for him no matter whatever happens to help him through it. At Yabbie Creek Pub... Phoebe is drowning her sorrows in her fourth glass of white wine when a man-by the name of Dom Loneragan walked over so they introduced one each other. And then they got talking and laughing while sipping their drinks. Later on, Phoebe invited Dom back to her motel room for more drinks. Phoebe was glad Dom had no idea of her situation she was in at the moment so she guessed he didn’t probably read the newspapers so she has to make up a story why she was alone on her own when she told Dom that she liked to go out drinking and enjoy herself, and look for a bit of fun so he believed her and he offered to keep her company which she accepted gratefully. Suddenly, after a few hours later of drinking, Phoebe and Dom moved closer so they looked into one each other’s eyes before leaning in for a passionate kiss so they pulled apart a few second later. And then they began to kiss again-breathing heavily as they tugged at one each other’s clothes. And then the clothes began to fly across the room so Phoebe and Dom fell into bed making love-panting heavily as they cried and moaned out with pleasure..... AUTHOR'S NOTE: You need to add more in your reviews about what you think of the other characters and their interaction with one each other like e.g. Phoebe's chat with Ruby on the beach in Chapter 5, Ricky talking to John and Marilyn, Sean and Darcy's interaction including Ruby's chat with Ash on the beach and etc... Please keep in mind this fanfiction is about the Summer Bay residents based around their lives and dramas, and etc...like I mentioned in the main characters and summary for my fanfiction. Thank you What would you like to see what would happen next in Chapter 11?? What would you like me to write next for Chapter 11??
  4. Thank you so much for the reviews, Helena and Suzza101, Kristen Contains swearing and language, mild violence e.g. someone about to get slapped and someone getting punched. You had been warned. CHAPTER NINE Suddenly, Ash and Phoebe walked into the Diner and there is silence when everyone stared at them. “Ohhh look, everyone! The deceivers are here!” chortled someone and a few people sniggered. “Ignore them. Let’s sit over there.” said Ash when he and Phoebe went to sit down in a corner far away from everyone who were still staring at them as they whispered and muttered, smirked to one each other Since their love affair was exposed becoming public knowledge, Ash and Phoebe had been dealing with dirty stares and taunting, gossiping and whispering, pointing and etc... from the whole town... “So are you and Kyle over for good?” said Ash. “Yeah.” sighed Phoebe. “I am so sorry.” said Ash quietly. “Me too.” said Phoebe. Suddenly, Darcy walked in followed by Mila and Sean, Josh and Spencer, Maddy, Matt and Oscar, Evelyn and Sasha, VJ when she saw Phoebe and Ash sitting down at the table in the corner of the Diner so she scowled at the sight of them. She was upset and confused, struggling to take in what had occurred earlier today since reading the newspaper as she didn’t understand how and why Phoebe would ever do such a horrible thing like that breaking her uncle’s heart. “I am going over there to talk to them.” said Darcy stiffly. “No, Darcy. Leave it.” said Sean trying to stop his friend but Darcy pushed him aside storming over to where Phoebe and Ash were sitting. “You are both so pathetic and selfish! How could you both ever do this to Uncle Kyle?! Why did you do it?! He is a good guy and he doesn’t deserve this at all! You made me so sick! I hope you both rot in hell!!” spat Darcy. “Hey just do us a favour and get lost, you little stupid brat!! Now **** off!!” spat Phoebe. “Make me, you stupid cow!!” snarled Darcy. “Oh you little bitch! You are going to regret this!!” snarled Phoebe leaping up from her seat and raising her hand about to slap Darcy across the face but Ash leapt between them in front of Darcy holding Phoebe back. Darcy stood here looking shocked that Phoebe was about to slap her so she walked backwards with fear showing in her brown eyes and then ran off back to her friends who comforted her and asked if she was alright so she gave them a brief nod in reply Josh suggested to them that they should get out of here and they all agreed with him so they all left the Diner. “What the ****, Ash?!” snarled Phoebe pushing Ash away. “Calm down!” said Ash. “CALM DOWN?! I won’t calm down!! That little stupid bitch had no right to go off at us like that in public!! I just thought a smack across the face would shut her little pathetic mouth up!!” spat Phoebe. “Hey can’t you blame her?! She is really close to her uncle. So she was probably upset and angry considering what had happened! Do you think it’s necessary to threaten her with a smack across the face and call her these names as she was just defending her uncle?!” said Ash who was fond of Darcy and he had been part of her life as ‘Uncle Ash’ since she was born. “Oh screw you, Ash!” snarled Phoebe so she stormed out of the Diner pushing customers aside. “Phoebe, wait up!” said Ash catching up with Phoebe near the Surf Club ten minutes later so he grabbed her by the shoulder and whirled her around to face him but she pushed him away. “I don’t give a ****, alright?! I am no longer part of the Braxton clan anymore, ok?! Kyle and I are no engaged anymore!! We are no longer together anymore!! You know what?! I never wanted the baby!! I never wanted to get married neither wanted to be a mum!! I didn’t want to be a part of the Braxton clan as Mrs Braxton! It’s not the ****ing life I wanted!! All I wanted to focus on my musical career!! I wasn’t keen on marriage including settling down and having kids because it’s not my thing!! I DIDN’T WANT TO GET MARRIED NEITHER WANT TO HAVE KIDS!! I should have turned Kyle down when he proposed to me!! I should have got a ****ing termination when I got pregnant!! It was so pathetic to see Kyle beginning so happy because he was looking forwards to get married and have kids with me!! I never wanted that at all!! I can’t bring myself to break his heart by telling him that I never wanted to get married neither have kids with him!!” screamed Phoebe breathing heavily. “Phoebe...” said Ash rubbing his neck awkwardly. “What?” said Phoebe noticing that Ash is staring at someone or something behind her so she whirled to see Kyle standing there staring at her in stunned silence as he looked angry and hurt. “Oh, ****.” muttered Phoebe realising Kyle had overheard everything as she stood on the spot petrified and she wanted to say something when she opened her mouth but no words come out. Exhaling deeply, Kyle nodded his head briefly with pursed up lips as he clenched his fists struggling to keep control of his anger and hurt when he felt tears stinging his eyes. Ash stood here in a awkward position staring from Phoebe to Kyle. Kyle shook his head and then turned on his heel so he walked off without back exhaling deeply as he felt tears fill his eyes-struggling to take in what he had overheard Phoebe telling Ash how she felt about marriage and having kids. “Kyle, I am so sorry! I didn’t meant what I said!” Phoebe called out when she ran after Kyle. “Wow. That’s nice to hear how you feel about marriage and having kids, eh?” said Kyle coldly. “I didn’t meant of anything I had said. I was just...” stammered Phoebe. “You know what? Just do me a favour! Go to hell, you ****ing stupid slut! Get out of my ****ing sight! I don’t ever want to talk to you neither look at your pathetic face again ever! You disgust me!!” spat Kyle. Phoebe’s lip trembled so she burst into loud cries and then she ran off bawling her eyes out. Kyle stormed over to Ash staring at him stony-faced. “You were supposed to be my ****ing mate! I trusted you all with my life!! We were friends for a long time since we were boys!! But you go and throw our friendship like that by sleeping with her behind my back, you pathetic son of a bitch!! How could you ever do this to me?! I hope you and Phoebe, the little brat of yours rot in hell!! How many women had you been shagging with behind their fiancés’ backs, eh?!” Kyle yelled at Ash. “I am so sorry...” said Ash. THUD! Kyle lashed out punching Ash hard straight into the mouth. “You are so pathetic! I thought we were friends because we would always have one each other’s backs. How am I ever going to forgive and trust you again after this? Stay the hell away from me. I don’t ever want to know you anymore at all. I hope you and Phoebe including your little bastard are happy!” said Kyle. He turned away and stormed off breathing heavily leaving Ash standing there in silence so he has lost his friendship with Kyle for good so he sighed deeply and stared at the waves in silence. Ash felt filled with feelings of regret and remorse for betraying Kyle like that and throwing away their friendship like trash when he slept with Phoebe and got her pregnant behind Kyle’s back. “He will come around. Give him sometime.” said a voice behind Ash who whirled around to see Ruby standing there as she had been witnessing the whole scene while she was standing nearby them. “I don’t think he will, Rubes. He had made it clear that he will never forgive me neither trust me again. He was right. I am such a ****ing idiot. I can’t believe I threw our friendship away like that just because I slept with his ex-fiancée.” said Ash. “Well take it from someone who had been there before. It took a while for everyone including my family and friends to forgive me for what I did in the past. Best to give Kyle and everyone sometime. I am sure it will blow over soon so it will be all forgotten and forgiven. Believe me. Because you destroyed Kyle’s trust he placed in you and you lied to him for the last three months, and slept with his ex-fiancée. He was just hurting and angry, struggling to deal with what had happened right now at the moment. It’s best to give Kyle some space for now. It will take him sometime to forgive you one day and then hopefully you both will be able to repair your friendship somehow.” said Ruby. Ash nodded at her in reply. “Yeah you are right. I will give Kyle some space for now until everything calms down.” said Ash. “I am glad to hear it.” said Ruby. “Thanks for the advice, Rubes. See you later.” said Ash so he walked off. Outside the Braxtons’ house... “Hey Ricky.” said John when he and Marilyn walked over to where Ricky was walking outside to the mailbox. “Hey guys.” said Ricky. Almost 16 years ago, Marilyn had a son named Byron Vincent Fisher with her ex-husband Donald born on the 16th of February 1999 but sadly, Byron died of cancer at the age of nine months on the 24th of November 1990. Marilyn had been a great support but a good and close friend to Brax and Ricky when she helped them come to terms with the loss of their baby daughter as she knew what it was like to go through it too after losing a child. Brax and Ricky had been always grateful and appreciating of Marilyn’s friendship and her support including how she had helped them come to terms with their loss over their daughter. “How’s Kyle coping?” asked John. “Well he is struggling to cope with everything, you know. He had ransacked his bedroom so we are all tidying up the mess in his bedroom. He had gone out for a walk needing some fresh air.” said Ricky. “Oh poor guy! He doesn’t deserve this at all. I hope he will be alright.” said Marilyn sadly. “He told me he was so pumped to be marrying the true love of his life and having kids with her. He told me he was looking forwards to teach his kid how to play music and stuff, and etc...whatever you know.” said John shaking his head. “He will be alright considering he got his family and friends to support him through this. said Ricky when Kyle walked over. “Hey mate. How are you doing? Sorry if it sounds stupid. But you know we are so sorry to hear about you and Phoebe. But if there is anything we can do to help you or whatever, let us know.” said John. “Yeah thanks.” said Kyle so he walked into the house. “Don’t worry, John. I am sure he does appreciate the offer.” said Ricky. “Well we will leave you to it.” said Marilyn. “Ok thank you.” smiled Ricky. “Bye.” said John and Marilyn so they walked off. In the Surf Club... “Darcy, are you okay?” said Sean when he saw his friend sitting at a table in silence while the others are playing pool. “What? Yeah I am fine.” said Darcy. “I can’t believe Phoebe threatened to slap you.” said Sean quietly. “I know. She scared me there for a minute.” said Darcy shuddering when she remembered the anger in Phoebe's dark brown eyes and her hand raising about to slap her... “It’s okay. You need to tell your dad and Bianca what happened.” said Sean hugging Darcy around the shoulders. “No! I don’t want to worry them. They got enough things on their plate looking after Uncle Kyle and trying to help him through it. I don’t want to tell them because it will make things worse. Can we drop it please?” said Darcy. “Fair enough.” said Sean. “Thank you for beginning a good friend to me.” said Darcy. “That’s what friends are for. Come on. Let’s go back to the game.” smiled Sean so Darcy nodded briefly at him and went with him to join the others into playing pool. In the motel room... Phoebe was crying silently on her bed while Ash was comforting her. And then suddenly, Phoebe felt a stabbing pain in her stomach when she groaned quietly so she got up clutching at her rounded belly. “Phoebe, are you okay?” said Ash looking concerned when he saw her pained expression on her face. “Yeah I am fine. I think I need to go to the loo.” said Phoebe grunting as she rubbed her rounded belly gently when she walked off. And after a few seconds, Phoebe let out a loud cry of pain when she felt another stabbing pain rip across her belly so she collapsed onto the ground squirming and writhing in pain. "Where does it hurt?" said Ash rushing to her side. "Oh my god! It's my tummy! ARGH!" Phoebe cried out in pain. "Ok let's get you to the hospital." said Ash scooping Phoebe up into his arms so he left the motel room carrying her all the way to his car and then put her in the passenger's seat so he ran around the car to the driver's seat leaping in and then driving off to the hospital. Hours later... Ash drove Phoebe back to the motel from the hospital and it turned out she had lost the baby. She had gone into the operating theatre to have a little operation to remove the contents of her miscarriage from her uterus and she was allowed to leave the hospital so she was discharged. Phoebe hardly spoke a word since she left the hospital. “Are you okay?” said Ash moments later after they had arrived back to Phoebe's motel room. “Yeah I am fine. I just want to be left alone on my own.” said Phoebe. “I can stay here and keep you company.” said Ash. “Please, Ash! I just want to be left alone on my own! I don’t need your ****ing company! Can you get out and leave me alone?!" spat Phoebe. “Phoebe...” began Ash. “Didn’t you hear what I said?! GET OUT!! Please just go!! I don’t want to talk to you right now!! And I don't want to be with you anymore!! NOW GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!” yelled Phoebe breathing heavily. Ash walked backwards holding up his hands in defense. “Okay I am leaving.” said Ash so he turned around and left the motel room. Phoebe closed and locked the door behind her so she walked over to her bed and picked up her mobile so she sent a tearful voicemail to her father; ‘Dad, you should know that the engagement is off. Kyle and I had broke up today And I lost the baby today. I am all alone on my own. There is not going to be a wedding. Please call me back when you get this. I love you. I just need you.’ Phoebe threw her mobile onto the bed so she curled up hugging a pillow to her close when tears rolled down her cheeks as she is beginning to realise how the consequences of her actions had cost her everything e.g. her future with Kyle and her friends, losing the baby...
  5. Thank you so much for the comments, Helena and Suzza101, Kristen Contains swearing and language. You had been warned. CHAPTER EIGHT At the caravan park... Kyle stumbled out of the caravan looking like he hasn’t slept all night considering he had been drowning his sorrows in alcohol all night. He groaned quietly and held a hand to his throttling head when he collapsed onto the steps of the caravan. Alf and Roo, Ruby were talking near Ruby’s mobile house about what they had seen and read in the newspapers when Roo saw Kyle stumbling out of the caravan. “Look, guys! Is that Kyle over there?” said Roo pointing out so Alf and Ruby both turned around to see Kyle there. “Oh my god.” said Ruby running over to Kyle followed by Alf and Roo. Kyle sat there in silence and then he looked up when Ruby, Alf and Roo scurried over to him. “Struth! Where the flaming you had been? exclaimed Alf. Ruby peeked into the caravan when she saw a brown bag and a few empty whisky bottles lying on the floor. “That’s where you had been hiding in here all night drinking?” said Ruby. “Yeah whatever.” said Kyle. “Look we are so sorry to hear what happened. We do know already about...” began Roo. “Shut the **** up!” spat Kyle. “Excuse me?” said Roo. “Don’t ever say their names!” hissed Kyle. “Come on, mate. I will take you home. Your brothers were so worried about you. They had been driving all day and night looking for you. You haven’t replied to their text messages and calls.” said Alf. “I will clean up the mess.” said Roo. “Well I will help you.” said Ruby. “Thanks, Rubes.” said Roo. Kyle recently allowed Alf to pull him up to his feet following him to his car. At the Braxtons’ house... Brax and Ricky, Heath and Bianca, Casey and Denny were glad and relieved when Alf brought Kyle home. “He was hiding in a caravan all day and night with booze. We just found him when he walked out of it in a terrible state. No damages expect for the brown bag and empty bottles lying on the floor.” said Alf. Kyle clasped a hand to his mouth and rushed off to the bathroom to throw up into the toilet. “Thanks, Alf. For bringing our brother home. We were so worried about him since he posted the status on Facebook.” said Brax. “No need to thank me. It’s all good, mate. I hope he will be alright.” said Alf. “Yeah. Bloody Phoebe! How can she ever do this to him?! We don’t understand!” said Ricky whom she and Bianca, Denny and Brax, Heath and Casey were all furious and disgusted at Phoebe’s actions and how she had lied to them including Kyle for the last three months. “You are not the only one. The whole Bay must be talking about it by now.” said Alf. “That’s just great!” muttered Brax. “What do you expect them to do, mate? It’s a small town. Word does get around fast. Well I better leave you all to it.” said Alf. “Ok. Thanks again for bringing him home.” said Brax. “Bye.” said Alf and then he left the house. “Come on. Let’s go and check on our brother.” said Heath when he went into the hallway followed by Brax and Casey. They found Kyle sitting there on the ground against the bathtub. “Come on, mate. Let’s get you to bed. You need to sleep it off.” said Casey. He and Heath, Brax helped Kyle get up to his feet and they took him to his bedroom. And he collapsed onto the bed so he went to sleep-snoring loudly when Brax took his shoes off and covered him with a blanket. Ricky placed a bucket beside the bed while Denny put some painkillers and a glass of water on Kyle’s beside table. And they left his bedroom leaving him to sleep off the hangover. A few hours later... Kyle seemed to have recovered from his hangover when he took a shower to refresh himself up and then went into the kitchen where a big breakfast-prepared by Ricky-was waiting for him. “Come on, mate. You need to eat something. Get some food in you.” said Heath. Kyle sighed quietly and he sat down at the table so he began to eat his breakfast. He seemed to be still reeling with pain and hurt, anger over his ex-fiancée’s betrayal and lies. “How did you find out about them?” Brax asked Kyle. “Email from a unknown sender which I assumed it was from Nevie or Grant. They emailed me the evidence of what that ****ing Ashford scum and that two-timing slut I had for a fiancée were doing behind my back.” said Kyle munching some toast. “Oh, mate. I am so sorry.” said Heath shaking his head. “Wait a second! The bruise on Ash’s face. Was that from you?” Casey asked Kyle who nodded solemnly. “That ****ing son of a bitch deserved it.” said Kyle coldly. “What about that day when I and Casey saw Phoebe beginning upset when Ash was comforting her?” said Denny. “It wasn’t her dad. She hasn’t spoken to him for about a year. She was upset because of Nevie and Grant blackmailing her. She lied to you both.” said Kyle. “Oh my god. I think I am going to be sick.” said Denny shaking her head in disgust. “Unbelievable!” said Casey. After a while, Ricky encouraged Kyle to talk to Phoebe suggesting they need to talk it out and try to figure out what would happen next between them. Kyle thought of her suggestion for a few minutes and then he unwillingly agreed so he sent Phoebe a text message telling her to come over here as they needed to talk. A hour later... Phoebe arrived at the Braxtons’ house when she went inside where Kyle was sitting at the table surrounded by his brothers and Bianca, Ricky and Denny. “Oh here comes the two-timing and lying pathetic cow who broke our brother’s heart!” sneered Heath. “Heath!” hissed Bianca slapping her husband on the arm. “What? She deserves it!” said Heath. “Do you mind leaving me and Phoebe alone on our own so we can talk?” said Kyle. “Sure, mate. We will be outside in the backyard, alright?” said Brax. “I am so sorry for everything, guys.” said Phoebe but everyone all scowled at her and shook their heads at her in disgust with sullen faces so they left the kitchen walking outside to the backyard. “Kyle, I am glad you texted me to tell me to come here.” said Phoebe. “Don’t!” said Kyle. “Look I know you are still hurting and angry with me. I don’t blame you.” said Phoebe. “You have hurt me. You betrayed me and lied to me for months!” said Kyle. “I know.” said Phoebe. “I kept getting haunted with images! Of you and Ash doing it! From the videos and the photos! I can’t be able to banish them from my head!” What you did to me was so unforgivable! How I am ever to forget this?!” spat Kyle as tears stung his eyes. “I know! I hated myself for what I did to you, honestly! I am so sorry, ok?! Please give me another chance! I will do anything to make up for it! Please, Kyle! I am begging you!” said Phoebe exhaling deeply as tears spilled out of her eyes. “Give you another chance and everything goes back to normal so we can pretend it never happened, eh?! I am sorry but I can’t! I thought I was going to marry the truth love of your life and have a family with her! And later I found out, she was nothing but a two-timing and lying, heartless and selfish skank who had been shagging my childhood friend behind my back and getting pregnant with his child, lying to us about what the 2 grand was for! How am I meant to forgive you for this?! I am so sorry, Phoebe! It’s over between us for good! I can’t forgive you neither trust you again ever!” spat Kyle. “Kyle, please...” began Phoebe. “NO! I don’t ever want to do anything with you anymore! I am so sorry but you don’t deserve to be forgiven for what you did to me! I don’t want to look at your pathetic face neither talk to you again ever! I can’t be with someone who was two-timing me! I can’t forgot what I saw in the videos and photos! Lying to us and deceiving us for the last three months! You and Ash both disgust me! I hope you both and your little brat rot in hell! I suggest you get the rest of your stuff and get out right now! Out of the house and out of my house forever! And never ever come back here! Now get out of my ****ing sight!” said Kyle. Phoebe is crying quietly when she pulled off her engagement ring and placed it on the table realising it was over between her and Kyle for good. Kyle stared at it-tears rolling down his cheeks. “Get the rest of your stuff and get out of the house.” said Kyle in a shrilly tone. “Kyle...” whimpered Phoebe. “GET OUT!!! NOW!!!” roared Kyle. Phoebe walked backwards holding up her hands in defence so she scurried off sobbing quietly to her room to get the rest of her stuff. She walked into the living room and looked at Kyle who looked at her briefly before looking away. Phoebe exhaled deeply and left the house without looking back. Breathing heavily, Kyle stormed into his bedroom so he looked around gasping for air and then he began to rip up photos of himself and Phoebe in happier times. Suddenly, Kyle lost control of his emoticons finally letting out his anger and pain, hurt over everything-that had happened e.g. his ex-fiancée’s betrayal and her lies, including the truth about her love affair with Ash and the real fact about the 2 grand, and the paternity of her baby; And he began to ransack his bedroom punching his fists into the wall several times leaving holes, throwing stuff e.g. photo frames and his laptop, his lamp across the room upturning his bed and desk, chair... Grabbing his guitar, Kyle let out a anguish roar; “ARRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” when he smashed his guitar straight into the wall breaking it in half. Brax and Heath, Casey rushed in after hearing the commotion so Brax grabbed Kyle from behind in a attempt to calm him down as his brother yelled and fought, struggled against him. “LET ME GO, BRAX! GET OFF! Damn it!” yelled Kyle. “Calm down! It’s okay, mate! Calm down!” said Brax holding his brother tightly. Kyle began to gasp for air so he gave up fighting and struggling when he began to shake with sobs. “I don’t know who I am anymore, Brax! I don’t understand how would she ever do this to me?! I thought she loved me! We had something special but she just got up and threw it away like that by sleeping with Ash behind me! I was so pumped because I was looking forwards to marry the true love of my life and have a family with her! You are so lucky because you got Ricky and the baby on the way! Casey is lucky that he got Denny. Heath is so lucky because he got Bianca and Darcy, Rocco! And now I have nothing! I am no nobody!” said Kyle so he collapsed down to the ground sobbing while Brax held him in his arms from behind. “That’s not true, mate! Ok? You got us and Ricky, Bianca and Denny, Andy and Josh including everyone! We are not going anywhere! Because that’s what family is for and we all care for one each other, alright? We are all here for you no matter whatever happens and want to support you through it!” said Brax. Kyle broke down crying and shaking in his brother’s arms. “I thought she loved me! I don't understand how would she ever do this to me! How could she ever get up and threw it away like that?! All I wanted to be married to her and have a family with her!” sobbed Kyle grabbing Brax’s shirt. “I know you did, mate. Shush, shush. It’s okay. I am here.” said Brax hugging his brother who let out a anguish scream and began to weep silently. Brax just sat there in silence holding his little brother in his arms allowing Kyle to cry it out while Heath and Casey both sat cross-legged on the floor doing their best to comfort Kyle without saying a single word so they just sat there like that in solemn silence.
  6. Thank you so much for the comments, Helena and Suzza101, Kristen. Wow you are the only three reviewers for my fanfiction! But thank you so much for your feedback and support! It is really encouraging me to write more of this story. So thanks again, guys! Love you all. Contains swearing and language including someone getting punched! You had been warned! CHAPTER SEVEN A hour later... Kyle cleaned up the mess knowing the staff are bound to come in any moment to start their shift for tonight. He didn’t want them to see him like this neither wanted them to see the mess in the office. Sighing deeply, Kyle gathered up his laptop and put it into his bag so he left the office. He went to the restrooms to tidy himself up a bit when he washed and dried his face. And he left the restaurant walking downstairs to the Surf Club so he went outside and began to walk all the way home. Suddenly, Kyle bumped into someone and then he looked up to see it was Ash standing there with a guilty expression on his face. Kyle stood here shaking with clenched fists shaking with anger and staring in disgust at the sight of his childhood friend who had betrayed him and slept with his fiancée behind his back, and that he is the father of Phoebe’s unborn baby. “Mate....I am so...” began Ash holding his hands up in defence. THUD! Ash didn’t get to finish his sentence when he felt Kyle’s fist connect with the side of his face causing him to stumble backwards. “Don’t ever talk to me, you ****ing son of a bitch!” snarled Kyle breathing heavily and then he turned around on his heel so he stormed off. Ash stood here in silence rubbing the red spot on the side of his face where Kyle had punched him. Sighing quietly, Ash felt guilty and terrible for what he had done and he feared the worst that he has lost his friendship with Kyle for good. In a motel room at a motel in Yabbie Creek... Phoebe is lying on the bed exhaling deeply as tears rolled down her cheeks when she laid her hands on her rounded belly. She had decided to pack her bags and move out to stay a motel to give Kyle some space until everything calms down. She was relieved that no one was at home when she got home as she didn’t want to face anyone neither own them a explanation why she was moving out. Ash offered to keep Phoebe company at the motel but she denied his offer telling her she just wanted to be left alone on her own. She had explained earlier to him what happened at the restaurant and how Kyle had found out about them. At the caravan park... Kyle walked into a empty caravan carrying a brown bag with some booze so he looked around and sighed deeply. He locked the door behind him and closed the curtains across the window. He wanted to get away from everything and the world to deal with what had occurred earlier today. He didn’t want to face anyone including his brothers and friends at the moment right now. Kyle sat down on the floor and uncorked a bottle of whisky so he took a few sips of the alcohol to drown his sorrows as he is still left reeling with anger and hurt, pain and betrayal over what his fiancée and childhood friend had been up behind his back for the last three months. He can’t banish the images of Ash and Phoebe having intimate moments e.g. making out or having sex in the videos and photos from his head. He took out his mobile and posted a status on Facebook; ‘Hey everyone. Thought you should want to know that the engagement is off and the engagement party is no longer happening anymore. Please don’t ask me why and don’t ask me questions. That’s all I have to say on the subject. Thank you.’ Staring at his screensaver of himself and Phoebe on his phone, Kyle threw the phone aside and exhaled deeply as tears rolled down his cheeks when he sipped some more of the whisky. Later on... Brax and Ricky, Heath and Bianca, Casey and Denny including their friends and everyone around the Bay were stunned and surprised wondering why the engagement was off and that the engagement party is not happening anymore after they saw Kyle’s Facebook status. Brax and Heath, Casey were worried and concerned for their brother when they texted him and called him several times but no respond so they drove around Summer Bay looking for him and asked anyone if they had seen him lately but no one had seen him all day since he was last seen by Ash who had to make something up saying he saw Kyle near the Surf Club after he left the restaurant and that they had talked for a while. Ash was asked where he got the bruise on the side of his face and he had to lie saying he walked into a door. At the motel... Phoebe is sitting cross-legged on the bed reading a magazine in silence. She had replied to Ruby’s text message telling her where she was when Ruby texted her to ask her where she was. And there was the sound of someone knocking on the door so Phoebe got off the bed and went to answer opening it to reveal Ricky and Denny, Bianca standing there. “Hi guys. How did you know I was here?” said Phoebe. “Ruby told us you had texted her.” said Bianca. “Oh right.” said Phoebe quietly. She was relieved to hear from Ash via text message that everyone had no idea about her and Ash yet but she knew they are somehow bound to find out soon. “Phoebs, why did Kyle post on Facebook saying the engagement was off? Is everything alright between you both?” said Denny. “Yeah everything is fine. We just decided to have some space for a while. Well everything is too much for me to deal with right now since what happened with Nevie and Grant yesterday and today, you know. I and Kyle both decided it was best to call off the engagement.” said Phoebe feeling guilty when the lie tumbled out of her mouth when she explained why the engagement was called off but she knew the truth will come out somehow sooner. “But you are both having a baby together.” said Ricky. “Yeah I know. But everything is fine. I and Kyle will work things out, don’t you all worry, ok? Thank you for coming to check on me, guys. It does mean a lot to me, honestly. But I just need to be left alone on my own right now.” said Phoebe. “Are you sure everything is alright between you and Kyle?” said Bianca. “Of course it is, ok? Like I said earlier it was our decision to call off our engagement.” said Phoebe. “Ok fair enough. But haven’t you heard from Kyle? We are all so worried about him. He hasn’t been responding to our text messages and calls.” said Ricky. “I haven’t heard from him lately. The last time I saw him was when I was in the Surf Club with him before he went upstairs to do some paperwork, that’s all. I am so sorry. But if he does call me or text me, I will let you know, ok?” said Phoebe. “Ok thanks.” said Ricky so she and Denny, Bianca left the motel room after saying goodbye to Phoebe. Sighing deeply, Phoebe closed and bolted the door so she stifled a sob when she collapsed down to the ground-hugging her knees as she shook with silent sobs feeling terrible and guilty for what had happened lately e.g. her love affair with Ash and the paternity of her unborn baby, the incident with Nevie and Grant, lying to her fiancé and friends, everyone and then Kyle finding out the full truth and beginning forced to lie to her friends why the engagement was called off... But little did Ash and Phoebe know that Nevie and Grant had another plan about their little dirty secret and that they would have no idea that was about to be exposed to the world any second and the whole Bay would finally find out the truth about Ash and Phoebe’s little dirty secret... 3rd January 2015, Saturday... It was morning-time on a sunny day and every newspapers were delivered to every house in Summer Bay... Later on, every resident in the Bay-including the Braxton brothers and Ricky, Denny, Bianca and Darcy, Josh, John and Marilyn, Jett, Zac, Leah and Oscar, Matt and Evelyn, VJ, Alf and Roo, Maddy, Nate and Kat, Andy, Hannah, Irene, Chris and Spencer, Sasha and Sean, Mila, Ruby-were shocked and stunned to read what was on the front page on their newspapers... Ash walked out of his caravan with his mug of coffee and then he heard a few people exclaim out; “There he is! Look, everyone!” so they all laughed-pointing and staring at him as they whispered and smirked to one each other. Ash narrowed his eyebrows at them wondering what was going on when Ruby stormed over to him with the newspaper in her hand. “Oi! Is it true?!” exclaimed Ruby staring at Ash. “True about what? What’s up with these people? Why were they staring and pointing, laughing at me for?” said Ash. “Haven’t you seen the newspaper?!” said Ruby. “No I haven’t. Why?” said Ash. Ruby opened the newspaper to show Ash the front page so Ash’s eyes widened in shock dropping his mug of coffee so he snatched the newspaper from Ruby’s hands staring at the front page in stunned silence but he can feel the whole caravan park staring at him-probably waiting to see how he reacts to the front page... “What the ****...?! Son of a bitch! Oh damn it! I have to warn Phoebe of this!” exclaimed Ash dropping the newspaper so he rushed into his caravan to grab his keys and mobile before running outside snatching the newspaper from the ground and then to his car. At the motel... Phoebe had decided she would go back to the Braxtons’ house and tell everyone the truth about her and Ash including why the engagement was called off. KNOCK! KNOCK! Phoebe jumped with fright at the sound of someone knocking frantically on the door so she ran over to open it to reveal Ash standing there. “Oh hi, Ash! You know what? I am going back home and tell everyone the truth about us. I am not sure if Kyle had told them or not. But they do deserve to know.” said Phoebe. “Phoebe, you can’t tell them now, ok?” said Ash. “Why’s that? I have to, Ash. It’s not fair to keep them in the dark! They need to know!” said Phoebe packing her bags. “Damn it, Phoebe! Will you ****ing listen to me for a second?! You can’t go over there and tell them now! It’s too late now!” said Ash. “What? What do you meant it’s too late?” said Phoebe raising a eyebrow. Ash sighed clearing his throat so he opened the newspaper revealing the front page so Phoebe’s eyes widened at what was on it. when she stepped backwards looking pale-faced and shaking her head silently. “I am so sorry, Phoebe. They do know now about us.” said Ash quietly. Phoebe stood here hyperventilating as she struggled to take in what she had read and seen on the front page. On the front page of the newspaper, there was a headline which said ‘PHOEBE NICHOLSON’S LITTLE DIRTY SECRET.’ One each photo of Ash and Phoebe is plastered across the newspaper including the photos of them having intimate moments and everything was revealed from the beginning to the end about their love affair and the paternity of the baby, and the real fact about the 2 grand had been put in the newspapers that had been delivered to every resident’s house in Summer Bay... And the whole Bay would be buzzing with gossip now since what they had read and seen on the front page of their newspapers about Ash and Phoebe’s love affair...
  7. Thank you so much for the comments, Helena and Suzza101, Kristen Decided to change the way in the previous chapter about how Kyle found out about Ash and Phoebe so I changed it to him finding out from a email message sent to him from a unknown sender instead of receiving the yellow envelope. Contains swearing and language! You had been warned! CHAPTER SIX “I am so sorry, Kyle! But I never meant to hurt you! I am so sorry! I love you! I want to be with you!” said Phoebe breaking the silence as she is on the verge of tears when she closed the door of the office behind her. Kyle let out a angry roar when he slammed the lid of his laptop down so he grabbed his glass throwing it at the wall...SMASH! It caused Phoebe to flinch at the sound of the glass breaking. “Kyle, please! Let me explain! I never meant anything of this to happen!” sobbed Phoebe. “How long it had been going on?” said Kyle in a shrilly tone when he turned to face Phoebe. “Um..” stammered Phoebe. “HOW LONG HAD IT BEEN GOING ON?! DAMN IT!!” roared Kyle causing Phoebe to flinch. “Three months!” said Phoebe. “ARGH!!! ****ing son of a bitch!” yelled Kyle kicking out a chair out of anger so he stood here shaking and breathing heavily tears rolling down his face as he gasped for air. “Kyle, please!” choked Phoebe. “Do you love him?” asked Kyle. “Um...” began Phoebe. “Admit it!” shouted Kyle breathing heavily as he clenched his fists-anger showing his face. “Yes! I do love him! But Kyle, I love you! I’ve always loved you!” said Phoebe. Tears rolled silently down her cheeks. “Wait a second! What about the 2 grand?!” said Kyle. “I don’t know how Nevie and Grant found out about me and Ash! They must be following us or something like that! I met them at the rocks that night I stormed out of the house!” said Phoebe. “Oh really?! So I bet they offered you a deal and told you to pay them 2 grand so they can keep your ****ing little dirty secret safe to theirselves! Is that right?!” spat Kyle. Phoebe stood here shaking so she nodded solemnly. Kyle stumbled backwards breathing heavily as he grasped his hair and let out a anguish scream-tears rolling down his cheeks when he struggled into take in everything since learning about his fiancée’s love affair with his childhood friend Ash including the truth about the 2 grand. “Wait a second! Were you going to tell me everything last night, weren’t you?! You were upset and crying, and everything, scared and worried that I will hate you if you told me! Is that right?!” snarled Kyle. “Yes.” said Phoebe. “Yesterday on the beach, you were upset and Ash was comforting you when Casey and Denny saw you both! And you said it was because of a argument with your dad! It wasn’t your dad, isn’t it?! It was Nevie and Grant blackmailing you, right?!” spat Kyle. “Yes that’s right. They had been texting me since they found out about me and Ash. You were right. It wasn’t my dad. I haven’t spoken to him for about a year.” said Phoebe. “What?! Oh my god!” said Kyle exhaling deeply. He stood here in silence for a few seconds while Phoebe sat beside the table. “Kyle, say something please. I know you hate me right now but I don’t blame you. Please I don’t want to lose you. I love you and I don’t want to throw away what we had was really special.” sniffled Phoebe. “I don’t understand!! How can you ever do this to me?! We thought we were going to have a future together and be parents!! You slept with someone who happens to be my childhood friend behind my back for three months!! You were two-timing me!! You lied to me and my family, everyone all along!! You led me and everyone to believe that the baby was mine!! You deceived me!! I came with you every day to your hospital appointments for the last three months!! And not to mention you lied to us about the argument with your dad considering the fact you haven’t spoken to him for a year! You tricked me and my family, friends and everyone into thinking the 2 grand for Nevie and Grant was to pay for you cutting ties ending your music contract but no it was protect to your ****ing little dirty secret!! How can you be so heartless and low, selfish to do this to me and my family, our friends and everyone, eh?!” spat Kyle. “I know! I am so sorry! I never wanted to hurt you! whimpered Phoebe. “Enough with the ****ing apologizes!! I don’t want to hear it anymore!! I don’t want to look at you neither talk to you right now!!” spat Kyle. “Kyle, please don’t do this! We can work this out!” sobbed Phoebe trying to reach out to Kyle but he pushed her away walking backwards staring at her in disgust. “Don’t! Just don’t! Get out of my sight now!” snarled Kyle. “Kyle...” began Phoebe. “GET OUT!!!!” roared Kyle causing Phoebe to step backwards flinching at his angry voice. Phoebe exhaled deeply and wiped her tears from her cheeks so she left the office and then went downstairs to the Surf Club. A few people were in the Surf Club talking and laughing as they were oblivious to what was happening upstairs because the office was soundproof so they wouldn't have any idea what had happened earlier. Phoebe left the Surf Club biting her lip to fight back tears fearing she has lost Kyle for good. She knew everyone including her friends will probably turn against her so they will soon find out somehow about her love affair with Ash including that she and Ash would be facing the consequences of their actions. Kyle is sitting on the ground in the office staring at the wall blankly. His face is red and tear-stained with puffy and wet eyes as he has been crying for a while. He exhaled deeply as he struggled to take in everything that had occurred e.g. seeing the evidence of what his fiancée and his childhood friend had been up behind her back and that he is not the father of her unborn child. He looked at some photos of himself and Phoebe on his phone in happier times until he threw his phone aside. Kyle drained all of his whisky until the bottle when he coughed and spluttered. And he stared at the whisky bottle shaking all over and breathing shakily before letting out a anguish scream; “ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!” And then he flung the bottle away so it smashed straight into the wall and then he broke down into heart-breaking cries.
  8. Thank you so much for the comments, Kristen and Helena, Suzza101 Ash and Phoebe's love affair is about to be exposed in the worst way...keep on reading...you will find out at the end... It will be different from my original fanfiction. Contains swearing and language. You had been warned. CHAPTER FIVE Later on... Phoebe was sitting on the beach staring at the view in silence when Ruby walked over so they greeted one each other and then Ruby sat down on the sand beside Phoebe. “Hey how are you doing? I heard about Nevie and Grant blackmailing you. Ricky told me. The nerve of them! How could they do that to you?” said Ruby. “I know, Rubes. But it’s all sorted out now. Nevie and Grant had left for town and they had apologized to me by text message, and that they will never again ever contact me anymore.” said Phoebe. “That’s good to hear. I hope they don’t ever think of trying to step a foot back in town.” said Ruby. “Hopefully not. Kat had slammed them with a restraining order document and told them that they will be arrested if they ever try to step back in town.” said Phoebe. “Good! Now you and Kyle can focus on the future. The engagement party, the wedding and then becoming parents when the baby comes.” said Ruby. “Yeah. So how do you feel beginning back in the Bay? I know you had been back here for almost two years now." said Phoebe. “Well it’s good to be back here where I belong. Well you know I had been through a lot, right? But it had changed me a lot really. Finding out the truth about my true identify and my actions that resulted in my good friend’s car accident which sent me to jail for a year, and whatever, you know. I had made amends with all my family and friends, everyone whom I had let down and hurt in the process. What had happened in the past was all forgotten and forgiven.” said Ruby. “Your mum would be really proud of you.” said Phoebe. “I did this for her. I made a promise to her that I would change and turn over a new leaf, and become a better person and will always keep making it up to her for the rest of my life. Because of the way how I treated her badly in the past and let her down, and I was so horrible to her. I blamed myself for her death because of how I had treated her and let her down, and hurt her in the process.” said Ruby quietly when a tear rolled down her cheek as Phoebe moved closer to her wrapping a arm around her friend’s shoulders for comfort. “You can’t blame yourself for what happened to your mother, Rubes. It was a terrible tragedy.” said Phoebe. “I know.” sighed Ruby. “You had done her so proud of you. She will be still watching over you and feeling really proud of you every day. She is always with you no matter wherever you go.” said Phoebe. “Yeah she would be.” smiled Ruby. They got up and brushed the sand from their clothes, and then left the beach making their way to the Surf Club when they saw Heath and Bianca-with their two and a half years old son Rocco- chatting to Brax and Ricky, Casey and Denny. Phoebe and Ruby both greeted Heath and Bianca who greeted them back. “Where is Darcy?” Phoebe asked Heath and Bianca. “She had gone with Mila and Sasha, Evelyn and Maddy down to the Diner for milkshakes.” replied Heath. “Hey how are you doing? We heard what happened. With Nevie and Grant.” said Bianca quietly. “I am fine really. I don’t want to talk about it really. But I always keep looking everywhere over my shoulder to make sure they aren’t around. I don’t know why I think that.” said Phoebe. “It’s okay, babe. They had left town for good. I am sure they got the message loud and clear that they are not to step another foot in the Bay or come anywhere near you again ever. Don’t worry about them anymore. I will never let anything happen to you and little Peanut, I promise.” said Kyle hugging Phoebe around the shoulders. “I know.” said Phoebe. She felt guilty and terrible for lying to her fiancé and friends, everyone about the real fact why Nevie and Grant were here in the Bay and deep down, she always wanted to tell them the truth but she can’t bring herself to do it. She knew she had to find a way to move on and try to carry on as normal, and put everything behind her for the sake of her future with Kyle and the baby considering she and Ash had decided to end their love affair for good. At the Diner... “Wow! It was so awesome that you squirted coloured water at that evil witch and her creepy friend driving them away from town!” chortled Darcy when Mila and Sasha, Evelyn and Maddy told her everything what happened when they and the boys took revenge against Nevie and Grant, and helping Phoebe drive them out of town for good. “Yeah it was. But we did it for Phoebe.” said Maddy. “It’s mean and disgusting of them to do that to her.” said Darcy shaking her head. “True.” said Mila. “Now they had been dealt with and had left the Bay for good so Phoebe can move on and focus on her future with Kyle.” said Evelyn. “Hear, hear.” said Sasha sipping her milkshake. And the girls began to talk about different things as a change of subject. At Summer Bay Auto... Ash and Andy had been busy working and doing some repairs on a car. “Hey, mate.” said Andy. “Yeah?” said Ash. “Ever heard from your sister Billie?” Andy asked Ash. “No. I ever wondered how she was doing. I am thinking about leaving the Bay for a while to find her and try to explain my side of my story to her again. ” said Ash. Ash’s younger sister Billie had fallen out with him about three months ago when her boyfriend Dean Sanderson framed him for beating him up and almost placing him in the hospital because he was jealous of Ash and Billie’s sibling relationship so he decided to turn Billie against her brother by paying a guy to beat himself up and then framing Ash for it. Ash tried to protest his innocence saying he never laid a hand on Dean but Billie took Dean’s side and told Ash he was no longer her brother anymore. Ash was left reeling with hurt that his sister believed Dean over him. But he can’t blame his little sister knowing Dean was controlling and manipulative including that he would do anything to get his own way by coming between the Ashford siblings and turning Billie against her family and friends. Ash missed his sister dearly and tried several times to get in touch with her but no respond so he guessed it was Dean’s doing of making sure Billie was banned from getting contact with her brother and friends so Ash feared the worst for his little sister knowing Dean has a violent temper if he doesn’t get his own way. “Do you think you will be able to get her to listen to you?” said Andy. “Probably. Because I would never lie about something like that but I am sure she does knows that. Bloody Dean! That son of a bitch turned my little sister against me!” said Ash clenching his fists in anger towards Dean for turning Billie against him and forcing her to believe that Ash had gave him a beating up. “When are you planning to leave the Bay for a while?” said Andy. “I am not sure yet. Maybe next week but I don’t know yet.” said Ash. “Ok. Do you need company? I would be happy to come along with you if you want me to.” said Andy. “Nah it’s something I need to do on my own but thanks anyway.” said Ash. “Okay fair enough. It’s all good. But let me know if you change your mind or whatever.” said Andy. "Yeah will do." said Ash. Andy nodded briefly and then he went back to repairing the car as Ash sighed quietly staring at a photo of himself and Billie in happier times. Later on... Kyle walked upstairs to Angelo’s Restaurant planning to do some paperwork for a while in the office as the staff had taken the day off work until tonight. Ricky and Bianca, Denny had gone to the shopping mall in Yabbie Creek while Brax and Heath, Casey went to Mangrove River for a surf. John and Marilyn had offered to babysit Rocco for Heath and Bianca who had appreciated it. Phoebe decided to go home instead of joining the girls on their outing to the shopping mall as she wanted to be left alone on her own for a while since what happened yesterday and today. She promised Kyle she will be fine at home on her own and he recently accepted it making her promise to text him if she needed anything so she replied back to him saying she will. Suddenly, Kyle walked into the office and sat down so he took his laptop out of his computer bag and put it on the table so he opened it And then suddenly, he began to check his emails and saw one from a unknown sender with a subject which said; 'SPECIAL DELIVERY FOR KYLE BRAXTON. IT'S NOT SPAM.' Kyle narrowed his eyebrows wondering who was the unknown sender that sent him the email and he wondered what it would be so he decided to open it when he clicked on the email link... Near the restaurant sliding doors, Grant smirked to himself when he saw Kyle walk into the office so he turned away and scurried downstairs, and then he left the restaurant. He ran off all the way to the car where Nevie was. “Mission completed, boss! He had vanished into the office.” said Grant flashing a smug grin. “Perfect! Image what his reaction would be like next when he sees the evidence of what his previous and pathetic fiancée had been up to, eh? But this is not over yet. Let’s get out of here before anyone sees us.” said Nevie. “What’s next? You said this is not over yet.” said Grant. “Well I got a better idea in mind.” said Nevie. “Oi! What the hell?! What are you both you doing here?! You were told to get out of town! Haven’t you done enough?! Phoebe doesn’t need this right now! Now you both **** off or I will call the cops!” Ash’s angry voice exclaimed out. “We will do that then! But tell Phoebe to shove it up her pathetic ass!” said Nevie smirking evilly when she threw out two pieces out of the window so they went flying down to the ground at Ash’s feet. “Some secrets do have a way getting out, don’t they, right? Special delivery!” said Nevie. “Eh?” said Ash. “Ciao!” said both Nevie and Grant and then they drove off laughing their heads off. Ash stared after them wondering why they were here again for when he picked up the ripped two pieces of paper and looked at it so he realised it was the cheque containing 2 grand. Ash widened his eyes in realization-understanding what Nevie meant by that way saying something about secrets coming out so he exclaimed; “Oh ****!” and then he ran off to his car driving off all the way to the Braxtons’ house to warn Phoebe. At the Braxtons’ house... Phoebe is making some lunch when there is the loud of someone knocking on the door so she put the knife down and hurried over to the door-opening it and then Ash rushed in panting heavily causing Phoebe to let out a scream stepping backwards. “Where is Kyle?!” said Ash. “He’s at Angelo’s Restaurant doing paperwork. Why? What is going on? What got you worked all up rushing in there like that and giving me a scare?!” said Phoebe. “I saw Nevie and Grant near the Surf Club earlier today!” said Ash. “What?!” said Phoebe. “They had ripped up the cheque and threw it at my feet! Nevie said something about secrets coming out somehow and she said something about a special delivery!” said Ash. “Eh? What did she meant by that?” said Phoebe but Ash stood here staring at her in silence so her eyes widened so she realised what Ash was trying to tell her... “Oh ****!!! No way! Oh my god! Kyle! I have to go over there now!” said Phoebe so she grabbed her keys and mobile. Phoebe left the house-leaving Ash standing there so she ran all the way to her car and drove off to Angelo’s Restaurant. Arriving at the restaurant, Phoebe got out of the car and ran straight into the Surf Club. She had texted Kyle a few times but no respond and she tried calling him but it went to voicemail. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Phoebe went upstairs and went into the restaurant which is empty and quiet, eerie. “Kyle?! Are you there?” Phoebe called out but no answer. Phoebe made her way slowly over to the office and exhaled sharply when she turned the knob and opened the door. And there sat Kyle at the table with his back turned on her-sipping a glass of whisky. “Kyle?” said Phoebe softly but no respond. “Kyle? Are you okay? Say something please. You are scaring me!” said Phoebe. “Is it true?!” said Kyle stiffly. “Eh? True about what?” said Phoebe. “Are you having a love affair with Martin Ashford? And that the baby is his, not mine, isn't it?” said Kyle. “Pardon?” said Phoebe. Kyle exhaled deeply when he stood up and turned around to face her. His face is tear-stained and sullen. And he opened his laptop to reveal the email with the subject; 'SPECIAL DELIVERY FOR KYLE BRAXTON. IT'S NOT SPAM.' "I saw the photos and the videos, paternity results. From a unknown sender who emailed them to me. Is it true?" said Kyle. Phoebe went pale-faced opening and closing her mouth like a fish when she realised what was in the email. Kyle stood here staring at Phoebe in silence-his face showing mixed emotions of disgust and anger, hurt and betrayal. Phoebe stood here shaking as she struggled to say something...but she knew she is now caught in a compromising position with no way to get out of It so now her little dirty secret had been finally exposed...thanks to Nevie and Grant who had tricked her and Ash, and found a way to expose the evidence of their love affair and the paternity of the baby to Kyle...
  9. Thank you so much for the feedback, Helena and Suzza101 and Kristen Contains swearing and language. You had been warned. CHAPTER FOUR Phoebe woke up feeling nauseous so she leapt out of bed and ran off to the bathroom to throw up into the toilet so Denny-who heard her throwing up-scurried in to hold her hair back and rubbed her back gently. “Urgh! Bloody morning sickness!” moaned Phoebe breathing heavily. She flushed the toilet getting up and making her way to the sink to wash her face and hands before brushing her teeth. “Are you alright after what happened last night?” said Denny. “Yeah I am fine, Den. Thanks for asking. I am so sorry I lost it like that last night. I am just thinking about everything. The engagement party and the wedding, having a baby and my dad not wanting to do anything with me anymore.” said Phoebe. Suddenly, Kyle’s voice can be heard exclaiming out from the lounge; “What the hell are you doing here?! Get out of our ****ing house!!” Phoebe and Denny scurried into the lounge to see Nevie standing there in the doorway with a smug smile on her face. “What do you want?!” spat Phoebe. “If you don’t leave the house, we will call the cops! You have 30 seconds to get out or there will be a call to the police!” said Casey. The door of the flat next door opened to reveal Brax and Ricky standing there after hearing the commotion outside so they were stunned to see Nevie standing there. “What the hell?” said Brax. “Don’t forget our deal, Phoebe! Don’t forget to pay me 2 grand in two days or it will be out in the open! Ciao!” said Nevie so she walked off whistling to herself. Everyone all turned to face Phoebe who stood here shaking and whimpering quietly. “What was she talking about, Phoebe? Why did she want 2 grand for?” said Denny wrapping a arm around her friend’s shoulders. Phoebe collapsed onto the couch sobbing silently. “She wanted me to pay her 2 grand for cutting ties off with her and ending my music contract. If I don’t get her the money she needed, she will send the video of me in a drugged state with Grant about to have sex with me to a porn website or something like that to make it go public and worldwide for creeps and perverts, whatever out there to watch!” said Phoebe and everyone were shocked at what she had told them. “What?! Is she serious?!” said Josh when Phoebe nodded solemnly. “That was what you were going to tell me last night?” said Kyle. “Yes. I am so sorry, Kyle! Please don’t hate me!” sobbed Phoebe. “Hey, hey! It’s okay! I don’t hate you! Alright? We are glad you told us. When did she get in touch with you?” said Kyle hugging his fiancée. “Yesterday. She told me to meet her and her creepy assistant Grant near the rocks last night.” said Phoebe wiping tears from her cheeks. “Oh that ****ing evil cow! Gosh I would love to slap that smug smile off her pathetic face when I see her next! How would she ever do this?!” hissed Denny. “It’s okay. We will figure it out somehow. But I promise there’s no way we will let her spread the voice of you at the music launch to any website worldwide, ok? It will be alright.” said Brax. Phoebe nodded briefly and snuggled into Kyle’s arms when he hugged her tightly pecking her head gently. “We need to do something about this. We can’t allow Nevie to do this to Phoebe.” said Ricky. “Yeah I know.” said Brax. A few hours later... “2 grand?! Are you kidding me?! That’s ****ing insane!” exclaimed Ash when Phoebe met up with him to tell him about the meeting with Nevie and Grant last night including their deal about her paying her 2 grand if she wanted them to keep her little dirty secret about her love affair with Ash and the paternity of her unborn baby to theirselves. “I know! I had to make up a story to Kyle and the others why Nevie offered me a deal about paying her 2 grand! And um...I almost told Kyle about us last night but I can’t bring myself to do it.” said Phoebe. “Oh man! How we are going to get that money?! We are so ****ing screwed! Son of a bitch!” said Ash kicking out at a tree out of anger. “I know! We have until Sunday to give the money or everything about us will be out in the open!” said Phoebe. This mid-morning... Nevie and Grant are sitting outside the Diner when Phoebe walked over followed by Kyle and his brothers, Denny and Ricky, Kat. “Here you go! Now you can shove it up your ****ing asses!” said Phoebe flinging down a cheque containing 2 grand. Nevie and Grant both stared at it and then at Phoebe. “What is this?” said Nevie. “Here is the 2 grand you wanted it. Now take it and leave Summer Bay! We are done! Take your creepy friend with you! And never come back! Now leave me alone and never ever hassle me again! Ok?!” said Phoebe “I am a police officer and I will have to arrest you for harassment if you ever step another foot back in town. I am serious. Now leave please or you will be arrested. Here is a restraining order document. It said you are not to set a feet in Summer Bay or come anywhere near Phoebe or there will be consequences if you do break the restraining order. Blackmailing someone is a serious offence.” said Kat stiffly. “Fine. We will leave now.” said Nevie taking the cheque containing 2 grand. She shook her head scoffing quietly as she beckoned Grant to follow her so they walked off without looking back. Phoebe let out a breath of relief hoping Nevie and Grant got the message but she was secretly hoping they would keep quiet about her love affair with Ash and who the father of her unborn baby was. But she hoped they would get rid of the evidence that contained her little dirty secret. “Are you okay?” said Kat. “Yeah I am fine. Thanks for helping me out there, Kat. I think they got the message.” said Phoebe. “No worries. Glad I can help out a friend.” smiled Kat. Suddenly, Nevie and Grant were stopped by Oscar and Maddy, Josh and Evelyn, Matt, Sasha, Sean, Mila and VJ, Spencer, Jett whom each one of them are holding water guns. “Get out of our way, you pesky brats!” hissed Grant. “NOW!!!” yelled VJ aiming his water gun at Nevie and Grant so his friends all folllowed suit. Nevie and Grant both let out loud exclamations as they were squirted with coloured water! “That was for what you both did to Phoebe, you ****ing scumbags!!” yelled Matt. “GET TO THE CAR!! NOW!! MOVE YOUR ****ING ASS!!” Nevie screamed at Grant rushing over to the car leaping straight into it and Grant followed suit. And the eleven teenagers ran over still squirting the coloured water from the water guns at them until they got into the car and drove off. “Whooo!!!” We did it, guys!! We got rid of that evil witch and her creepy friend!! Give me a high five!!” exclaimed Matt hugging his girlfriend and friends as they high-fived one each other yelling and laughing, clapping and whistling. Phoebe ran over to hug one each of the teenagers thanking them for their help in getting rid of Nevie and Grant so they told her that she is welcome. Relieved that Nevie and Grant had left town, Phoebe and Ash are both still secretly hoping that their secret is safe and that Nevie won’t do anything to expose it. “Nevie had sent me a text message. She said she had deleted all the evidence of our love affair and ripped up the paternity results. She said she was so sorry for everything and that she will never ever again hassle me anymore. She wishes me good luck for the future with Kyle and the baby.” said Phoebe to Ash who let out a sigh of relief. “I am glad to hear it. Let’s move on and focus on the future, yeah?” said Ash. “Yeah I agree. I am so sorry, Ash. But what happened between us can’t happen anymore. I have to focus on my future with Kyle. He doesn’t deserve this. I love him and I just want to be with him.” said Phoebe. “Yeah I know. But what about the baby?” said Ash when Phoebe sighed quietly and laid hands on her rounded belly. “I know. But it doesn’t matter about who the father of the baby is for right now. But hey, I guess you will be Uncle Ash to this little one, don’t worry.” said Phoebe. “Yeah I guess.” said Ash hugging Phoebe around the shoulders so they walked off hoping everything is going to be okay so now Nevie and Grant had left town including that their secret is safe... Reeling with anger and humiliation after beginning squirted with coloured water, Nevie and Grant wiped off most of the coloured water off theirselves. They had parked near the ‘Goodbye, Summer Bay’ sign. “This is not ****ing over!!” spat Nevie throwing the towel aside. “Are we going to keep her little dirty secret to ourselves or not so now she had paid us?” Grant asked Nevie. “No way. I got a plan in mind. Payback time because she ruined my career by exposing what my plans were for when she worked with me! That little pathetic bitch is going to deserve this! I am going to make sure her life including her future with her precious Kyle will be ruined forever!” said Nevie ripping up the cheque. “What is it you got in mind?” said Grant. “Let’s find a way to get it into action, eh? All will be exposed and hell will break loose. Revenge is sweet! Poor darling Kyle is going to have his heart broke when he finds out the truth about his fiancée and what she had been up to behind his back.” said Nevie flashing a evil grin as Grant smirked smugly when she stared the engine and then drove off...
  10. Thank you for the comments, Helena and Kristen :). @Helena You need to add more in your review about what you think of this chapter and etc... like Kristen does in her reviews for this fanfiction. Dan F had added something (almost four years ago) in the Announcements thread in the Fanfiction section on Page 3 about providing feedback for fanfictions. Contains swearing and language. You had been warned. CHAPTER THREE Ruby is having dinner in Angelo’s Restaurant with her two half siblings Sean and Mila who are almost fourteen years old and they are joined by Sean and Mila’s foster mother Irene Roberts. They are eight years younger than Ruby. Ruby and her siblings had developed a close and loving, caring and honest sibling relationship in the last five and a half years since they saw one each other that day when Ruby tracked down her dad almost six years ago. Ruby and Sean, Mila made a vow to one each other that they would never talk about their father and neither mention him ever as they resented and hated him for what he did to Charlie years ago, and that he was dead to them. Sean and Mila were both smart kids to figure out that their father was never a good guy and that he did hurt Ruby’s mother years ago. They told Charlie that they were so sorry for what Grant did to her but Charlie had reassured and told them that it wasn’t their fault. Charlie was always fond of the Bledoce children and always felt sorry for them as she knew it wasn’t easy for them to grow up with a father who had just turned out to be a rapist who robbed her of her innocence years ago. Sean and Mila’s mother died from childbirth complications after they were born. Grant was found stabbed to death on the beach. And it turned out it was Charlie’s dad and Ruby’s grandfather who killed Grant because Grant won’t leave Charlie and Ruby alone so Ross killed him to protect his daughter and granddaughter from him. Since Grant died, Sean and Mila were taken under Irene’s wing when she gave them a room at her home because there was a foster family who backed out refusing to take Sean and Mila into their house as they didn’t want to foster two children considering what their father had done in the past and that they were worried and scared for the reactions of their families and friends if they took in a rapist’s two children. Sean and Mila had been always grateful for Irene’s kindness and everything she had done for them in the last five and a half years since she took them into her house and she has been the closest thing they has to a mother so they called her Aunty Irene. Suddenly, Kyle walked in looking around when he saw Ruby and Sean, Mila and Irene sitting at a table having their dinner so he scurried over to them and then they looked up when he approached their table. “Um...sorry to interrupt your dinner, guys. Haven’t any of you seen Phoebe? She was upset earlier and yelled at us when we were having dinner. And then she stormed out of the house. She hasn’t replied to my calls neither text messages.” said Kyle looking worried. “No I haven’t seen her all day. Sorry, Kyle.” said Ruby. “We had been here all night, love.” said Irene. “Yeah same.” said both Sean and Mila together. BEEP! Kyle’s mobile vibrated and he saw it’s a text message from Ricky telling that Phoebe had arrived home earlier in a distressed state and won’t tell anyone what is going on. “Ricky texted me. Phoebe just got home earlier. Sorry again for interrupting your dinner so I better let you get back to it.” said Kyle. “It’s all fine, darl. We hope Phoebe is alright.” said Irene. “Yeah. She was just upset because her dad is not coming to the engagement party and wedding, so yeah. Well I better get going. I will see you later. Bye.” said Kyle so he left the restaurant. At the Braxtons’ house... Phoebe is crying silently on her bed while Ricky and Denny are sitting on the bed doing their best to console her and they tried to get her to open up what is wrong with her but she won’t give them a answer. Suddenly, Kyle hurried in so Phoebe leapt up and threw her arms around Kyle's neck shaking and sobbing silently. “Hey, hey. There, there. It’s okay. I am here.” said Kyle hugging his fiancée. “We will leave you to it.” said Denny when she and Ricky got up from the bed so they left the room. Phoebe took deep breaths to steady herself wiping tears from her cheeks so she sniffled loudly and exhaled deeply. “Phoebe, would you care to tell me what is going on?” said Kyle pulling Phoebe onto the bed beside her. “No not really. I am so sorry. It’s just the hormones, really. I didn’t meant to snap at you and everyone like that.” said Phoebe. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” said Kyle. “Kyle, will you promise me you will never leave me?” squeaked Phoebe. “What? Of course not! I will never leave you! Where did that come from?” said Kyle. “Will you hate me if I tell you something?” said Phoebe. “No! Whatever is going on, you can tell me and we can get through it together whatever it is. We are engaged and we are getting married, and we are having a future together with little Peanut on the way.” said Kyle tucking a strand of Phoebe’s wavy brown hair behind her ear. “Peanut?” said Phoebe raising a eyebrow. “Well that’s my nickname for our baby.” said Kyle patting Phoebe’s rounded belly gently. “Yeah.” said Phoebe quietly. “Were you going to tell me something?” said Kyle. “You will hate me if I did tell you.” said Phoebe as a tear rolled down her cheek. “No I won’t. Tell me whatever it is. Get it off your chest.” said Kyle. “Yes you will. Well...okay, it’s a long story. Well you know...um....I had been...” began Phoebe exhaling deeply. “It’s okay. Take your time. I am sitting right here with you and listening to you.” said Kyle grasping his fiancée’s hands. “You know what? It doesn’t matter anyway. Just forget it. It’s nothing. I am so tired. Can we go to bed now please?” said Phoebe. She took her clothes and shoes off changing into her pyjamas so she got into bed turning her back on Kyle who stared at her in silence with raised eyebrows but he got out of his clothes expect his boxers when he got into bed wrapping his arms around Phoebe. “I love you, Phoebe. I am not going anywhere, I promise.” Kyle whispered into Phoebe’s ear before pecking her gently on the shoulder. “I love you too, Kyle.” Phoebe whispered back feeling comforted and safe in her fiancé’s embrace so she bit her lip to fight back tears as she knew that how close she had come to telling Kyle the truth about her love affair with Ash and that Kyle is not the father of her unborn child.
  11. Thank you so much for the comments, Helena and Kristen Here is a couple of things; *Brax and Ricky are engaged and expecting their second child *Casey is alive and dating Denny. They had been engaged for a year. *Billie and Hunter, Olivia are not in this fanfiction yet. Contains swearing and language including a scene of a couple about to have sex and someone getting slapped. You had been warned. CHAPTER TWO Brax and Ricky-who is five months pregnant with their second child and due in May this year-walked into the Diner when they greeted Marilyn and Irene, Leah and Roo who greeted them back. Brax and Ricky lost their first child at birth almost two years ago on the 20th of November 2013-10 days before Ricky was due to give birth. It was a baby girl named Angela Eric Sharpe-Braxton. Brax and Ricky were both devastated and grief-stricken at the loss of their beloved daughter but they got through it together. And they were thrilled to learn that they are expecting again as their second child is their rainbow child. Brax and Ricky got engaged a few months ago. Suddenly, Ruby walked into the Diner so she greeted Brax and Ricky, the Diner ladies back so they greeted back at her. Ruby had moved to Summer Bay almost two years ago after spending a year in jail for tampering with the brakes on Indi’s car which resulted in Dexter’s car accident almost three years ago and it was something Ruby would always regret forever for the rest of her life. Ruby had been through a lot e.g. losing her grandparents and mum, finding out that her sister and parents were her mother and grandparents, and that her father was nothing but a disgusting scumbag who raped her mother years ago when they were teenagers, her ex-boyfriends; Pat and Xavier, Geoff and Casey, Romeo including a few guys she dated for a short time, always making everything about herself and acting out for attention, stuffing up everything, letting down her family and friends hurting them in the process, faking a pregnancy to keep Romeo away from Indi and then getting dumped by him after he found out she lied about the pregnancy, her actions which resulted in her friend Dexter’s car accident. The stint in jail had changed Ruby a lot as she vowed to become a better person and turn over a new leaf when she was released from prison on good behaviour bond. She had gone to counselling sessions to deal with her grief and anger over what happened to her mother three years ago. Ruby returned to the Bay for a fresh start and it took a while for everyone to forgive her and welcome her back into the community. Ruby had made amends with the Walkers and Romeo, April and Leah including her two half-siblings Sean and Mila-on their father’s side-, and everyone whom she had hurt and let down in the process. She had long forgiven the Braxton brothers for what happened to her mother who died after she was shot by the Braxtons’ enemy Jake Pirovic. Ruby is now working as a waitress at Angelo’s Restaurant and lives in her mobile house at the caravan park. “Are you all coming to Kyle and Phoebe’s engagement party at our house on Sunday afternoon at 1pm?” said Brax. “Yeah of course! We will be there. We won’t miss it for the world.” said Irene when Roo and Leah, Marilyn all nodded in agreement saying that they will be there. “I will be there too. Looking forwards to it.” smiled Ruby after she paid for her lunch which she is taking away with her. She left the Diner after saying goodbye to the Diner ladies and Brax, Ricky. Phoebe is freaked out when the mysterious person sent her a video of herself and Ash in their underwear-about to have sex in his car in a alleyway-out of sight. She was horrified that she had been sent a few videos and photos of her and Ash having intimate moments. Ash kicked out at a rubbish bin out of anger after seeing the videos and photos. Phoebe exhaled deeply when she got a text message from the unknown person; ‘If you want me to keep your little dirty secret, meet me at the rocks near the rock pool tonight at 8pm. I will text you the room number. Bring no one. We will work out a deal’ “I will come with you.” said Ash. “No it’s something I have to do on my own. I will be fine.” said Phoebe. “Okay fair enough. But let me know if you change your mind.” said Ash. “Yeah. I am so scared, Ash.” said Phoebe exhaling deeply. “I know. It will be okay. We will make sure it that it will not get out.” said Ash. “What if it does?! I never meant to hurt Kyle! Oh gosh! How did we ever got ourselves into this mess?! He will never forgive us!” said Phoebe taking a few deep breaths to calm herself down. “I know, Phoebs.” said Ash hugging her around the shoulders. “Phoebe? Are you okay?’ said a voice behind them so they whirled around to see Casey and Denny standing there staring at Phoebe with concerned expressions. “Oh hi, guys. It’s nothing. I am fine really. I am just upset because I had a argument with my dad on the phone and he still thinks I am making the biggest mistake of my life by marrying Kyle because of his criminal life. He said he won’t be coming to the engagement party and the wedding. He said I had brought nothing but shame and disgrace to the family. And he said he was glad that my mother wasn’t around to see it. He said I am no longer his daughter. You know what? I don’t give a **** anyway. It is his decision and he had made it clear how he felt about it.” said Phoebe but she felt a pang of guiltiness when the lie tumbled out of her mouth. “Oh, Phoebe. I am so sorry to hear that. I am sure he will come around in the end.” said Denny when she walked over to hug Phoebe who accepted it gratefully and then they walked off together. “She was upset and talking on the phone when I saw her. And she told me what happened. I just thought she would use a friend, that’s all.” Ash explained to Casey who nodded at him. “Well his dad used to cause trouble for us Braxtons last year and he tried to get Kyle to break up with Phoebe.” said Casey. “Yeah I heard about that.” said Ash when he and Casey both walked off. Hours later at the Braxtons’ house... “Are you alright? You are not eating anything” Ricky asked Phoebe when they and Kyle, Brax and Casey, Denny and Josh are having dinner around the table in the Braxtons’ house so they noticed Phoebe hasn’t eaten anything as she is pushing her food around her plate with her fork. “What? Oh not really. I am so sorry, guys. I am not hungry really. I am just tired, you know. It must be the pregnancy, I bet. I am sorry about that. You know what? I just need some fresh air for a while. I just want to be alone on my own. Thanks for the dinner.” said Phoebe. “Phoebe, you haven’t touched your dinner. You need to eat something. You need to look after yourself and the baby.” said Kyle. “I said I am not ****ING hungry!! So stop pressuring me!!” spat Phoebe so everyone stared at her-stunned at her outburst. “I wasn’t pressuring you. I am just looking after the mother of my unborn child.” said Kyle. “WILL YOU GET OFF MY ****ING ASS?!” screamed Phoebe thumping her fists onto the table. “Whoa! Whoa! Calm down, jeez!” said Brax. Phoebe exhaled deeply so she got up grabbing her keys and mobile so she stormed out of the house slamming the door hard behind her. “Whoa! Is she okay?” said Josh staring around at everyone. “I think so. She is just probably upset about her dad not turning up for the engagement party. But she will be fine.” said Kyle who is left reeling at his fiancée’s outburst. After a while, Phoebe stood at the rocks so she waited patiently after sending a text message to the mysterious person to let her know she is here. And then two figures arrived ten minutes later. Phoebe was shocked to recognize who they are. “Nevie?! What the hell are you doing here?!” exclaimed Phoebe looking shocked to see her former music manager Nevie Devlin standing there with a black-haired guy beside him. Phoebe recognized him as the guy Grant Barnes-who attempted to force himself onto her when she was drugged on Nevie’s orders-at the music launch a few months ago in front of a camera but luckily, Ash and Andy, Matt got there in time to save her from harm and danger before Grant went too far. “Oh my god! What the hell?! It was you sending me these text messages and videos, photos! And you broke into my bedroom and stole the paternity results from my bedroom, right?! Isn’t it?! Oh you ****ing bitch!” spat Phoebe realising why Nevie and Grant were here for. “Oh finally! Good job, Phoebe! Glad you figured it out, eh?!” said Nevie when Grant sniggered quietly. “Why are you both doing this?! Please don’t do this! I don’t ever want to hurt Kyle! It’s not fair on him! He had been through enough! It will destroy him if he does find out somehow! He will never forgive me neither Ash! It will destroy his friendship with Ash because they had been good friends since they were boys!” “Well we will keep your little dirty secret in case you agree to our deal.” said Grant. “What deal?” said Phoebe. “Well you had cut ties off with us and ended your music contract.” said Nevie. “Well I had to! It’s all because of what you did and how you used me at the music launch! And how you got that ****ing creepy assistant of yours to drug me so he can have sex with me in front of a camera! You were planning to turn me into a porn star, not a pop star!” spat Phoebe as she stared stonily at both Nevie and Grant. “Well here is the deal. You have to pay us $20,000 for ending your music contract and ending ties off with us.” said Nevie so Phoebe stared at her in stunned silence with a open mouth. “What?! Are you ****ing serious?! $20,000?! I can’t get that kind of money!!” exclaimed Phoebe. “Well it’s the only way if you want us to keep your little dirty secret.” said Nevie. “You got three days to pay us 2 grand because we heard some interesting gossip that your engagement party is in three days, right? Isn’t it?” said Grant smirking smugly. SMACK! Phoebe lashed out slapping Grant hard across the face. “Whoa! Nice one!” chortled Grant rubbing a red spot on the cheek where Phoebe smacked him. “Go and **** yourselves! Both of you! I am not doing it!” snarled Phoebe breathing heavily with clenched fists. “Fine then. We will pop around to see your precious fiancé and show him the evidence of your little dirty secret, eh? Gonna be interesting to see how he reacts to what his precious fiancée had been up to.” smirked Nevie. “Yeah why not?” sniggered Grant rubbing his hands together. “NO! Wait! Please don’t say anything! Ok! I will accept your deal and do whatever you want! Please don’t do this!” said Phoebe. Nevie and Grant both smirked at one each other and turned around to face Phoebe who stood here tears rolling down her cheeks. “I accept your deal. I will get you 2 grand.” said Phoebe quietly as she is forced to give into Nevie and Grant’s blackmail. “Okay. Well that’s all we have to say. 2 grand in three days. Good night.” said Nevie. “Or everything will be out in the open.” said Grant. She and Grant both walked off smiling smugly. Phoebe let out a whimper and then made a gagging sound so she threw up-coughing and spitting out vomit before collapsing down to the ground sobbing her eyes out-her tears mixing with her vomit...
  12. Hey everyone! I am back with a new account/new username for a new fresh start. I used to be Fanofhomeandaway , Tony4RachaelEver, ~AdelleFanEver~ and ~JarlieFanEver~ on my old account when I joined the backtothebay forum on 19th June 2006. Now my old account had been changed to Inactive User because of my decision to leave the forum last year. I had completed twelve Home and Away fanfictions from 2010 to 2017. But I had them deleted from the forum on my request because of my decision to leave the forum. Luckily I had saved all my fanfictions to my laptop as I was considering rewriting them at the moment. I had kinda of lost all inspiration for writing more fanfictions because I had ran out of ideas/plots and twists, storylines, etc..for more fanfictions. Now I got the inspiration back to write more stories. So now I am back on the backtothebay forum and I had decided I am going to rewrite a few of my Home and Away fanfictions. Decided I will be rewriting my fanfiction Life At Summer Bay I had posted on the forum on 22nd October 2015 and completed on 17th November 2016. It will be different from my previous one but keep in mind, some parts from the original one may be added into it. Title Of Story: Life At Summer Bay (Repost) Type Of Fic: Med/Long Fic BTTB Rating: G/T Main Characters: Alf and Irene, Marilyn and John, Leah and Ricky, Bianca, Denny, the Braxton clan and Ruby, other characters involved. Genre: Drama and Tragedy, Family and Adventure, Friendship, Mystery and Romance, Teen and Betrayal, Scandal and Thriller. Does it contains spoilers?: No Warnings: Adult Themes, Violence and Language, Death and Sexual Content including mentions of bullying/cyberbullying and suicide. Story Beginning Read-Proofed?: No Summary: It is about the lives and love lives, dramas of the Summer Bay residents. Drama and romance, scandal and tragedy, betrayal and breaks-up, secrets and lies, tension, etc...hell will break loose and hearts will be broken, friendships and relationships will be ruined, trust will be destroyed, secrets and lies will be revealed...coming ahead for the town residents as it was always bound to happen in a little sleepy coastal town liked Summer Bay... The banner was made by me for my fanfiction. Please DO NOT steal it! Thank you! Because the picture of Palm Beach was taken by me when I was over there visiting the Home & Away set in 2014. Contains language and swearing! You had been warned! CHAPTER ONE 1st January 2015... Ash and Phoebe are lying in each other’s arms in her bed after making love at the Braxtons’ house in her bedroom. “You okay, Phoebe? You were quiet lately said Ash stroking Phoebe’s brown wavy hair. “Yeah I am. But I hate doing this to Kyle. It’s not fair on him. He had been through a lot, you know.” said Phoebe. “I know. I just hate myself doing this to him too considering we were childhood friends.” said Ash quietly. Ash and Phoebe are still continuing their love affair for three months and kept their heads down doing everything they would do to keep their love from beginning exposed. Since starting their love affair, Ash and Phoebe both had realised they had feelings for one each other and both tried to fight the attraction that was growing between them. They both tried to fight the attraction that was growing between but they couldn’t so they both gave into temptation after realizing they were in love. Later on, Phoebe found out that she was pregnant so she took a paternity test to find out who was the father of her unborn baby was. And then the test results came out revealing that Ash is the father of her unborn child. Kyle was thrilled that he was going to be a dad but he was unaware that the baby wasn’t his. And he proposed to Phoebe two months and she accepted it but she felt guilty about her love affair and lying to Kyle and his family including everyone. Phoebe can’t bring herself to tell Kyle the truth and she can’t break his heart seeing how happy he was since they got engaged because she knew he wanted to have a family after seeing how thrilled that he was going to be a dad. “I wonder how everyone will react if they find out about us. Everyone will turn against us.” said Phoebe turning around onto her back. “Well we have to deal with it somehow. We will have to face everyone and deal with the consequences of our actions.” said Ash pecking Phoebe’s bare shoulder. “They will never forgive us. And Kyle will never forgive us. I can’t image how he is going to react when he learns the baby wasn’t his.” said Phoebe. “Yeah I know.” said Ash. “Um...we better get up and get dressed. Or we will be caught out. Well any of the others are bound to come home any minute, you know.” said Phoebe. “Ok.” said Ash sitting up so he stretched himself. They got out of bed and then they got dressed. Phoebe tided up her bedroom a bit and made the bed while Ash peeked out of the door to make sure the coast is clear. “All clear! It seems no one is at home. It’s safe to come out.” said Ash. “We should go through the back door, yeah? Just to be safe.” said Phoebe. She and Ash left the house through the back door and made sure the coast outside is clear so they hoped no one-including John and Marilyn who live next door-will see them leaving the house together. After a while, Phoebe’s mobile vibrated so she took her mobile out of her pocket and saw it was a text message from a unknown sender. After reading it, Phoebe let a loud gasp clasping a hand to her mouth when Ash looked around after hearing her exclaim and saw her standing there looking terrified and pale-faced as she stared at her mobile. “Phoebe? What is it?” said Ash when Phoebe stared at him and handed over her mobile so he can read the text message which said; ‘I know everything. About your little dirty secret. And I know Kyle is not the father of your child.’ “What the ****...?!” exclaimed Ash running a hand through his hair. “Someone knows about us!” squeaked Phoebe. “But how?! How did they know about us?!” said Ash, “Shush keep your voice down! I don’t know how they knew about us, ok? Please calm down!” said Phoebe looking around to make sure they are not in earshot and that no one is around but the neighbourhood is empty and quiet. “Do you recognise this number?” asked Ash. “No I don’t think so. It can be anyone who knows my number.” said Phoebe. “But how did this person figure out who the father of your baby was?” asked Ash. “I don’t know, honestly. Oh my god! The paternity test results!” said Phoebe so she rushed off back to the house closely followed by Ash. Phoebe rushed into her bedroom and pulled out her personal where she held her letters so she searched through the personal box and got the shock of her life when she discovered the envelope that contained her test results are missing! “NO! No! Oh, ****! No! They are gone! What are we going to do?!” exclaimed Phoebe. “Son of a bitch!” said Ash when he swore quietly under his breath. Ash and Phoebe both stood here in silence-looking pale-faced and terrified that someone had figured out about their love affair including who the father of Phoebe’s unborn child is...
  13. Hey everyone! I am back with a new account/new username for a new fresh start. I used to be Fanofhomeandaway , Tony4RachaelEver, ~AdelleFanEver~ and ~JarlieFanEver~ on my old account when I joined the backtohebay forum on 19th June 2006. Now my old account had been changed to Inactive User because of my decision to leave the forum last year. I had completed twelve Home and Away fanfictions from 2010 to 2017. But I had them deleted from the forum on my request because of my decision to leave the forum. Luckily I had saved all my fanfictions to my laptop as I was considering rewriting them at the moment. I had kinda of lost all inspiration for writing more fanfictions because I had ran out of ideas/plots and twists, storylines, etc..for more fanfictions. Now I got the inspiration back to write more stories. So now I am back on the backtothebay forum and I had decided I am going to rewrite a few of my Home and Away fanfictions. Decided I will be rewriting my fanfiction Life At Summer Bay I had posted on the forum on 22nd October 2015 and completed on 17th November 2016. Title Of Story: Life At Summer Bay (Repost) Type Of Fic: Med/Long Fic BTTB Rating: G/T Main Characters: Alf and Irene, Marilyn and John, Leah and Ricky, Bianca, Denny, the Braxton clan and Ruby, other characters involved. Genre: Drama and Tragedy, Family and Adventure, Friendship, Mystery and Romance, Teen and Betrayal, Scandal and Thriller. Does it contains spoilers?: No Warnings: Adult Themes, Violence and Language, Death and Sexual Content including mentions of bullying/cyberbullying and suicide. Story Beginning Read-Proofed?: No Summary: It is about the lives and love lives, dramas of the Summer Bay residents. Drama and romance, scandal and tragedy, betrayal and breaks-up, secrets and lies, tension, etc...hell will break loose and hearts will be broken, friendships and relationships will be ruined, trust will be destroyed, secrets and lies will be revealed...coming ahead for the town residents as it was always bound to happen in a little sleepy coastal town liked Summer Bay.
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