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  1. I took a liking to Home and Away when I came across old rerun clips on YouTube. I would like to watch the entire series through (especially 3600 through 4700), however I don't know how to get my hands on episodes. Does anyone have any suggestions? That said, I have a couple of questions: Are old episodes (I'm talking anywhere from 1988 to 2010) still aired? If so where? Does anyone know where I can watch full consecutive old episodes online? Are old episodes sold on dvd? I have been able to piece some storylines together through a mix of youtube and dailymotion, but I find it ridiculous that some episodes are copyright blocked by Seven Network, as I don't seem to be able to access them anywhere else. Any answers would be greatly appreciated! I am really interested in watching this show but I think that it would be a shame if decades of people's work were no longer available because the Network refuses to air them. Thank you all! Wishing you the best!
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