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  1. I awoke this morning on my new meds, they seem to be working and im not feeling sleepy at all. I had a shower and got dressed in my school gear, picked up some packed lunch from the fridge and headed of to meet Ryder. Lovely summer morning.

    I have to go back to school, I dont care what the silly cows have to say about me. They will find someone else to pick on after a while. It helps I have Ryder with me. 

    Ryder mentioned I looked much better then I had before when I was ill. Well yes, I was feeling ill and when you feel ill you feel low and get depressed and dont look after yourself.

    Its a vicious cycle

    I feel better now, life seems back to normal. Or what ever normal is. 

    School was Ok, lots of glances and smirking from the usual lot. I dont care about them. 

    Im back home in bed, writing my diary and feeling safe and calm. What more could anyone want?

  2. If Raffy was still in Summer Bay I would like to start a diary about Raffy and what she was going through with her illness as if she was still in Summer Bay. I would like to continue her love story and her exam results as she moves on and becomes better.
  3. Raffy has got a great new freind in Dr Alex. She has seen the load of people getting in her way. She needs a bit of space. And hoe does Marilyn wear high heels on a beech? So funny.

  4. Bella is fantastic! Love the Summer bay top with jeans and boots. Her massive eyes when she does something really naughty! I loved it when she smashed the fire alarm! it was so funny! I think she will get through this 'Tommy' thing on the internet. She will probably find him and beat him up!
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