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  1. Yeah Bella does seem to be a tad to far to be believed! Most UK schools ban over knee socks and will only allow girls to wear plain white or black socks. If girls tried these variations in the uk they would not get into the school grounds, let alone the school itself!
  2. True but like with all schools it doesn't really make any difference to the boys. Can't see Ryder wearing B&W Striped Knee High Socks like Raffy!
  3. Although Bella has managed to adapt the dress to suit her own style... So the boys can choose what trousers they wear and the girls can wear whatever colour or length of socks they want. Given that schools here in the UK send pupils home for wearing the wrong colour socks it's pretty funny!
  4. One strange thing I find about the show is that whilst the school has a uniform it seems that the pupils can change the uniform without getting in trouble, but its only the girls that seem to do it! Whilst just being a soap should be realistic and schools would not allow such a thing. Bella - Cut off Dress with Trousers! Raffy - Coloured Socks! Nicole & Rosie - Over Knee Socks
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