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  1. Thats because some religions dont all work on sundays becuase its a day of rest and as you said god's day, and i think everyone should acknowledge that as its just a sign of respect.
  2. WOW heart wrenching stuff !!!!! now i know ill be in tears actually wacthing it on t.v.
  3. Valentines Day as my boyfriend says is just a Hallmark holiday
  4. Cool i love Italy never been to milan have been to Rome and Sorrento its such a lovely country!!have a great time!!!
  5. We have primary school which you start when you are five, it has junior infants, senior infants, 1st class up to sixth class aged11/12 . Then we go to secondary school in third year we do a big state exam called the junior certificate, then you either do 4th yr or go into 5 th year, in 5th year you decided what subjects to do for the other big state exam in 6th year called the leaving cert. How well you do in your leaving cert determines what you can do in college it is based on a point s systems, the max. points you can get is 600 and if you get this you can be a doctor, but aloty of people would on avertage get 400 points, so noone really like s the points system as it is so stressfull.
  6. how many years have ye in you schools in norway and australia? we have 1st year to 6th year. you enter 1st year at 12ish and then we leave shool at 17/18 depends on weather we choose to do transition year or not
  7. I didnt get to do work experience either cutecow,as i didnt fo 4th year in school (4th year is a year that you can skip if you want to or do, its also known as transition year) .
  8. Ya i was wondering why the chat thread was so quiet
  9. You achived the first step you realised you have a problem well done!!!!! If you don't want to go to a doctor about it Tell someone you are really close to so that they can be your rock,once you have your rock every time you think you think your going back down the same road you can ring your rock,by doing this you adistracting yourself from the senario,but really try and go to a GP. Rachel
  10. Ive seen a few episodes of it and its quiet humerous in a way. hope you feel better today mercury girl!
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