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  1. She has not, but give it a couple of weeks and she will have (Episode 7404). As for the images:
  2. I'm a bit confused? The only sledging and moaning I see is you guys. And neither of these two posts are to do with Morag? I'm really not sure what's going on here... But to pull it back to Morag, I wonder whether or not there's a need for the character to be mentioned as having passed away... Really, I don't see any potentially story at this point in time that could come from it except having the mainstays upset for a few weeks...
  3. I’m only new but I haven’t seen that at all. Everyone seems very inclusive and interested in people’s opinions. Mine on the Morag situation? I think she’s much like Marlene Kratz on Neighbours. She shouldn’t have to die onscreen - she can just be a perpetual offscreen presence in Summer Bay. First post done - yay!
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