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  1. Agreed 100%. The only long running family unit with connections would seem to be the Stewart clan. If only TPTB would look into giving Irene some family connections like her children returning or even her grandchildren. They should even have VJ return for Leah or at least an update on him, or even have her brothers/parents reintroduced.
  2. This would be awesome, the TPTB need to get onto this ASAP. Given everything that happened to Martha and specifically her departure, the TPTB can’t leave her story open ended! Especially since Jodi now resides in Sydney it would be a perfect time to see her return.
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  4. I originally disliked the way she was written back, but what upset me even more was the wedding that felt rushed and could have seen numerous former cast members return. Tbh I feel like TPTB should show her more as an individual charecter (although I guess it would be hard considering Belinda Giblin is only a semi regular). It would be great to have more insight on her borderline personality disorder. Love the idea of her having a art studio. I think it might also be fitting to see her as art teacher at Summer Bay High.
  5. I personally think that Jacqy Phillips portrayed Irene as a more stern alcoholic. As once Lynne started playing Irene I felt her charecter softened a bit. Tbh I feel like TPTB should reintroduce Irene's sister Wendy and have Jacqy Phillips portray her.
  6. Just curious does anyone know whatever happened to the original actress of Irene, Jacqy Phillips?
  7. Tbh although I am not a regular Neighbours fan I will be watching it this week. With 3 deaths, 5 weddings and 11 returning charecters. Damn H&A better step up their game!
  8. Agreed 100% the show is very reluctant to anniversaries and special occasions. Where is Jason Herbison when You need him?! I'll give Lucy Adario some credit for bringing back Sally, Duncan, Quinn and Morag throughout the years for guest stints but how about reintroducing someone on a more permanent basis?! Hands down though for Cameron Welsh who reintroduced Marilyn and Roo though. Yess, that is a great idea! As it could have been a link to Irene - Nathan and Grace's family, rather then introducing a new family. Is it too late to make this happen? Haha In my opinion the 35th anniversary could be based on Sally's 40th birthday or Irene's 60th/70th and they bring back former cast and celebrate in the diner but their is a fire caused with everyone unaware and its a matter of who survives!
  9. The only reason Ruth has run her course is because TPTB don't use her charecter for much nowadays. She is only seen as a guardian for Ryder and a teacher for Summer Bay High. If the writers would give her a partner, update/return of Martha or even a return of her former husband Frank Morgan. We would then see Georgie Parker back in action! The problem is the shine and novelty of long serving charecters often wear off after several years on screen. But it's solely up to TPTB to evolve these charecters and get more creative with storylines. So I personally think Ruth as a charecter and Georgie as an actress have not yet run their course as their is so much potential!
  10. Love this forum! At this point in time I would be happy to see anyone from former cast return! Weather it be for a special anniversary or event in the bay. But I personally would like to see Alf's sisters or Irene's children or her former stepchildren return or even her sister Wendy or nephew Nelson. Even a return of someone from Leah's family or her former stepson. As I feel that the older cast are just under-utilised.
  11. Haha I feel like she Colleen was annoying but that made her more admirable. And let's not forget her bond with her son "Lancy", her bond with Leah and her bittersweet relationship with Alf and Morag! Wow 13 years! It felt shorter then that, given how she was a mainly a background charecter in the later years of her tenure lol
  12. True true! Lets not forget though that Irene also had beef with Pippa when she first came to the bay as she didn't want Pippa to take her kids away from her. Irene also had major beef with Angie Russell too and slapped her for her inappropriate act with her stepson Nick Smith. In recent years Irene also had some beef with Charlotte and also with Leah about the custody of Luc.
  13. For me debating which is the most iconic charecter besides Alf is tough question to answer. Considering there are a handful of charecters that had long tenure's and had big personalities. In my opinion these are the top 3: Irene - A classic Aussie battler who I think is the female equivilant of Alf. Her stern yet comforting personality has blossomed since she came to the bay as a troubled alcoholic and mother of two. It's crazy to think she's been the show for what, almost 30 years!? Sally - She appeared from day 1 as a young girl and grew up on the show to become a strong woman (and fan favourite). She had a tenure of 20 years on the show which is pretty iconic as we saw her failed marriage to Kieran, her marriage to Flynn and saw the birth of her very own daughter Pippa through Leah. Colleen Stewart / Smart - Although she had a small tenure on the show (as compared to Donald Fisher or Sally), Colleen's bubbly personality, her unusual fashion sense and being the town gossip would make her pretty iconic. In my opinion she is comparable to Marilyn and they would be ranked the same.
  14. To be honest at first when it was roumered that Emily Eskell would be cast in the bay I initially thought that she might of been introduced to return as the charecter of Sanda Barlow lol. One can only hope!
  15. Ohh yeah true true! She's not the only one that misses the simpler family storylines lol.
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