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  1. To be honest at first when it was roumered that Emily Eskell would be cast in the bay I initially thought that she might of been introduced to return as the charecter of Sanda Barlow lol. One can only hope!
  2. Well I'm just assuming, as she handed herself in to the police after tampering with Indi's car which ultimately left Dexter Walker with serIous injures. I'm pretty sure the last we heard of Ruby was that she was staying with Morag and awaiting trial.
  3. Ohh yeah true true! She's not the only one that misses the simpler family storylines lol.
  4. 1. Brax - It would be nice to see him return the bay with Ricky considering they were they haven't been heard or seen in a couple of years. 2. Heath - Great charecter with great potential, love his relationship with Bianca. I think It would be nice to see him return to the bay for a couple of years as a family unit with Bianca, Harley and Darcy. 3. Kyle - Meh. As he got a prison sentence the chances of him returning are slim. Considering Ruby and Will Smith got sent to prison and haven't been heard from since gives me little hope of Kyle returning!
  5. Agreed. Pippa should have been a reccuring charecter in 2009 to support Irene and the Campbell's. I'm surprised that Debra Lawrence has not returned since. I think it would have been nice for her to appear in 2013 when Sally returned to the bay. Pippa should have at least popped in and out of the bay every few years just like Morag did, considering Lawrence disagrees with the shows drama. Although this may be an unpopular opinion I think that Vanessa Downing should make periodic returns as Pippa. I think this should only be done as a last resort if Debra doesn't want to ever return to the bay though.
  6. I think it we be nice to see the actual Colleen return and not have a new charecter based off her persona. As I think legacy charecters should not be messed with. As it was roumered that instead of reintroducing Marilyn to the bay in 2010 they were thinking of creating a new charecter based off her persona. But can you imagine another charecter becoming a "new" Colleen?
  7. - At least an update on Morag (deceased or living). - At least a brief return of Quinn Jackson (Ryder's mum) to check up on her son. - Less drama with Robbo! Let's be honest I think everyone is fed up with his never ending storyline. - More culturally diverse actors/charecters. - Agreed @Lunar Giving Roo more storylines is needed. Like the thought of her becoming principal. Also I would love to see a return from her former husband Frank Morgan or another update (or reunion!) with her daughter Martha. - @pembie I don't mind Karen just as long as her character is given more purpose in Dean's life, as I feel Karen is carbon copy of Cheryl Braxton who made few appearances then disappeared lol. - Agreed @j.laur5 a couple of charecter returns such as Pippa would also be nice but with TPTB the chances of that happening are slim.
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  9. Reading through this forum there are a lot of mixed opinions. I think that we can all agree that H&A better at least mention Morag sooner rather than later (so the fate of her character can be decided in future). The main concern is that our minds can all be put at rest!
  10. What does everyone think about Alf and his relationships with his sisters (Morag, Celia, Barbara, Colleen and Debra)? In my opinion Alf is closest to Morag and Colleen and has a strained relationship with Celia, Barbara and Debra. Would anyone like to see a return of Barbara, Celia or Colleen? Also what does everyone think about his unseen sister Debra? Should she be introduced to the bay?
  11. Agreed I think if they were to bring back Sally she would be just used as Alf's second in demand, unless they actually create family oriented meaningful storylines. If Sally were to return they would need to bring back Pippa Jr as Sally is her only caregiver. As Pippa would be aged 15 (approx) she would become friends with Ryder and Bella. Although I would have to agree a return stint for Pippa Sr is long overdue as it is hard to belief her last appearance was 11 years ago! But with H&A's dramatic storylines I agree with Debra Lawrence, the character of Pippa wouldn't fit in as the bay has too much drama.
  12. @Sally Keating agreed. Tbh I feel that TPTB have completely avoided the topic of Morag by introducing Martha to the series to make periodic returns in hope to fill Morag's void. The last thing we heard about Morag was when Justin was after a lawyer he asked Alf about Morag but he said she was sick and that was earlier this year. I just hope her character gets justice!
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