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  1. Lol ok maybe went too far there just so angry with them. The writers have just made him so unlikable now! Going from the start where it was kind of like Simone was becoming obsessed with him (trying on his chef coat and taking a picture) and Brody had no feelings whatsoever then all of a sudden he cant fight it no more It woulda actually been a better storyline if it turned into this obsession/stalker thing. Ziggy has done so much and he is being so terrible to her I really feel sorry for her. As I said before I just hope that all of the residents dont just accept this as no big deal, I want some repercussions for their actions. On another note I cant believe they want us to believe that Ziggy is only coming 21 Colby's facial expressions do my head in although I kinda like him, him being a cop is not going to end well!
  2. I’m new here so sorry if this has been talked about before but I need to vent about Brody & that homewrecker Simone who has not got a patch on Ziggy! Aww the storyline really annoys me and I really hate them 2 and would be quite happy if they got killed off I really hope when it all comes out that the bay don’t just forgive them right away and they leave. What’s everyone else’s thoughts
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