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  1. Lol, I don't think she was that interesting as a character per say but liked the whole car crash and stalker storyline. I don't know if its just the actress not having much charisma or just the fact they haven't given her much to work with.
  2. Started off with an interesting introduction and now is just...there. She's just a friend/love interest really which is quite boring.
  3. I loved her when she first joined but they kind of ruined her...she came a bit too bossy and self-righteous, and I think with the breaks she's had it made it hard to stay invested. It would've been nice if they'd treated her bulimia storyline better instead of just having her go away for a bit, come back okay and then never mentioning it again. I feel like it would've been more realistic to see her relapse at least once - especially with the stress of Maggie's cancer.
  4. I really like her so far - I think she's been a great and much-needed addition to the teens.
  5. I like her as a teacher as she was doing a great job with Bella and Raffy, but I just can't deal with how she came to the bay and helped break up a marriage. I mean the fact she was a big fan of his and following him online, and clearly already had a big infatuation based on that is creepy imo. I do think the actress has been good though, and I feel really bad for her with all the hate she's been receiving.
  6. Agreed. She was my favourite Morgan when she showed up - I liked that she was smart and sensible, always looking out for her brothers etc...but lately she's been a mess. I get she was desperate for a baby and maybe it sucks to see others get (or almost get) something you want, but thats no excuse.
  7. I agree...no offence to Sam and Chelsea but I think Kestie should've been nominated in either of their places.
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