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  1. I loved Brendan. I thought Kain did a great job and although I get maybe he wouldn't have worked as a regular, I thought he was a great character. It'd be nice if the show had another disabled character that actually remained that way...not necessarily autism again, but something where they're not going to be miraculously cured within a few months.
  2. I used to find him a bit annoying in the beginning but he's my favourite Morgan at the moment.
  3. I loved Olivia as she had some great storylines - the Tabitha stuff and self-harming/abuse - Raechelle did a fantastic job with both of them. I will say I started to dislike her a bit towards the end. I felt the cheating (especially to further/keep her career - she spent so long being determined to do it all herself and not ask for help) was kind of out of character for her, and the way she reacted afterwards, basically ignoring everyone's advice because she didn't want to 'hurt' Hunter...I mean we saw how upset she got when Hunter disappeared and kissed that girl after Charlotte was found dead. I would've preferred them to break up organically - like Olivia realising she wanted to move to Melbourne on her own to focus fully on herself/her career, and encouraging Hunter to stay in uni and not give up his own dreams for her.
  4. I think Indi had a lot of wasted potential as she never had any major storylines outside of Romeo. On her own she was a bit bland and even when he left, her last few months on the show were still kind of centred around him.
  5. I'm warming up to him recently which is a surprise as he used to be my least favourite Morgan. The only time I liked him other than recently was when Scarlett was around as she was the only relationship of his I actually invested in.
  6. I found it quite difficult to buy their relationship with the constant arguing over whats right and wrong, and them breaking things off then being back on again. I'm not surprised she left. I didn't dislike her though. I wonder if they're going to make reference to her at all in the future? I know they have a bit but I mean if she'll send a letter or voicemail or something, as I can't see them bringing her back.
  7. I loved her in the beginning and I love her relationship with her family now, but I think she became a bit boring thanks to her marriage to Brody. I'd like to see her get an interesting storyline of her own and maybe even go off the rails a bit now. I mean she is only young and that was one of the issues they had - she wanted to enjoy herself and be carefree like others her age. I think Sophie is a great actress though, she's been fab with the Brody/Simone stuff and the aftermath of it all.
  8. I didn't warm to Ash at all. I don't think he was a bad person but was just so hot-headed all the time, basically expecting violence or yelling to fix everything. I agree that him going after Robbo was incredibly stupid and reckless - its not as if he was the one to crash into her and even then, it was an accident and Kat was the one driving. Another thing I didn't like was when he wanted custody of Luc. I get she's his niece and he had lost his sister, but it was like he was trying to force her on Kat even though she didn't want kids, and VJ wanted to be involved as a dad but was just a bit overwhelmed at the time. I'm glad that she went with him and not Ash.
  9. I didn't like her early on with the gambling, relationship with Justin etc but I really like her now. I think she's matured a lot and is kind of like the motherly one out of their little trio, trying to look out for them.
  10. I don't mind them together, and I don't actually mind them with Raffy (I think it made sense for her to live with someone else as the Morgans had a lot going on...Brody taking drugs, Mason and his accident, Tori with the pregnancy, the Ebony/Hazel stuff), but do think they come across as overbearing at times. I also feel like it means Raffy rarely spends time with the Morgans now. Marilyn especially never used to be like that and was a bit more level-headed. I didn't really like them arguing over 'lets foster again' when Ty had just left. It just seemed like they were trying to rush into it. Hopefully now they won't bother as I don't think its been mentioned in ages. I'd prefer to see Leah foster as she's younger and has been around the most for Ryder, plus Hunter when he was on the show. (I get she thought Hunter was her step-son for a long time but even when he turned out to not be Zac's and he left, she was still there for him)
  11. I voted Maggie as favourite as I think so far she's had the most to work with with her cancer storyline - we got to see her interacting with other member of the community and not just family. (Which I think often happens on the show) Coco I voted as least favourite although I don't hate her - she had some interesting storylines as well with the bulimia and environmental activism, but I hated her relationship with Ryder (it seemed to consume a lot of her time on the show), and how she treated Raffy at times.
  12. I disagree on Jasmine (I just find her a bit boring but not unlikeable) but agree on the others. Its nice seeing them as a 'family' that isn't blood related.
  13. It'd be nice if she got a storyline again soon. She's just sort of there to the point where I forget where she's gone, because there was not much going on with her to be invested in. I feel she's become a bit nosey like Leah, wanting to know all the gossip.
  14. Who's your current favourite and least favourite Astoni?
  15. Agreed. I'm actually surprised Ziggy was okay with it? I get she's family but with how she reacted when Justin gave Willow the 'pick me and cut off Dean' ultimatum, I thought she would've questioned Tori's ethics/morals at least a little...although I guess she's not close to Robbo (I don't think she's had any scenes with him from what I remember) so maybe thats why.
  16. He's actually 24 now I think, according to famousbirthdays (not sure how accurate it is) and IMDB which says he graduated from uni in 2016, having started the course at 19. I do thinks its a bit awkward but is something that unfortunately happens a lot in TV/movies. I know Chloe Moretz has spoken about having to kiss much-older guys for work when she was underage. I guess at least they're not dating in real life.
  17. Lol, I don't think she was that interesting as a character per say but liked the whole car crash and stalker storyline. I don't know if its just the actress not having much charisma or just the fact they haven't given her much to work with.
  18. Started off with an interesting introduction and now is just...there. She's just a friend/love interest really which is quite boring.
  19. I loved her when she first joined but they kind of ruined her...she came a bit too bossy and self-righteous, and I think with the breaks she's had it made it hard to stay invested. It would've been nice if they'd treated her bulimia storyline better instead of just having her go away for a bit, come back okay and then never mentioning it again. I feel like it would've been more realistic to see her relapse at least once - especially with the stress of Maggie's cancer.
  20. I really like her so far - I think she's been a great and much-needed addition to the teens.
  21. I like her as a teacher as she was doing a great job with Bella and Raffy, but I just can't deal with how she came to the bay and helped break up a marriage. I mean the fact she was a big fan of his and following him online, and clearly already had a big infatuation based on that is creepy imo. I do think the actress has been good though, and I feel really bad for her with all the hate she's been receiving.
  22. Agreed. She was my favourite Morgan when she showed up - I liked that she was smart and sensible, always looking out for her brothers etc...but lately she's been a mess. I get she was desperate for a baby and maybe it sucks to see others get (or almost get) something you want, but thats no excuse.
  23. I agree...no offence to Sam and Chelsea but I think Kestie should've been nominated in either of their places.
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