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  1. I really wish they would scrap the double/triple episodes as I feel like then the UK could catch up (or maybe even air at the same time like Neighbours does?). I think that would help ratings in the UK (especially as places like DailyMail spoil stuff without realising it hasn't aired in the UK), and would also maybe drive up engagement on social media. I've noticed that the homeandaway tag on Twitter isn't that popular compared to Neighbours, where you get loads of people live tweeting.
  2. Oh I know, I just meant I can't see Australia cancelling it or Channel Five dropping it if that was rumoured as well. I think it would make sense to maybe change the time slot and possibly scrap the triple episodes. It would save them having the one episode on the main Seven channel and then people having to switch over to 7Two sometimes for the others, as I imagine that might cause a viewer drop during those weeks.
  3. I can't imagine it would be cancelled over in Aus as it seems more popular than Neighbours. Also Five has a lifetime deal for H&A, so it'd be silly of them to drop it. I think the press have been saying the same about Hollyoaks as well, even though they've won awards recently and it still seems very popular, so I can't imagine it'll actually happen.
  4. I liked her at first - she seemed kind of fun, sassy etc. I don't really like the way she's going about her 'revenge' plot, although I guess I do sympathise with her in a way and can understand why she might be angry. I hope we see more of the side that we saw in the first few episodes again.
  5. I agree. I actually don't mind that Bella has gone to live with Irene per say (mostly because her living with Colby is clearly not working and I don't think he really knows how to communicate or 'parent' her), but I would've preferred to see someone else take over that kind of fostering or 'surrogate mum' role, as Irene is getting too old now. I guess maybe they felt she needed a storyline but I think it would've made more sense for Leah or Roo to do it - especially Roo as it would've meant Bella would've still had someone about in the form of Ryder, and it would've made getting school work help a lot quicker and easier.
  6. I don't get why they never had her befriend Jasmine. I get they're very different but seem similar-ish in age.
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  8. I feel like its difficult to tell as a lot of the stuff H&A people post can come off as 'coupley' if their characters are together if that makes sense? I remember there was articles about Sophie & Jackson too, even though she had (has?) a long-term bf at the time. I guess it'd be nice for them if they are though lol, I always find it cute when couples on shows get together in real life.
  9. Yeah this is true too...I just think its a shame how a lot of characters seemed to blame him 100% for the explosion and not Andy. I feel like Andy was more to blame as he was the one who started the fight.
  10. Yes I agree, but it just seemed as though they weren't willing to despite the fact he was trying. Everyone just went off on him for still being in the Bay and wouldn't really give him the time of day.
  11. I wonder too as they haven't mentioned the investigation in ages or even really shown much of the police department. Surely something will have to come up eventually?
  12. I think the show had actually wanted Ty to stay longer, but the actor got into an acting school so they let him out of his contract early or something? otherwise I imagine he may have stayed for at least 6 months. I did kind of warm to Tank towards the end, but couldn't see anyone in the Bay forgiving him for what he did despite the fact he was trying to prove he was different. I think he had no choice but to leave really.
  13. Lunar

    Support Group

    I'm sorry. I don't know your situation but I hope things work out for you. x
  14. Raining yet also quite humid. You wouldn't think its June!
  15. I love them so far and find them a much better fit than Brody/Ziggy. I also always loved their friendship/work scenes.
  16. He went undercover after they were murdered to find out who murdered them, I think before that he was just a regular federal police officer under his own name. I'm not sure if it was immediately after they were murdered or maybe when he showed up in Summer Bay in July and his 'undercover mission' was to protect Kat?
  17. I think its due to the inconsistent airing schedule in Aus, with them having triple episodes sometimes on Thursdays as opposed to a general Mon-Fri, 5 episodes a week scheduling. If Seven changed to that, then I imagine Five could too and would be able to air the same time.
  18. I think Bob Morley may have left before his contract was up? I'm not sure if he was on a 3 year contract originally, but he did quit after about a year and half, saying he felt uncomfortable and like a 'meat puppet'. Apparently Ashleigh Brewster was offered to extend her 6 month contract but declined, which I was quite shocked about as she didn't seem that popular amongst viewers? I guess sometimes they will offer an extension more based on what storylines they have to offer them and not popularity? I know sometimes people have wanted to extend their contract after the 3 years but have been written out as well. I think Matt Little said it was H&A's choice for him to go when he did.
  19. Seven has most of the control over H&A, but Five does pump some money into it and work with the show on certain storylines. (Although as H&A is a lot bigger in Aus they don't rely on the money/contract as much as Neighbours does) They have a lifetime deal in place. https://www.digitalspy.com/soaps/home-and-away/a871215/home-and-away-christmas-break-2018/
  20. Scarlett - I loved her and really wish she could've been a regular. Her exit also felt quite rushed and I feel she could've contributed a lot to the Bay if she'd stayed, especially as they made her quite close to Alf. Rosie - I thought it would've been nice for her to stay and have the baby, with people in the Bay helping her out and rallying around her for support, although I get babies don't tend to stay on the show for very long.
  21. Leah had her 30th in 2009: https://www.backtothebay.net/news/2009/02/08/leah_30_preview/ so she must've only just turned 40?
  22. I think Justin is around 35?
  23. I'm actually quite liking Jasmine at the moment, now that I didn't think she was a great actress before but do think she's improved a lot since the beginning as well, I guess since she's getting more interesting storylines now.
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