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  2. Uhhh thats not what I said at all? I just said that its not new that actors tend to date people if their characters are dating...I've seen it before on loads of shows - One Tree Hill, Dexter, The O.C. etc...and if they don't tend to date people on their own show/movie, then its very likely that they end up dating someone in the entertainment industry because of the lifestyle and the fact that people not in that world might not understand.
  3. Both of those sound like they'd be good! I'd like to just see a bit more diversity mostly. I feel like Neighbours has really jumped on that train what with a gay wedding, transgender storyline, more ethnic diversity and mentions of it etc, so I'd love for H&A to catch up a bit.
  4. I agree with the Astonis (even with Coco being away). I also like the Colby/Willow/Dean/Bella 'family' dynamic. I kind of feel like families are lacking a bit at the moment? Not that I don't love the more unconventional ones, but I guess because nobody is fostering anymore and Jett left, you've got John/Marilyn and then Irene on her own, and the Morgans at times feeling kind of split up. I'd love to see another family join the show soon.
  5. I guess it was supposed to be part of the allure? like how the community was with the River Boys or the Mangrove River kids, although I feel they integrated into the community better than the Braxtons did. (like Dean and Matt kind of just became Summer Bay locals, and Josh integrated quite well too but maybe not as good because of Andy)
  6. It does feel overly dragged out. I do sympathise but its also a shame that her character was reduced to just having epilepsy...I get its important to show, but she used to be confident and fun and spunky...and they kind of wrote all that out so she doesn't really have any interests/hobbies now. I wonder if part of it is due to Coco being away and her not really having anyone (outside of family).
  7. Yeah I didn't get how, a big part of him staying quiet was I guess he 'wanted to be there for Evie' and didn't feel she'd cope well without him...but then he was okay with her (potentially) losing other people she cared about like Zac?
  8. I really like them too. I hope they don't break them up as they seem such a strong and stable (for the most part) couple. I'm glad that Ben is finally getting a storyline too as I liked him but found he was just a bit dull and almost a supporting character for a while.
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  10. I suspected they'd been dating for a while (I know they have to post stuff as part of the show promo, but some of the stuff did seem a bit more coupley), but don't blame them for wanting to keep it private. I get why some might have an issue with it but I think with acting its kind of hard not to date people you work with. They work what, 60? hour weeks some weeks with really early starts/late finishes...so you don't exactly have much time to meet people elsewhere, plus even if its acting...if you're making out with people on set/spending a lot of time with them, it must be kinda hard not to fall for them. Her mum and sister commented on the last pic she posted and seemed supportive.
  11. Lunar

    Support Group

    I hope it all works out for you! Hopefully the wife will find out somehow on her own.
  12. Lunar

    Support Group

    I'm not sure what to suggest with living with your partner's ex...it seems really odd to me though? Is she not able to rent a place on her own or maybe do a house share with some people? I would definitely recommend talking to her about chores though...maybe you could all set up some sort or rota on who does what when, or say she has to clean up after herself at least like do her own dishes, keep her own room tidy etc? When does your lease end? Could you maybe suggest at the end of it that she finds her own place? Maybe come up with some excuse like you want more privacy or would like to find a place smaller/larger, closer to work etc? I don't think there's much you can do re: the affair (especially whilst you're all living together as it would definitely cause issues and tension). Unless you have proof like screenshots of texts or photos you could send to the wife?
  13. I liked her at first but she went downhill with the whole getting involved with the wrong people (similarly to Charlie), and I guess turning a blind eye to certain situations because of that. Its a shame as I feel like she started off being quite strong and independent, and very career-orientated...and that kind of went away and she became a bit of a 'damsel in distress' type and prioritised bad relationships over being a cop. It just didn't make sense as it was something she'd worked so hard for and was a big part of her identity. I never really saw her as a fan favourite either - I didn't dislike her but by the end she was quite frustrating, so was quite surprised at the response to her death. I remember Sam got a lot of hate on social media over it.
  14. Yeah this is true I guess - I was one of those people who thought Brody wouldn't cheat and that it didn't make much sense...he'd always seemed a bit more level-headed than that and like a one-woman man, but then I can also see how he would/did...they didn't really talk through their problems until it was too late, and I also think a lot of what got them together in the first place was the intensity of it all and her being there through rehab. I guess once that wears off...I can see how Brody would've seen someone with an interest in cooking and been infatuated by that - especially when Ziggy didn't like that he didn't have time for her and spent so much time there. I just wish they'd gone about it differently and just broke up because they were at different stages in their lives or something.
  15. I'm guessing this is part of the Disney thing and she'll be going to Disney Anaheim?
  16. Even if they didn't want to make room for a time slot, I'd be happy if they put a lot of the older episodes online...maybe on a streaming service where you could 'buy' them or even just on 7's and Channel 5's own websites.
  17. I agree with Martha. It felt a bit like something they'd come up with on the spot and not something they'd been planning for a long time. Also the fact that Roo never met or was able to find younger Martha, even though she was in the Bay for all of those years (I know Roo wasn't there when she was but come on). I could've understood if they'd killed her off when Jodi left and then Alf had to say she was dead.
  18. I can't see Dean cheating either. I think even in the past when he was sleeping around and such, he always seemed to be upfront with the girls that that was what he wanted, but in relationships he always seemed to put in a lot of effort and not be unfaithful.
  19. I agree. I do think a town gossip can serve a purpose and be a good comic relief type of character, but if thats all they are then they're just sort of there, and don't really do much or have any proper storylines outside of that. I feel like anyone could've taken over that role, as now we have Leah/Irene/Maz as the diner ladies and the ones who find out the gossip first.
  20. Yes! Kat I could've maybe understood as it seemed a bit like they were trying to make them fill the place of Charlie/Brax, with her turning a blind eye to things for love, but Tori? They just seemed so mismatched and like they only put them together for the Kat drama. I didn't even realise about Mason but you're right - its like all the girls he's been interested in him weren't interested in him, or they just went on a few dates. Its a shame as I feel like he's a good guy. I feel like Romeo and Indi should've just broken up and have him go off. It seemed pointless to get them back together, only for him to die fairly quickly. I can maybe see Hannah's death as I guess it caused Chris to leave eventually, and also Andy's guilt over it. I just felt it was unnecessary that Evie especially had to lose everyone.
  21. I agree, I do like them but I'd also like to see Leah get a storyline outside of the relationship, as until they put them together she's just kind of been drifting and just...there. I also just don't really like seeing people just become the girlfriend or boyfriend and think Leah has a lot more potential than that. I'd still really like to see her foster.
  22. I agree. I feel like a lot of the longer-running actors are the ones doing the promo (especially in the UK) and its nice that they are so passionate about it.
  23. I agree, I prefer Astonis to the Morgans, although I did really love the Morgans when they first came on...then it kind of went downhill. I did like Romeo/Indi but kind of thought she was better on her own. She became too co-dependent and didn't have many storylines outside of him. I actually enjoyed seeing her after he died having to find herself and be her own person. I liked Ruby. I also liked Charlie/Brax.
  24. Thanks for the info. I don't watch sports much (only the Olympics) but didn't realise they were so expensive to run. I think in the UK only the BBC really focuses on sports at certain times during the year. Most games and such your have to pay for otherwise or subscribe to those channels, which I think is better as then it doesn't mess with the usual programming schedule much. I agree re: dramas too. I figured it was cancelled before it even aired as like you said, they basically gave up promoting it and posting on social media...I think the cast were the only ones left trying to get people to watch. Its a shame as I think Australia does scripted drama well and ratings could've picked up with promotion and overseas viewing. I feel like the issue is all networks are getting like that though - the US seems to be overrun with new superhero/marvel/DC shows, where as 10-15 years ago it was more focused on teen dramas. Agreed. I have actually enjoyed this year of H&A so far but would love to see a return to fostering and more family stuff and humour as you said. I feel like often some of the families feel very separated which is a shame, plus some characters run their course quite quickly and tend to drag on or they don't seem to know what to do with them.
  25. I agree that commercial networks don't seem to want to invest in dramas (for example I LOVED 800 Words and it even had some success in the UK, but they seemed to stop promoting it and took ages to show the 3rd season, to the point where obviously it was going to get cancelled), but I don't see how H&A could be a budget issue as it has such a massive tourism side to it with the tours (which I'm assuming 7 must make money from?), and the fact it must bring in a lot of tourism from people abroad. Plus the UK deal and the fact it was showing on some streaming app in American I think as well. I also agree on not being a fan of the reality tv push. I don't mind it in moderation but I only really watch stuff like Great British Bake Off as opposed to the more scripted kind of reality shows.
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