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  3. Ah I missed that bit - I just remember in the start that Colby didn't want her to see one as he thought it would bring the Ross stuff up again, and potentially expose him.
  4. I'd say Kyle, if he got let off early or something. Heath already had a couple of guest stints and Brax I don't think would come back.
  5. I don't think its been mentioned if she has. I definitely think she has some mental health issues, but hasn't been able to see a counsellor or anything due to Colby.
  6. Yeah I agree. He doesn't feel that integrated into the community these days.
  7. Yeah thats true. I think they're back filming now though, so hopefully they could do something. Even if they just did a clip of the cast or something and not in-show.
  8. I'm surprised they haven't. I know it can be difficult as they film months in advance, but they could easily shoe-horn in something thats filmed on-set like Neighbours did surely?
  9. Yeah I agree with that too. Sometimes the police roles feel a bit redundant if there's not much going on - they could easily just have guest characters fill that role if they needed to bring one in. He definitely needs something to do outside of Bella! I'd be here for that. I wondered if they would ever revisit it.
  10. Yeah I think that was part of the issue. The Isla story was just awful. I think there was a few other girls he could've dated during his time on the show who had some connections - Indi (although I guess her family had already left by the time Kyle came in, bar Sasha), Evie, Maddy, Olivia (once they were old enough).
  11. I found it awkward too. Casey was the only one who felt quite integrated - I suppose because he was younger so had friends through school. I think Kyle could've been integrated more by dating someone with a big family or something - like how they've had Dean become close with the Astonis thanks to Ziggy.
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  14. Alf Stewart - 12 Roo Stewart - 14 Marilyn Chambers - 14 Leah Patterson-Baker- 11 John Palmer - 10 Martin Ashford - 6 Hunter King - 10 Tori Morgan - 18 Justin Morgan - 11 Brody Morgan - 9 Mason Morgan - 2 Raffy Morrison - 11 Ziggy Astoni - 16 Ben Astoni - 10 Maggie Astoni - 11 Coco Astoni - 8 Phillip McCarthy - 10 Buddy the Dog - 11 Robbo - 12 Jennifer Dutton - 10 Ryder Jackson - 12 Axel Boyd - 1 Willow Harris - 12
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  16. I agree. I did like the stuff with his mum and Ben, but feel he's mostly just been there as a support system for everyone lately.
  17. I think this is probably the case too. I'm sure sometimes being out can have a negative effect on someone's career (I think others have said to keep quiet if they want 'leading man' or 'love interest' roles), but I suppose the same could be said about soaps. Obviously there's been a ton of break out actors from H&A and Neighbours, but there's probably some executives that judge them based on it. I think LOTR was just going to be a hard role to get regardless - especially with how many people they auditioned and how big of a franchise it is.
  18. Yeah thats true lol. I do think some of the other twenty-somethings during his time were able to pull off teen better though - mostly Evie and Olivia.
  19. I would've preferred Leah and Justin to get together sooner I think, or even interact more sooner, as they did feel a bit pushed together in a 'suddenly all of their scenes are with each other' kind of way. The only love interest of his I actually liked was Scarlett, and she didn't stick around long.
  20. I agree with all points! It does seem like there was a big focus on the hospital the past few years (especially with Tori and then Mason working at the hospital too). I also miss the school stuff as can't remember the last time there was a decent school-related storyline. I feel like the only ones we've had are the Blake stuff and then before that the Simone/Bella stuff. A lot of the school stuff has been sort of rushed since Coco and Raffy left.
  21. So far it seems as though filming hasn't been affected? or if it has then I don't think the cast have posted about it.
  22. I wouldn't mind a Colleen type character too. It would provide some good comic relief I think. Also agree that Irene could do with a love interest, as it would make a change from her getting the more intense/dramatic storylines.
  23. I agree. I didn't really care for them much together - I actually thought she had more chemistry with Brody lol. There was one fan account that was constantly spamming them of Instagram for Isabelle to come back, and I just didn't get it at all. Aww I'm surprised by Ryder. I do agree he's become a bit dull though (although I still like him), mostly just because they don't seem to know what to do with him. I feel like he had much more personality in the beginning.
  24. Yeah I agree about Colby. I think they don't really know what to do with him outside of the Bella stuff, and even then he's irritating and I find Dean/Willow to be a better influence in her life.
  25. I agree. I preferred them to Coco/Ryder...they felt a bit pointless since she ended up leaving anyway.
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