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  1. I like her and think she balances Alf out well, but I think its hard to fully connect with her coming back when she's barely on-screen. I understand that the main reason they brought her back was to allow Ray to be part-time, but I also feel as though it makes it difficult to give her any storylines beyond 'ah, time for a break to go home and do some painting'.

    I feel like she was much more interesting when she first came back, and they showed her struggling to deal with her mental health issues.

  2. On 23/09/2020 at 11:31, Red Ranger 1 said:

    I can see where they're going with John and Marilyn's break-up and I do take many of your points.I'm just not sure that what they've ended up with is worth it.It feels like we got a couple of weeks of Marilyn feeling lost and not being sure what to do with her life anymore, and then she just slipped back into her old role of the Stewart family's eccentric "cousin".I'm guessing that John has decided his marriage is a lost cause: He'd rather he and Marilyn stay together, but if that's not going to happen, he wants a clean break.But if these are their new roles, then there's a danger they've just been reset back to where they were in about 2013, with both of them, especially Marilyn, in danger of being spare parts.

    This is my worry too. Its been nice to see Marilyn get back into her hippie stuff and support Roo, and John to get back to work...but I do wonder what they're planning on doing with them. I suppose they could get them back together in future if Marilyn realises she loves him again, or Marilyn could explore something with Ari, but I'm not sure if they'd bring in another love interest for John. I'd like to see them grow more as people as even when together, if they didn't have a big storyline they could at times fade into the background a bit anyway.

  3. 16 hours ago, Lila_Q said:

    In TV Week interview Madeleine said this about Amber: "Being a good mum is everything to Amber and nothing will come between her relationship with Jai, but she wants a deep connection with someone. She wants to find someone who loves her for who she truly is- the bad-girl, single mum with a heart of gold!"

    So far this description doesn't suit Amber at all. She might not be bad person, but I don't believe she is nice either. I don't know why in TV shows 'tough girl' automatically needs to be rude and vile. Amber is vile and manipulative, and I'm afraid that in the next few weeks we'll get Amber with as I like to say 'behavioral transplant' and the viewers will be expected to like her and get behind her and Dean's (possible) relationship. 


    Yeah I wouldn't be surprised. I don't think she's been around long enough to warrant that yet. I'd rather see growth that feels more natural and over a longer period of time.

  4. I found Bella irritating and frustrating before when she was acting up...but looking back I think I understand it having Colby around so take it back. I 100% believe its his fault for making therapy impossible and expecting her to keep such a massive secret. I can't wait for him to be gone at this point.

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  5. I agree with most of the ones mentioned already.

    I think Ziggy/Dean could be, but it depends on how things end up as they are rocky. (Mostly for the fact they're dating in real life though - I do think that tends to help a couple gain traction press-wise and be more memorable) Also just Dean on his own too.

    Ruby I think was quite iconic (maybe not liked lol) but I do think a lot of people remember her.

    Maybe Justin and Tori? I haven't always liked them but they have stayed longer than I've expected them to, and I think that helps.

    Ricky - again I don't think she was always well-liked, but they did push her and Brax as the new 'it couple' after Charlie died.

    Matt - I feel like he had some of the more 'scandalous' storylines during his time and that definitely made him memorable.


  6. I think the issue is is that a lot of the interacting at the moment is between families mostly. Tori spends most of her time with interacting with Justin (and maybe Roo, then Irene), then theres Willow/Dean/Colby/Bella (and Ziggy I guess), then Mac has kind of become more involved in the Paratas rather than Dean. Plus Roo/Ryder/Alf when he's around I guess.

    A lot of the friendships feel a bit sidelined at times unless they actually have stuff going on in their lives to discuss, or they work together.

  7. I've been watching at Aus pace and am loving it so far. Has a great range of characters and lots of interesting storylines.

    The only characters that don't interest me that much are Mark and Renee.

    Its also been showing on BBC for anyone interested.

  8. On 14/06/2020 at 13:42, UK_fan said:

    Willow's not really popular on here, but she's one of my favourite characters.   TPTB really should do more with her and invest in the character more.   Sarah Roberts is so underrated too and I much prefer her to Penny or Sam.

    I like Willow too. There's been moments I haven't, but I think she's the glue in the Colby/Dean/Bella unit and usually has good intentions. Its a shame the Alex storyline wasn't longer, as she feels a bit of a 4th wheel since then.

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  9. I think part of it is the inconsistent airing of H&A. Neighbours follows the same schedule each week, where as H&A in Aus has double/triple episodes sometimes. If they were to catch up, then I imagine 5 would have to switch to Mon-Thurs and try to fill in breaks in the schedule (since H&A produces less episodes).

    Neighbours in the UK is actually behind at the moment for the first time in ages. I think about a month? as they decided to only air on Mondays and Fridays when Covid first started. I'm guessing at some point things will catch up again though.

    The only thing that bothers me is how it affects fan engagement/discussions. I feel like if everyone was able to watch H&A at the same pace, then maybe more people would tweet or discussions might be bigger.

  10. Patrick O'Connor auditioned for Hunter King

    I think Sarah Roberts said she auditioned before, but can't remember who for?

    Jackson Heywood played Lachie Cladwell before

    Rob Mills I think auditioned for Riley Hawkins (although lost out and then ended up in Neighbours)

    Rohan Nichol played Stafford McRae before

  11. On 10/03/2020 at 01:28, Red Ranger 1 said:

    RIP Mason, whose death aired in the UK this month. Given that this thread hasn't been used in nearly a year, and there's a post on the last page from over three years ago, I guess he's not someone anyone thought much about. It seemed to take a while for people to warm to him, and perhaps some never did. He wasn't a saint by any means, he could be a bit of a player, he made wrong choices and bad calls right up to the end. But in my opinion, he was one of the few genuinely decent young men on a show that badly needs them.So of course, he got hardly any storylines, and then got casually killed off as part of the latest big stunt.

    I will give the show credit for at least trying to give Mason a brave and noble death.The problem is, they muffed it somewhat.(It didn't help that the hospital siege made absolutely no sense: If they were only interested in Robbo and Jasmine, why not just have Scott drive Robbo to a quiet spot and Jay drive Jasmine to another quiet spot when they had them alone that morning, instead of invading Jasmine's place of work and taking a bunch of random people hostage for hours?) If they were going to have Mason die helping others escape, then ideally he should have saved Bella, making sure she was taken out so she could get medical treatment. Or, if the show really wanted to drag her plight on into the next season and use it as an excuse to have the popular but distinctly unheroic Colby and Dean make macho speeches about "saving our family", he should have made sure some other patients in critical need of treatment got out. (I don't know if it was a failure of conception or execution, but it was frustrating that the fact they were in an emergency department which should have been full of critically injured and ill people was ignored apart from a few throwaway comments.) Instead, he died so that a few of the hostages got freed a bit earlier than the others did. Points for good intentions but still an epic fail.

    So despite giving him focus in those last two episodes, this wasn't really about Mason. He wasn't really a part of the whole gang storyline aside from Tori being in the safe house for a bit, he just got shoved into it at the end as some sort of sacrifice to try and make the hospital siege have an impact.I can't help thinking there's a kinder universe out there somewhere where Mason took that internship in WA and left Summer Bay to go out and help people.That's the way he should have gone, not been kept around a bit longer because the show needed a character they weren't bothered about to die in the finale: Shot off screen and then dumped out of view like a piece of rubbish to save paying appearance fees.

    More than once, Mason noted that people who did the wrong thing seemed to get rewarded, while he tried to do the right thing and continually got kicked in the teeth for it.That's how he lived, and sadly that's how he died.

    I totally agree! I also didn't see the point in Mason sticking around longer - only to get shafted with working at the gym. I suppose maybe Orpheus wanted to extent his contract the extra 6 months, or maybe they promised a big/exiting exit for him...but if I were him, I would've just had Mason take the internship back then and save the boring storylines he was given the last few months. It didn't help that Raffy left before him and she seemed to be his only real purpose outside of work.

  12. I would say Irene or Sally.

    Irene - because she's still on the show, has had a long run, and I think is a very recognisable character/actress. I also think she's fairly iconic in that she's had a lot of big/interesting plots over the years, and now has kind of become the 'foster' person for random teens/adults.

    Sally - for obvious reasons. She literally grew up on the show which is rare in soaps (or any form of TV), which I think means Kate will always been seen as Sally. I'm sure her return a few years back brought in a lot of viewers as well/hiked the ratings up. (Don't quote me on that though)

    I do also agree with the Marilyn suggestion - even if she's not necessarily been as long as some of the others. I just think she's such a unique character (personality and style-wise), and I loved the way they brought her back.

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