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  1. I thought it was a shame when Don came back in 2007, June had left him and he mentioned how he had been helping Marilyn through breast cancer treatment? This was pretty bad writing considering Marilyn was living in London and may have been eligible for NHS treatment. Also Donald left to be with June in 2003, just seemed like he returned for a crappy storyline, as well as Sally and Brad's failed marriage.
  2. She was a university lecturer during the period of 2010/2011 too when she first returned. Obviously Roo has had a storyline here and there but right now, nothing. Just somebody for Maggie to talk to about Ben. She's a good actress, seems like she's being wasted, but i guess for Georgie she has the best of both worlds; regular income and the freedom to go off and do plays whenever she pleases.
  3. The mudslide destroyed Alf's house. Ailsa, Duncan, Shauna and Jade were inside and left under the rubble. Gavin died trying to save Shauna. I believe Joel broke his leg?! and this paved the way for Natalie's return and his departure.
  4. Hey, they've been playing four days a week for the last few years. They still film in 5 episode blocks though. Originally they were showing double episodes on Thursday nights, then it changed to be, sometimes only 4 episodes a week, sometimes 6. They could even do triple episode bills all week in the lead up to the finale. It's quite random scheduling.
  5. I think this was okay, because Martha was also aged, she was born in 1988, but when she arrived in 2005, significantly older than 17. Martha and Duncan being in the same family but aging at a similar rate is okay. The worst one for me is Olivia and VJ. Olivia was born on screen in 1998, now in 2018, she should have turned 20. VJ, however was born on screen too, in 2001. They aged him but not Olivia, and then they went to school together. I believe it's nearly a 4 year age gap actually considering she was born in early 98, and him in the 2001 finale. That's been the most obvious continuity blip for me.
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