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  1. They must have an allowance for one episode at a time or something </snark> because episode 1913 (Angel gives birth, Michael's body is found) is available to watch on 7Plus at the moment, as part of their 'Births/Deaths/Marriages' feature.
  2. I don't know the answer, but it would make sense - Michael went out a hero (saving that punk Sam). I am still annoyed he was killed off, but I can accept it if a big death is what they were going for. But so soon after Shane's? We were still recovering! I recently saw all the opening credits sequences again - Pippa/Debra looks both pensive and pissed off in that solo shot of her right after they killed off her husband.
  3. I haven't seen Marilyn post-90s episodes, but re-watching some really early episodes lately, I had forgotten just how sweet and how sexy she is. She is legit one of the best characters to ever come out of H&A.
  4. I love Michael. I love Michael and Pippa (#2, iconic Pippa) so much. I well even admit some (most?) of this is due to knowing about and watching their real-life love. Though I do like and appreciate both Pippas. I remember her regeneration. I grew up in the '90s watching H&A, but almost stopped after Pippa left, and dwindling after that. (Have seen a small handful of episodes since 2000 finale.) I lost interest in show and I was too busy to keep up to date. Michael's death was a BIG catalyst for me losing interest. Still unhappy with that! (Grudge? What grudge?) Did anyone watch Hell's Kitchen with Debra last year and see Dennis surprise her for one of the challenges? Nawww.
  5. Hi, long time lurker and recent occasional poster!

    I am re-living the Early Years and currently going through the 1990 discussion on the forum. Enjoying your posts. However, there are a lot of posts about uploading episodes, and I'm wondering if that really is a thing of the past?

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