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  1. was the surf club affected by the subsidence that caused the beachside diner to be demolished?
  2. no, I only put my address on the bottom of the letter. I had an anwser from Nic after 3.5 months. Thanks!
  3. Do you include a self-addressed envelope with your letter to them? To people who don't live in Australia, how long did it take for you to receive a reply?
  4. Mark Furze and Christie Haye's are real. Also from neighbours, Dichen (Katya), Caitlin (Rachel), Christian (Will) and Matt (Zeke) all have real myspaces and I think they accept all their friend requests. In Dichen's top friends you can see Kyal Marsh (Boyd) and Eliza (Janae) and Dan (Ned) but I don't think they accept all their friend requests.
  5. I thought that bit was funny too and I really liked the dress Mattie was wearing to the wedding.
  6. Does where you live depend on how long it takes for a reply? I saw in a previous post that someone waited two years! From looking at some of the posts, most of them seem to have waited a couple months. Are you supposed to send a SAE in your letter too?
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