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  1. Has anyone seen the new promo for the annual Winter break on Channel five? They are promoting it as the Season Finale. Why I wonder have they done this? It is far far far from a storyline with the usual major cliffhanger and actual Season Finale. They have never done this before. As a long term , from episode one viewer it has annoyed me that they are stating that the final episode for the year in the UK is the big season finale. I have emailed them for comment. Will update you all of course. What are all your thoughts?
  2. Cat 2 Atlantic cyclone just off the coast. Heavy heavy rain, damaging winds over 90mph. Happy Halloween !
  3. Heavy rain. Windy. Storm surge warning. Tornado watch. 58 deg
  4. Clear @ 6.21pm. 49 deg ( realfeel 39 )
  5. Sunny. 62 degrees. Tropical storm watch
  6. Sunny.....clear blue skies@ 3.25pm. 61 degrees
  7. Cloudy and mild @10.35pm. Temp 62 degrees
  8. Clear. 54 degrees ( 12C ) sunrise at 8.54am..... roll on Spring
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