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  1. Something I noticed, why does everybody refer to Bella as "a kid" or "kiddo"? I know the character is supposed to be 16, but I feel like the writers are overcompensating in trying to prove how young she is because the actress is 23 in real life. Not trying to be rude, she passes easily as a teenager.
  2. Jasmine had such a bad attitude in the emergency room, especially regarding the overdose patient.
  3. Did Colby and Dean burn the body of Ross?
  4. Brody is ice cold. He shows zero remorse or guilt for his affair. What do these two women even see in him? He's moody and boring. Simone doesn't seem to have any shame either, especially the way she's trying to make a good impression on Maggie at the school. I don't see Jasmine's big attraction to Robbo. He's so sour and snappy. She's a bit irritating at times, but she deserves better than a permanent sulk. I didn't like Bella when she first came to the show. She seemed feral and loud, which is understandable considering the way she was raised, but now I actually do like her. She seems a bit shy and sweet. I don't think telling Karen about the murder was a good idea. Yes, her mental state seems to have improved a lot, but still, there's a long road to go and she might accidentally blurt it out.
  5. At the wedding, why were there so many scenes of Jasmine running around playing that sporting game? She looked lovely, but still, it was a bit much. I find Colby to be rather boring and lacking in personality. Dean has more charisma. Willow reminds me somuch of Kourtney Kardashian.
  6. I never realized until now how much Brody looks like Robin Thicke (blurred lines singer) That kissing/sex scene with Colby and Chelsea in the caravan was badly edited, poorly choreographed and just plain awkward, far too drawn out. Just realized, Raffy looks like one of Brad Pitt's kids.
  7. Bella looks like a young Vanessa Paradis (French singer/Johnny Depp's ex girlfriend) Anyone think so?
  8. Is it just me or does Ryder suddenly look more mature? He's 23 in real life but passed easily as 16 last year.
  9. Chelsea seems rather possessive and stalkerish. I wonder if she'll treat Colby like Sophie treated Dr Nate.
  10. Does anybody think Mason looks like Keanu Reeves?
  11. Does John really expect there to be no sweat in a gym? Dempsey's pretty. She looks like Elena Paparizou who won the Eurovision for Greece in 2005.
  12. I don't remember her name, but that "older" woman Hunter's hanging out with doesn't look that much older than him. To me, they look almost the same age, certainly not noticeable to to be a big deal (the husband and teacher thing aside.)
  13. Does anybody think Ryder looks like a young, early 20s Johnny Depp?
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