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  1. Yep - I definitely heard paternity too!
  2. Re Mason - I am still thinking that at some point Dempsey will turn up with his child - we never saw her go for a termination so she may have decided to have the baby after all but not tell him.
  3. Didn't she already turn 40 - isn't that when she started the blog? I thought she was older than me and I'll be 43 this year.
  4. How time flies! It really like much more recently that Tori turned 30.
  5. Does anyone know what the difference in their ages is? I seem to remember Leah celebrated her 40th around 2 years ago and Justin is older than Tori who turned 30 last year I think so he is probably around 33 - 35. By the way - does anyone know how to get this on the right board? I opened the 'quick questions' section and thought I was posting on that but then realised it had appeared on the main discussion thread instead!
  6. Yes, she sadly died last year. Some people on here have suggested that they honour her by having Morag die and show her funeral - I hope they do.
  7. I had no idea! Thanks for the info As I am usually week or so behind on watching episodes so I never look at what's coming up on the show or cast news as I don't want spoilers - I always stop at the end of the episode before they show what's coming up too. I guess I am so used to 'short' pregnancies in H & A that I just assumed it was another one!
  8. Why do pregnancies in Summer Bay bare no resemblance to real ones - they usually only last 6 months max?! Tori recently said she is two months gone but they have already given her a bit of a bump - she wouldn't be showing at all yet!
  9. Not that I can remember although I think him and Roo did sort of get together for a short time. I liked Sid - I wish they'd done more with him a s a character
  10. I don't like seeing the preview of the next episode as it spoils it for me, I therefore haven't seen the full credits and heard the theme tune in years! I will have to save an episode, watch the next couple then go back and watch the end just to hear it!
  11. I agree. Plus I liked it when they used the summer to show old episodes although sadly not the early years as ITV showed them initially so channel 5 don't have the rights to show them.
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