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  1. I thought that her friends already knew about the fact that she was raped as a child as they knew Mick was her son? Have I got this wrong? (I am about 4 episodes behind on the UK as I haven't had time to catch up but he hasn't been mentioned so far)
  2. Re Mason - I am still thinking that at some point Dempsey will turn up with his child - we never saw her go for a termination so she may have decided to have the baby after all but not tell him.
  3. No worries. Glad you like them. Thanks again for letting me know how to do it!
  4. Great - thanks for letting me know baywatcher! Here are lots more! I still can't believe I was actually there when I watch it!!!! https://imgur.com/a/DHqXtQT
  5. I have done this first one as a test. If it works let me know and I will add some more! https://imgur.com/a/aVey70M
  6. Didn't she already turn 40 - isn't that when she started the blog? I thought she was older than me and I'll be 43 this year.
  7. That's exciting news - I never read spoilers though! I used to read the tv guide which said what was coming up but I stopped a few years ago and I have never watched the 'next on H & A' at the end of episodes. I enjoy it all the more for not knowing what is going to happen - I prefer predicting it - like the fact they made it obvious they were setting it up for Leah and Justin to start sleeping together! I had know idea the guy who played Alex directs but I guess that is because I never see the credits as they are after the 'next on'!
  8. I have mentioned it on here before but I don't know why we never see any of Irene's children or grandchildren - it seems crazy - she will occasionally say she is going to visit them but why do they never come to the bay?! The grandchildren have never been seen and her kid's could alway be re-cast
  9. I'm afraid I have no idea how to do that - I 'm no good with technology - I don't even have a smart phone! I have sent you a private message as there may be a way for you to see them.
  10. I went about 5 years ago - I was only in Sydney for two days so had to go on a Saturday which meant they weren't filming - I actually preferred it that way as I could walk any where I wanted to and take as many photos as I liked and I even had lunch on the outside verandah of 'The Diner'. I saw the surf club, Alf's bait shop, the pier etc - I can't tell you how excited I was!!!!! It really is as stunning as it is on screen - I have a photo of the beach with the houses it as my background photo on my little netbook computer and whenever people see it they say it looks amazing even when they have no idea where/what it is. Shame we can't attach photos on here or I would add it to my post.
  11. How time flies! It really like much more recently that Tori turned 30.
  12. Does anyone know what the difference in their ages is? I seem to remember Leah celebrated her 40th around 2 years ago and Justin is older than Tori who turned 30 last year I think so he is probably around 33 - 35. By the way - does anyone know how to get this on the right board? I opened the 'quick questions' section and thought I was posting on that but then realised it had appeared on the main discussion thread instead!
  13. Just like Marilyn's which were featured and mentioned for a few weeks then forgotten about
  14. In reality it would take them a lot longer and on many ocassions they would have had to have vaccinations and/or apply for visas weeks in advance - I've certainly had to for trips to places like Thailand and Vietnam where some of the characters have gone.
  15. I guess after nearly 30 years my memory has faded!
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