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  1. Ray Meagher has mentioned her a few times in interviews. I don't think he specially mentioned her death in real life but he called her a lovely girl and said the storyline was one of his all-time favourites.
  2. Shhhh we're not supposed to ask, and I wouldn't be surprised if they got their crew/actors/extras to sign disclaimers saying 7 is not to blame if they all catch it from each other.
  3. According to Lynne McGranger, COVID doesn't exist in Summer Bay world because viewers want an escape from real life. I am left to assume that explains their approach to LGBTQ+ characters and ethnic minorities as well.
  4. Yeah I feel like Celia was a much more important character than people give her credit for. It's easy for people to just look at her character on a surface level and assume she's there to be the gossip and the comic relief character but she has a lot of depth and contributes an important role in the Stewart family stories in 1988. In 1989 she stands on her own two feet a bit more which is an interesting development for her. But by 1990 she's kinda sidelined, to the point we don't even see her set anymore.
  5. Yeah it should really say that she's been tracked down and seems to have no interest in discussing her H&A days. There's quite a lot of out of date stuff on the site. Does anyone ever really visit websites anymore?
  6. When Marilyn had amnesia she made a reference to Irene's change of hair colour. This was not a reference to the recast as Lynne McGranger had blonde hair for her first few years in the role.
  7. It's really sad that the writers need Marilyn to be drunk in order to write her as funny. Oh bring back the old writers who understood characters
  8. To be honest I would put Brad Cooper ahead of Robert Perez. Brad was one sick individual.
  9. Also one of the few sets where the studio set was a replica of the real indoor location.
  10. No offence but this was before Roo and Marilyn were in it. This was around the time Sally was leaving. If she had been written properly then she could have added a lot. But yeah judging by what they did (or failed to do) with Marilyn and Roo, she probably wouldn't have done anything anyway. But my point was she COULD have if the producers were half competent and cared half as much about the show's long running legacy characters as their own personal 2.5 year contract creations.
  11. Rebekah Elmaloglou (Sophie) said something similar years ago about being open to returning. H&A promptly ignored it, despite the show desperately needing someone like her at the time. So Neighbours snapped her up. H&A's loss was Neighbours' gain.
  12. As much as I love the whole saga, there is no denying that the writers only focused on the aspects they wanted to focus on. And not anything else. They wanted Alf to be the one who knew the secret, but they didn't want to focus on any wrongdoing on Alf's part. They wanted Don to have cheated on Barbara (and her sister to have betratyed her), but they didn't focus on, or even show, Barbara's reaction to any of it.
  13. Yes, he makes some blink-and-miss-it remark along the lines of "I've kept quiet about this long enough" before heading to see Morag. But really, his negligence in the whole thing is severely downplayed. Nonetheless, the way the writers wrote the story, they needed somebody to "be in the know". So whoever that was person, it was always going to seem that they were a bit negligent just by nature of the way the story was panning out and tying in with the backstory.
  14. Lack of imagination and effort on behalf of the production team. Everything is just filmed in the same part of palm beach now (the part directly under the surf club) and the area around the Pier Diner on the other side of the penninsula. You don't even see the other interesting little beaches anymore like Fisherman's beach (once a huge part of the show), Snapperman beach, Whale beach, Avalon Beach, the rock pool, all the places that used to be pasted together to feel like Summer Bay. Of course the current producers don't have a clue what that means. I don't think they even get the difference between Summer Bay and Palm Beach as towns, I think it's just the same thing to them. Quite shameful really how lazy it's all become.
  15. And a certain 1999 episode for a pre-Dani Tammin Sursok
  16. I don't think the poster means officially fostering Bobby through DOCS channels, rather just Ailsa taking her in and letting her live with her (there were plenty of bedrooms in that general store flat as we found out later on). Bobby was living independently anyway (sleeping in squats etc) so it's not like anything would have had to be done officially. It's a good question. I can only assume that Ailsa felt it was best not to "push it" with Bobby. Ailsa as a mate, was the one person Bobby could trust and come to for support and advice. Maybe Ailsa felt if she made herself too much of a "mum" (and a landlady too, telling her to clean her room, do her chores etc), Bobby could feel her independence being threatened and end up rejecting Ailsa altogether, losing the one person who was helping her. It was different with the Fletchers because Bobby could see with her own eyes how they had helped the other kids and she could see the kind of life she could have.
  17. I agree with that. She was the sole comic relief in 1993 and 1994. When Marilyn returned some of the comedy went back to her (although personally I didn't think they got Maz's character quite right to start with in 1995 and she didn't really hit her stride until 1996). Irene continued to have a mix of comedy moments combined with character growth between 1996-1999. By 2000 I think she'd had all her growth and the comedy aspect was pretty much gone, she was ready to settle down and the intention of the producers was for her and Ken to become a solid family unit on the show. Sadly the actor who played Ken didn't want to stay on, so rather than continue this aim with Irene by bringing in a new character for her to settle down with, she instead floated, and has floated ever since.
  18. I agree when you think about it objectively. His happy memories of growing up with the Fletchers were 10 years in the city with them. He was only in Summer Bay for slightly over one year and in that time he was nearly tricked into marrying and fathering a kid that wasn't his, nearly died in a car crash, married again only for it to end in divorce a matter of weeks later, and it's also where his foster father died after he left. Not quite sure why he'd want to return and celebrate a town that did all that to him in less than a year after a comparatively happy childhood in the city. You'd think he'd want to forget the place.
  19. Jack was literally the worst cop ever, he flouted the rules whenever it suited his personal desires, yet used the law to assert moral high ground over others at every opportunity. What a hypocrite. I agree about Joel, if he had been on the list. Peter should have been included as the show was plenty dramatic during his era. And he was actually smart and not corrupt (for the most part, compared to most others!)
  20. He just became a little mini replica of Donald, always on Shane's back, hanging around that kicthen set like a bad smell. It was like, get a life of your own Nick. You're a 20-something guy. I am not surprised they wrote him out in the end as they had clearly lost all interest in him. Shame as he was a decent enough character at the start.
  21. She wasn't used right in her last few years. There is a vast difference in how she was used in the 2000s and how she was used in the 2010s.
  22. Nick did almost nothing in his final year apart from suck up to Donald incessantly and shake his head disapprovingly at Shane.
  23. Comparing a period of 10 years to a period of 3 years doesn't seem that useful an argument to me. I'm not sure what your point is. In fairness H&A is the only soap that seems to be written in this bizarre way. In every other soap I can think of, the long term main characters are consistently the driving force behind storylines and focus. H&A is the only one that seems to treat its mainstays like background characters, to be given secondary focus; used as afterthoughts, given breadcrumbs of short "stories", to fit in around the arcs and attention of the temporary "main" characters who come and go every 2-3 years. It's almost as if the producers are more interested in their own creations than the characters they "inherit". Look at Martha being alive. Should have been the biggest story in H&A history for Alf - the longest running and most popular character - and instead all details of it were kept as ambiguous and background as possible. Where there should have been story, there was just glossing over. They even wrote that he knew all along - all to avoid actually giving him story and screen time (him finding out would have been a great story). Going so far as to rewrite and disregard established facts in H&A history, all to avoid actually having to give him scenes in his own story. Paul Robinson, Karl and Susan in Neighbours are consistently the focus of attention and character-led exploration in Neighbours. Ken Barlow is never out of the action in Coronation Street. Ian, Phil and Sharon are at the forefront of everything in EastEnders. Other characters get stories and focus too of course, but those original (and long term) characters get the fair share they deserve. Meanwhile their counterparts on H&A are treated as glorified extras. Leah no exception. Years of detail and attention went into establishing her strong connection with her family and yet was there a single mention of them the whole time she was "missing"? And VJ? It's just so, SO half-hearted when it comes to their long term characters. A feeling of "Any old crap will do, just write whatever and then get back to the new characters for the next scene." The ones the producers are interested in.
  24. How nice to celebrate 10 years of Leah and a further 10 years of a background character who occasionally plays with salad in the diner.
  25. Some people do move around a lot. They get opportunity after opportunity and just go wherever it takes them. There's no reason why Frank couldn't have went to London, then back to Aus, then back to America.
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