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  1. I disagree. One of the great things about the Angie storyline was how her web was cast all over Summer Bay and everybody was intertwined in her plots. Her jealousy of Sally, rivalry with Irene, no-strings sex with Jesse, mistaking Flynn's concern and counselling for affection, burning down Scott's boatshed, trying to get Morag killed, her pettiness with Leah and Sophie... she established strong (usually super insecure) relationships with everyone she met. I bet her and Ailsa would have had some great scenes.
  2. Well technically they all have a choice, as it was emphasized in the early years that the uniform was optional (which begs the question why everyone always wore it?). In this day and age girls wouldn't be forced to wear a skirt if they didn't want to, so I guess we just have to assume they all want to. Kit and tasha wore the "boy's" uniform for a while. I do find it odd that in a place which is supposed to be as hot as Summer Bay, the boys don't wear shorts to school as they do in Neighbours.
  3. Alan Fisher wore the school dress one day.
  4. Nah I disagree completely I suggested a range of characters that could have been involved. I didn't say it had to be all of them. It wasn't so much the ongoing grief as just the initial reactions I was referring to more. When I look at the well-written and heart-rending goodbyes and the emotional drama surrounding Bobby's death, I can't find anything resembling "boring" about it. Or indeed Shane's death. Or Michael's. Or Tom's... What I find boring is that in place of all that, we got screen-time surrounding that amazingly classic and exciting character () Harry Reynolds, debating whether or not to leave the Bay. Sally dithering over her relationship with an off-screen fiance that nobody cared about... etc. Yeah, that was worth the sacrifice.
  5. But they removed all the drama, that's what doesn't make sense. At the time of Ailsa's death, the current cast who were particularly close to Ailsa and whose reactions we could have seen were: Irene Donald Leah Colleen Alf Duncan Shauna Sally Mitch More than enough characters to have a proper episode of people finding out, being in shock, grieving, saying their goodbyes etc. . . In fact they could even have used the fact Ailsa had survived her life support being turned off a year before to fuel the story, with Alf refusing to believe Ailsa was really gone "I listened to you quacks last time you said Ailsa was gone and you were all flamin' wrong! Don't worry Ails, I'm not gonna do it again"... etc. So I really don't agree that just because we'd had those scenes in the hospital the previous year it was reason to skip them all out. Much like when Pippa refused to accept Tom had died because he'd always come back before (being missing at sea, and then the stroke). The writers didn't say "Oh we gave Tom too much life-or-death drama in the past year. We'll just brush over his actual death and all the characters who should be affected". They actually acknowledged it and used it to create an emotional scene where Pippa talks about that very thing.
  6. I don't think so because that story was very self-contained. Apart from Alf and Duncan nobody else was really involved.
  7. Regardless of the circumstances, Morag would not approve (even secretly) of someone like Bobby breaking into her brother's home and vandalizing her niece's property. I can't for the life of me imagine her thinking "Oh Bobby was in the right to do that" just because it transpired that Roo was using Frank (something Bobby didn't even know). Morag outright refuses to see the good things Bobby does even when they are presented to her on a plate, all through 1989. So I highly doubt she'd approve of this bad behaviour. Just my opinion.
  8. We don't know this. And now you're the one speculating. People have asked several times if the "allowed number of showings" is limited to Aus or includes all showings around the world. Nobody has stated either way. But it can't possibly exclude international showings, as episodes from 1996-1997 have only ever been shown in Aus once or twice (and we know the airing limit is higher than that). So I don't think it's a different kettle of fish at all. Fair enough to swan in with blanket statements about how contracts are complicated and we can speculate til the cows come home.... yeah thanks. We know that. But the point of this thread was about looking at the facts we do have to establish as much detail as possible. Your reply was not helpful.
  9. I think you and a few of the people above have misunderstood what was bad about it. It wasn't the lack of build up or the way she died (although that was lame). It was the fact that one minute she's grabbing her chest, and the next moment it's her funeral. Everyone's already grieved. We saw nothing of her death scenes, people finding out, rushing to the hospital, the reactions of people like Irene and Donald, the immediate reactions of Alf and Duncan... Shauna receiving the dreaded phonecall... people saying goodbye to her body (a la Bobby)... After 13 years she just blinked out of the show in one 20 second scene and there was no worthwhile aftermath at all.
  10. I'm not sure. I think they were just taking Pippa in that direction anyway. And when Debra decided to leave it all fitted in.
  11. Perhaps at that point but they did both have small roles in prisoner which was the same studios and I’m sure I heard Judy wrote scripts for Neighbours once or twice.
  12. Yeah you make a good point however I deliberately left that out, as the question was referring to their mother/daughter bond and besides, their interaction in that scene could barely be described as fleeting let alone anything more. Furthermore Morag has shown on many occasions that despite her personal feelings of someone she is civil to her clients when acting in her professional capacity as a solicitor. In this case her client was Alan to whom she held no ill-will, so in her duty to him as executor of his estate she spoke to Bobby appropriately (despite knowing that this is the girl who had trashed Roo's wedding dress) and therefore her treatment of her here was purely professional and not personal and can't really be taken into account when answering the above question (in my humble opinion).
  13. Oh that's right. Didn't they break the news that Judy had quit shortly before the mudslide aired in a deliberate publicity stunt?
  14. From memory they never had one single moment of getting along. Bobby did try to make an effort with Morag on one occasion - she went to visit her to offer the hand of friendship. She found Morag unconscious on the floor, having fainted, and called an ambulance. When she regained consciousness, a disorientated Morag couldn't understand what Bobby was doing there and screamed at her to get out. Once bitten, twice shy, Bobby didn't make an effort again. At the end of Morag's tenure in 1989 she hosted a dinner party for Donald, Bobby and Danny (it was all just a ploy to get revenge on Danny), and she and Bobby made forced but polite conversation but it didn't last long as Morag's nasty side came out before the night was over, ending with Bobby yelling "God, I hate you!" at Morag. And there was one humorous scene where Bobby forced Morag to be nice because Bobby had Morag's personal files and wouldn't return them unless Morag was polite to her. But it wasn't genuine niceness.
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