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  1. Ray Meagher has mentioned her a few times in interviews. I don't think he specially mentioned her death in real life but he called her a lovely girl and said the storyline was one of his all-time favourites.
  2. Shhhh we're not supposed to ask, and I wouldn't be surprised if they got their crew/actors/extras to sign disclaimers saying 7 is not to blame if they all catch it from each other.
  3. According to Lynne McGranger, COVID doesn't exist in Summer Bay world because viewers want an escape from real life. I am left to assume that explains their approach to LGBTQ+ characters and ethnic minorities as well.
  4. Yeah I feel like Celia was a much more important character than people give her credit for. It's easy for people to just look at her character on a surface level and assume she's there to be the gossip and the comic relief character but she has a lot of depth and contributes an important role in the Stewart family stories in 1988. In 1989 she stands on her own two feet a bit more which is an interesting development for her. But by 1990 she's kinda sidelined, to the point we don't even see her set anymore.
  5. Yeah it should really say that she's been tracked down and seems to have no interest in discussing her H&A days. There's quite a lot of out of date stuff on the site. Does anyone ever really visit websites anymore?
  6. When Marilyn had amnesia she made a reference to Irene's change of hair colour. This was not a reference to the recast as Lynne McGranger had blonde hair for her first few years in the role.
  7. It's really sad that the writers need Marilyn to be drunk in order to write her as funny. Oh bring back the old writers who understood characters
  8. To be honest I would put Brad Cooper ahead of Robert Perez. Brad was one sick individual.
  9. Also one of the few sets where the studio set was a replica of the real indoor location.
  10. No offence but this was before Roo and Marilyn were in it. This was around the time Sally was leaving. If she had been written properly then she could have added a lot. But yeah judging by what they did (or failed to do) with Marilyn and Roo, she probably wouldn't have done anything anyway. But my point was she COULD have if the producers were half competent and cared half as much about the show's long running legacy characters as their own personal 2.5 year contract creations.
  11. Rebekah Elmaloglou (Sophie) said something similar years ago about being open to returning. H&A promptly ignored it, despite the show desperately needing someone like her at the time. So Neighbours snapped her up. H&A's loss was Neighbours' gain.
  12. As much as I love the whole saga, there is no denying that the writers only focused on the aspects they wanted to focus on. And not anything else. They wanted Alf to be the one who knew the secret, but they didn't want to focus on any wrongdoing on Alf's part. They wanted Don to have cheated on Barbara (and her sister to have betratyed her), but they didn't focus on, or even show, Barbara's reaction to any of it.
  13. Yes, he makes some blink-and-miss-it remark along the lines of "I've kept quiet about this long enough" before heading to see Morag. But really, his negligence in the whole thing is severely downplayed. Nonetheless, the way the writers wrote the story, they needed somebody to "be in the know". So whoever that was person, it was always going to seem that they were a bit negligent just by nature of the way the story was panning out and tying in with the backstory.
  14. Lack of imagination and effort on behalf of the production team. Everything is just filmed in the same part of palm beach now (the part directly under the surf club) and the area around the Pier Diner on the other side of the penninsula. You don't even see the other interesting little beaches anymore like Fisherman's beach (once a huge part of the show), Snapperman beach, Whale beach, Avalon Beach, the rock pool, all the places that used to be pasted together to feel like Summer Bay. Of course the current producers don't have a clue what that means. I don't think they even get the difference between Summer Bay and Palm Beach as towns, I think it's just the same thing to them. Quite shameful really how lazy it's all become.
  15. And a certain 1999 episode for a pre-Dani Tammin Sursok
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