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  1. The explanation they gave isn't holding up? What a shocker.
  2. In terms of impact on the audience I agree, however I do believe Sally felt close to her. It's a bit odd Sally never mentioned her again.
  3. Yeah when you look at 1988 episodes, characters often wear jackets down the beach. Beyond 1990 this never happpens, it's always represented as being hot and sunny with the characters in swimwear.
  4. The thing is, what is the use of bringing back old characters before the fundamental flaws of the show are fixed? Otherwise you're just bringing them back to ruin them (i.e. Fisher), do nothing with them regarding their past (i.e. Roo who, apart from being Alf's daughter, might as well have just been a new character), or water them down (i.e. Marilyn). Fix the show first, then bring back old characters.
  5. Yes Vanessa's Pippa was more "peppy" than Debra's, who was more sort of down-trodden. But in terms of writing and storylines I agree with Adam that both Tom and Pippa were slightly boring characters around 89/90. Like I said further up I think Tom's death did wonders for Pippa - in both Vanessa and Debra's portrayal. Being the grieving widow at least gave her an angle and made her interesting. I think when Debra took over the role at that point she was very good at eliciting sympathy from the viewer.
  6. Yes that was a really accurate comment of Morag's.
  7. Bad terms. An episode or two beforehand Celia disowned Morag permanently. (Which is why it never made sense to me that Celia follows Morag around like a lapdog when they finally reunite for episode 4000). But I guess it was 15 years later and I can't see Celia holding a grudge for that long. It's also possible their paths crossed in the intervening years.
  8. Yes like Celia. And with Marilyn it was hilarious because Morag’s mean and sarcastic remarks went right over Marilyn’s head. She seemed oblivious to her nasty side and thought she was a lovely woman . It would have been good to see more screen time crossover between Marilyn and Morag (before 2010-ish I mean, when both characters had been watered down so much, they were just like two of any other random characters interacting).
  9. I agree with this. The fire itself only lasted one episode. But the effects were felt for a long time (by soap standards)... what with Mud’s burnt body being found in the bush, which brought Damien back and gave Irene and Selina a good story, the strained relationship between Fisher and Jack, Sally and Jack (because of Nelson’s injuries), and Jack struggling to make amends etc... Its the opposite these days. They’ll have a week-long “event” like that “The Great Storm” nonsense. Full of stunts and cliffhangers. But then it all blows over and viewers barely remember it shortly afterwards. What I liked about the bushfire was that for a long time after, whenever there were scenes in the bush land, they filmed in places that had been burned, so it still felt realistic.
  10. Tom wasn’t missed by me. No offence to the actor who did a fine job. But for his final year or so, Tom was absent so much, and when he WAS around it was mainly those dull-as-dishwater Macklin office scenes, and being a bad husband to Pippa. Happy to see the back of him. Pippa really shone playing the grieving widow (both Vanessa and when Debra took over). I don’t know why some people say Pippa moved on too fast. I feel that Debra’s Pippa played the grieving widow and then struggling to move on and stand on her own two feet, very sensitively and for a substantial period. Anyway back to Tom. I’ve heard it was the actor’s choice to leave. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers realised, with all his absences not really leaving much of a hole, that he was actually pretty dispensable as a character anyway. As for Michael - he had a good stretch. Whether or not budgetary reasons played a part, it was still the right decision anyway. And I say this as someone who liked Michael (most of the time). It’s good to keep the show fresh and he left at the right point. Michael’s death changed Pippa on a long term basis and changed the dynamics at Summer Bay House. I wonder what their exit storyline would have been if Michael had stayed on up until Debra’s departure in 1998.
  11. Yes that's right, to hide her identity and stop people finding out about her past. Why she chose the name Hogan we don't know.
  12. All good points. As I said they did become closer over that period. However I still think their friendship only became an actual focal point of the show from ep 4000 onwards. For the characters themselves the friendship may have been cemented earlier, but it was only from this point, I feel, the writers really started to ram down our throats this special bond between them. Prior to the 2008 mention, Michael was mentioned in 2007 when the men were missing at sea, and Sally was upset with Pippa for acting like everything was going to be ok, just like she did with Michael. He may also have been mentioned He was also referenced (albeit not by name) when Sally put a photo of Pippa and Michael on the mantelpiece and said "We're going to be just as happy as they were", I think circa 2004/5. Apart from that it was mainly Tom who got the mentions, yes.
  13. I don't find it less believable that Sally and Alf became close. It just happened in a different way than with Alf and Leah.
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