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  1. Who said it would be most likely to be him?
  2. It's not unreasonable to assume it's him until such time it's confirmed otherwise.
  3. The season finale ends with the characters all together in Summer Bay House singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Then instead of the normal closing credits it shows various shots of the cast continuing to sing carols while the credits are displayed. (Although we don't hear them, we hear the usual theme song). Then the final "oooh-oooh" of the closing theme blends in with the cast singing "....And a happy new year." I believe this is the only time an episode had special closing credits.
  4. I remember Ailsa once referred to Barbara as "the normal one" of the Stewart siblings or words to that effect.
  5. I completely agree - the imagery is haunting and effective and it's a very clever, underrated moment. And there's also the continuity of Pippa's cursed house cakes - every time she makes one something bad happens (she says this herself the third time it happens). She wasn't the temporary principle. You might be getting confused with Lois Crawford. Theresa Lynch was a short-lived deputy principle who Fisher strongly disliked to the point he was arguably unprofessionally hard on her. (Ironically as Lois Crawford had been with him).
  6. He was close to Celia in the early years and really didn't have much time for Morag (especially as Morag bullied Celia a lot and she also hated his wife Ailsa). He became close to Morag in the mid 2000s when Morag started making regular appearances and was no longer nasty in a villainous manner, so they gradually got closer. I wouldn't say he has a strained relationship with Celia at all, unless it's just for comedy purposes.
  7. Don't worry, those of us who credited you with enough intelligence to think to ourselves, "since it burned down in 1989 then that's probably not what he means, its me who's interpreting it wrongly" as opposed to "Oooh I get to correct someone in a snide manner" got what you were saying. I see what you mean as well! It does have that similar layout. Just awful, cold, unfriendly..... Unnecessary, to sum it up.
  8. I'm really surprised we haven't heard the thoughts, opinions or speculation of any bttb staff on this, considering it's quite a groundbreaking new thing for H&A. You'd think it would be a ripe topic for discussion in an area of the forum where any new updates have been dead for a long time.
  9. Welcome to the forum! Being only new I guess you have nothing to compare it to. Enjoy Well I didn’t see anyone saying that and yet, what I consider to be a problem occurred. As to your other point which I didn’t quote - As I said, I WANTED to join in the discussion at hand but felt completely put off doing so, as I do in so many topics, by the attitude on here. So I felt the right thing to do was bring it up. But I guess I’ve just been “corrected” that that wasn’t the “proper” thing to do in this topic (therein lies the problem), rather than, you know, listen to, be sympathetic and address the problem - which you already agreed was a fair point.
  10. Yes it is, and one that REALLY puts people off posting here sometimes. Especially as it’s by far not exclusive to this thread. How about just relaxing and letting people share passing thoughts that don’t have to be perfectly structured, worded and backed up? Isn’t it better to encourage people to post more than consistently beat them down with trivialities, belittling their posts and passive aggressive emojis? Other forums that I post on have a sense of fun. Even if you don’t make sense all the time, the mods join in and there’s banter. On here you feel like you’re submitting a post to be marked by a teacher. Mods rarely share their own opinions on things unless it’s to “correct” someone else’s opinion. Its not a fun place and I think the dwindling post count backs that up.
  11. Says who? The forum rules? Who are we answerable to? We don’t submit our posts for “marking” like handing homework in to the teacher. If someone feels, in their opinion, that a character MUST be given closure, and if they aren’t then it contributes to a multitude of reasons why they have gone off the show - that’s completely valid. We rarely stop watching a previously liked tv show for a sudden, single reason. It’s usually a build up of all different things contributing to one overall opinion of where the show’s heading. If they feel that the lack of closure given to Morag is just the latest in a string of things that have helped them form a specific opinion of their own, I find that completely valid. Open to disagreement of course, but sharing an opposing opinion is entitely different from taking it upon one’s self to verify the validity of someone else’s opinion, rather than just sharing one’s own.
  12. I'd love to get involved in this discussion as I have some thoughts of my own but not really keen on someone appointing themselves the "decider" of whether others' opinions (not even opinions, just sharing thoughts) pass the test of being valid and merit response or just dismissal. This is a poorly frequented fan forum of a relatively obscure (in the scheme of things) tv show. We're not in the Pentagon deciding military tactics that have a global effect on civilization. If someone thinks a tv show character should be killed off or written out because the actor has died, they can think that as much as they like and they are completely valid.
  13. Yes the character of Morag is in limbo. My feeling is that she will be mentioned one day, much further down the line, but will be mentioned in the past tense. As if she died ages ago and it was all offscreen - this way the writers can completely avoid, you know, writing anything. I would bet money that this is what will happen.
  14. I hated the short-lived concept of the original Pier Diner in 2008 with it being split into a kid's diner and a more adult space. Adult and teen characters should be intermingling on the show, it didn't need any further incentive to keep them separated. I also hated the look of both areas. As for the replacement "condensed" Diner, it was extremely bland and unimaginative. 2010+ Pier Diner was, in my opinion, the most realistic the Diner has ever looked. It actually felt like a real place. I have long since stopped watching so I don't know if it's gone downhill since then. 2000-2008 Beachside Diner was... fine. I never really warmed to it for some reason (maybe because the exterior building was ugly and the interior was drab) but it was....... ok. It also bugged me incessantly that they had a backdrop of the wrong beach (Palm Beach) outside the window. While I have a nostalgic fondness for the original Bayside Diner (and the 1998 makeover), it was a really unrealistic and obvious set. It would look even worse in today's HD quality. Of course it wouldn't have to look the same if they brought it back.
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