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  1. It depends what you mean by "officially acknowledged". No character on any soap is ever going to say "It's the 20th anniversary of our show." But the storyliner stated he was writing for the 20th anniversary and it was talked about in publicity. And in-show we had lots of references to the past (not just returning characters). Plus the first episode opened with a close-up on Ric's birthday cake which read "20 good years." Well you conveniently left out the ferry disaster which was for the 15th Season (offscreen) disguised as the Bay's 150th birthday (onscreen). And that was definitely a celebration full of returns.
  2. I disagree that she played it exactly the same in 2009. Lynne played Irene as much more of a sad, simpering alcoholic with a temper, wheras Jacqy's Irene was an out-and-out angry alcoholic.
  3. I actually prefer her. I'm not saying I dislike Lynne's Irene - I don't. But I think Jacqy was better.
  4. As far as I can remember, after that initial greeting we didn't see them talk at all.
  5. I also think, although I can't remember any specific examples, that Ben helped out with jobs around the caravan park and kind of took over (muscled-in, some might say) as the (ugh) "man around the house". I'm also sure there was some mention of Tom having a decent life insurance policy that made things financially easier for Pippa. There was no such mention when Michael died and Pippa was shown to struggle quite a lot in her remaining time on the show, although not especially financially, more just in general. She could afford to employ Jesse has a handyman. I guess her job at the school would have had a relatively decent pay, we can assume the caravan park was doing well in order to make up any other shortfall (Pippa mentioned in 1995 it was doing better than ever). And of course there's the money she received from the department to cover the costs of fostering the kids - something the show kind of always shied away from mentioning. I wonder if, once Tom and Pippa adopted Sally, that meant the department no longer gave them money to support her. I assume so.
  6. Alf and Ailsa were in no way an "old" or "elderly" couple in the 90s lol. If they were, what's Alf now? A dinosaur?
  7. I completely agree with this. I don't know if it was just down to scheduling which actors could be in which episodes, but throughout much of 97 and into 98 most of Pippa's deep-and-meaningful chats seemed to happen with Irene. It does feel like Ailsa and Pippa drift apart. Whilst Ailsa is very encouraging of Pippa going off with Ian and finding some happiness for herself, when Pippa actually leaves, Ailsa acts like she's saying goodbye to a neighbour she barely knows rather than the great friend she made in those 1988 episodes. Unfortunately there are no particularly touching or emotional scenes between them at all.
  8. The show used to be brilliant at anniversaries and celebrations but in the last 10 or so years have become one of the worst soaps at doing this, when they used to be by far the best. I can 100% guarantee you that the official line will be the usual: "Rather than a big celebration or lots of returning characters, we plan to celebrate our 35th year by having a great season full of strong stories that will delight our viewers." So.... when it's NOT a milestone year, they don't want to have good stories? LOL. It's just a nonsense PR line when what they really mean is "We're not doing anything for it."
  9. I understand your point, and it would mean we would have had a stable 20+ year relationship/marriage on the show. But I personally just don't like the idea of them together. Although all the "characters" on the show are just hollow shells these days. Irene and Alf are just hollow shells with catchphrases. So you could really put anyone together and it makes no difference.
  10. I believe it's the one and only time we properly see round that side of the house. I believe (but willing to stand corrected) that Captain Hulk got it the wrong way around - Lynn and Sally became friends and grew very close in the children's home. Lynn became protective of Sally. When Pippa and Tom came to foster Lynn, she insisted she would not leave Sally. Pippa and Tom being the saints they were, took in both. This stubborn-ness of Lynn's can be seen quite strongly in the early eps. Her protection of Sally is shown in the pilot but mostly phased out afterwards. I wouldn't say she was a goodie-two-shoes. She quite often mouthed-off at Fisher and others who stood in her way when she wanted something.
  11. Yeah 14 episodes actually sounds about right to me. His appearances often had lasting impact for the likes of Stacey, Roo or Brett. But the appearances themselves were fleeting.
  12. Where exactly are you up to? What's the current story?
  13. the lack of continuity between old Roo and new Roo is one of many, many flaws in the current show. She's a completely different character. Wait until you get to Marilyn, she's another one who changed beyond recognition (and far beyond what can be reasoned as "maturing".) You should try to enjoy classic Roo though. Even though she's often the villain of the show, she's a great character and she's part of what made the show a success. Would love to hear your thoughts on other characters like Bobby, Celia, Donald, Ailsa, Morag etc
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