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  1. yes, its cool isn't it? Some of my subscribers requested the karaoke track of my mock attempt, copying here in case anyone fancies there own home and away sing song.
  2. I loved the whole sketch that she does to introduce this cover on a longer video on her site. Brilliant for the older fans especially. x
  3. Has anyone else covered the theme tune? I would love to hear other versions? During the lockdown period I built an instrumental version of the track on Logic Pro and asked my friend to sing the girl bit. I've tried to include several musical moments from the different eras of the theme tune. Hope you like it. The song begins at 2 mins into the video, as i say a few words just before it. Stay safe everyone.
  4. Hmm. Tricky one. I have worked for the best part of 5 years as a theatrical agent. I would think that the problems most likely lies within individual actors contracts. One contract will be different to another one so when you consider how many actors have made their way through Summer Bay. It would be a mammoth task. I am sure there are a few people on this forum who wouldn't mind going through them all. ha. Producers may have wanted to renew an actors contract who perhaps had become extremely popular with viewers. Then the agent/manager may have struck a deal for future reruns or rele
  5. I was going to ask the same thing. In fact the other day they used the old logo (orange text) for the opening. Someone's day off perhaps?! HA!
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