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  1. ^....Or just may not appreciate being spoken down to. It's possible, just possible, that these people are already fully aware of how it may look if they are calling up from overseas (without being patronizingly told to "please think about it" - you know forum members do have brains of their own), but have decided, shock-horror, that it's not as big a deal as some people are making it out to be. It's just possible that these people have minds of their own and are quite capable of deciding for themselves how something looks and whether it would be in any way detrimental or not. But of course we're back to "us and them". Now, if a huge volume of people from the UK are phoning up to demand a show being brought back in Australia, then you may have a point. However, one person phoning up, not even for that purpose, but just to inquire why call centre staff are giving different answers, isn't going to be brought up at a scheduling meeting. That makes zero sense. If a show is making money in Australia, it's making money in Australia. Regardless of whether people from overseas are obtaining it illegally or not. It doesn't affect whatever ratings the show does or doesn't achieve in Australia. So it's not like they're going to see a bunch of UK numbers and suddenly say "Hey, all the money we made from those airings doesn't count anymore because some people overseas where the show doesn't air and we get no revenue from anyway, have downloaded it!" Whether or not a tiny amount of UK people are downloading the show (or even if it was an enormous amount actually) has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on how well the show rates in Australia, which is the only place it actually airs and therefore is where they make their money. Now I'm not saying they would approve of knowing people in the UK are downloading the early years, or that they wouldn't want to stop it, but that's beside the point you made. They're not going to decide a show suddenly isn't making money any more because people in a different country are asking about it. Thanks for your permission to "go ahead". Wouldn't have been able to do it without knowing your opinion.
  2. I'm sure some Australians have non-Australian accents. It's not really the job of a call center drone to question the location of a caller, even if they can see the number.
  3. Interestingly I said exactly the same thing when BTTB posted the very first initial reply they got from Seven call centre and people were treating it like it was an official reliable statement, and I was shot down in flames by all and sundry . I agree though - as much as I'd like to get excited about this, I think it's probably not true that it's returning. However, at least these people are making an effort and phoning up the 7 network and getting some kind of "official" reply... however unreliable they definitely are . So I don't think it's fair to discredit them as one person hearing from another hearing from another... I agree, if more people ring up and get the same response, it may be cause for optimism. I'd be interested to hear what the 7 call centre people say, after telling someone it will return later in the year, if they are questioned about the fact we have a higher up source confirming it won't be back for contractual reasons (would be even better if we had the name of the source to validate what we're saying). What would they say then?
  4. I don't mean to be rude but nobody cares hearing about so-called contacts and actors with no names. It's boring. If you can't reveal who you're talking about, it's of no interest. And personally even if you did reveal it, I still wouldn't care. I'm not tryng to offend you, you seem like a nice person, but it's just off topic hearing vague descriptions about "contacts" and "sources" doing something that may or may not loosely relate to the topic in hand.
  5. Or it could be that whoever took the phone call isn't aware that the show has been cancelled and is just fobbing the caller off with a made-up date, which is what they do.
  6. Thanks Dan! I just don't want to conflict with whatever you're doing.
  7. I think you have done more than your share Skylover I have also done what I can with my contacts and tried as hard as I could to rally "the troops" on here and elsewhere. Like you said it just seems impossible that they'd go to the effort of drawing up new contracts (if that really is the issue, they've lied in the past), to show repeats of an old show on weekday mornings on a digital channel haha. Perhaps we could suggest other means such as pay-per-view downloads, I'm not sure how they would work with the contracts, but we could enquire. Of course, we would be initially fobbed off. It would require continuous inquiring, and pushing the issue, from many people.
  8. By the sounds of things people are happy to just let it go at this point and take Seven's highly questionable response as gospel. Seven aren't going to bring it back if there's only a couple of people emailing about it. Also has Dan/BTTB accepted that latest email from Seven as final word on the matter or are they still trying other things? I ask not as pressure or criticism but simply so that I know if any other courses of action that I/other forum members take will be either complement, add to, or be to the detriment of what other people are doing, so it's best to know.
  9. True, I did say at the time that's what they were doing and why they were doing it.
  10. I still think there's something really weird about the fact we couldn't have been told the "real" reason to begin with. Why the lie about it coming back in 2 weeks followed by subsequent lies?
  11. This is a beautiful piece of music and you have matched it perfectly. Used when Angel was grieving in bed with the voice of Donald phoning Shane's family in the background. Then later used when Angel found present a present that Shane had hidden for her. The music used in Home and Away in this era was in a league of its own really. So haunting and captivating.
  12. So even if another channel/country has paid additionally for the rights to broadcast those eps, they still count towards a repeat showing just the same as if Seven had shown them with no additional costs? I agree that I'd probably pay for the DVDs... but we are in a tiny minority. And DVD production is pretty expensive. So I don't think it would be worth their while. An option might be to make the episodes available to purchase for download.
  13. Thanks for the info Dan - that's interesting. Does the limit on the number of times an episode can be repeated apply regardless of what country and what channel? Because I don't think 97-99 have ever been repeated on Seven? Which means if the limit has been reached, it must be because of repeats in the UK and elsewhere... I find that really weird as I'd have thought these channels would have paid separately for broadcast rights anyway?
  14. I've been researching their reliability on this matter since the airings stopped. That's why I never felt that simply "getting an answer" from Seven was ever really that important - since a) it's not going to do anything and b) they're liars anyway. And that action was more important.
  15. That's ok. We all moved on a while ago. Thank you for the (sadly predictable) update and for going to the trouble of getting it! It's not great news but it's good to have some kind of further progress on this and your hard work of writing emails is much appreciated. I'm sure you were very diplomatic but reasonably forceful at the same time. And it's good that people at all levels at Seven are receiving emails from various sources about this. And at least those people who couldn't see the wood for the trees now have an official answer. So, as I said from the very beginning, Seven were lying to us, and there were never any plans to reinstate the show. The replies they gave to BTTB and anybody else who called in were completely made up (this is how much respect they have for us, the viewers), and this is why I said that with my experience, I knew that insisting on being heard and not accepting their first answer was of utmost importance. Nope, not in the least. This is the channel that: Promised the Early Years would return after a short break circa 2002. They never did. Later said that due to "complicated legal reasons", The Early Years could never be repeated again. It was. And have now lied numerous times about this. Now, by all means there may be some complication "behind the scenes" that have caused the airings to stop. May be. But if so, why not just say that from the start? Why the coverup? Why did it take so much effort just to get this answer? Sounds to me like "Oh, try telling them this, that'll shut them up." I know BTTB just likes to stick to the official quotes not offer any opinion, subjective or objective, on how likely these are to be true. However I think we could all benefit from looking at this "statement" from Seven, not in isolation, but as part of the bigger picture, with all the information I included above, and think about how likely it is to be the case.
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