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  1. When Angel leans in to give Shane (or his body) one last kiss, but can't do it. That's so heartbreaking. Is it because she is too upset or is it because she realised it's not really Shane, just his body, and that Shane is gone?
  2. Yeah I think that's the effect they were going for - to show how fragile life is. I am sure Michael lost the combi in the bush fire. One of the fire fighters tells him "We lost your combi, we couldn't find you to move it" and then there is the sound of an explosion.
  3. Good observation. I don't think it's until around the Hayley/Will/Edward/Peta years until Sam becomes one of "the teens".
  4. He looks 12 or 13 I'd say. Did anyone notice they almost copletely neglected the relationship between Sam and Donald over the last year. They used to have a strong onscreen bond but we have hardly seen any of it since the 1995 year. I loved the chat between Ailsa and Shannon under the umbrella... I thought it was a really good scene. And there was a little hint that Ailsa has more secrets we don't know about yet which Judy Nunn played really well.
  5. The dialogue wasn't really necessary, which is why it was done that way. It was turned up for the relevant parts.
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