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  1. Just noticed that this page's last update is the alleged sighting in NZ from 2010. Given that she has been tracked down, should the page have another update to this effect?
  2. Ah, of course! I remember having the "Ah, it's Bob Barnett!" moment as a kid
  3. So, Mother and Son has been a staple of my television viewing for as long as I can remember, one of my favourite shows and one of the few times (with Frontline and maybe Kath & Kim) that Australia successfully pulled off a sitcom. As I've got older, I've realised that there was quite an impressive line-up of guest cast on the show, with some quite notable Australian actors featured. This then snowballed to me making a mental list of H&A cast who've been featured on it. These ones come to mind immediately. Is anyone familiar with any others? Ray Meagher (Alf): Played one of Arthur's friends in the episode The Card Game. Was a divorced father who was spending the night phoning his 11 year-old son who was left home alone for the night. Frank Lloyd (Neville): A priest in the episode The Sign, when Maggie was going out of her way to do saintly favours for churches in order to score points with the man upstairs Peter Collingwood (Bert, Pippa's father): A bank manager in the episode The Money, with whom Maggie had to negotiate a way to cash her many unbanked pension cheques Ron Haddrick (Gordon Macklin): Claude, Maggie's companion/love interest in the episodes The Accident and The Cruise, woos Maggie to go on a cruise with him Barbara Stephens (Barbara Stewart): The above character's daughter, has to break it to Arthur that her father is a pensioner who can't afford a cruise Tina Bursill (Lois Crawford): One of targets of Robert's infidelity, cuts through the crap when he talks about wanting to 'get to know her'.
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