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  1. It has 3: Bella had one built when she moved in, Robbo has his behind the kitchen wall and Colby's is beside the fridge. So room for them all. Although why (when all is sorted with Jas and Robbo) a married couple would want to live with a brother and sister (a teenager at that) I'll never know.
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  4. I suppose but there were never rumours on Sophie and Jackson as people knew she had a bf and most of the rumours were from people who wished they were together rather than actually believing they are like Sam/Jake, Patrick/Sophie now. These 2 are single from what we are lead to believe and the photos have got peple talking. Of course it could be they are just really close friends but its made people intrigued. Yeah it is cute like James and Sarah finding love on set so if these 2 have too then good for them.
  5. A lot of the cast looked great. Looking at the pics online they all seem really close. I was wondering if anyone else saw the photos of Tim (Colby) and Emily (Mackenzie) looking a little couply? People on instagram are speculating on the pics of them with her looking lovingly at him a pic and a instagram story from Sam Frost were they appear to be holding hands. Don't know if this is the right place to discuss it but was wondering what others think.
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  8. They haven't given her a bump, its a real pregnancy and the actress is further gone in real life than Tori is. Around a month or so ahead I believe.
  9. I'm sorry again for that. I follow Aus pace so I wrote that forgetting this was UK pace and we're 3 weeks behind. Sorry and to anyone else that saw it too, sorry.
  10. Sorry. I'll edit my post and remove it. Removed. Maybe you should edit your reply too
  11. Dean is not scared in any way I saw but each to their own. Colby was upset by the way he scared Bella and was clearly scared himself so of course he was concerned. Then Dean revealed what he did whilst out of it and he was concerned but after finding out he had revealed nothing, he was relieved but also extremely concerned by Deans behaviour. He took him to the motel and is staying until he's sorted. Out of love for his best mate but also out of guilt I'd assume. I really feel you are reading too much into it about dean.
  12. There is no way Dean is scared of Colby. That is in no way obvious and without trying to sound nasty, its quite frankly a ridiculous assumption. Plus Colby DID have a lot on his plate due to Bella's constantly running off, skiving school. Yes that was due to Ross but still... Plus Chelsea has just left him, regardless of whether you agree with her leaving him or not, he's still lost his wife, yes through his own actions but still..... Plus Willow wasnt really across ALL of Deans actions either now was she? She knew off Karen because she brought her to Dean but nothing else. And he IS concerned for his best mate and he's allowed to be a bit wary of what he's done when out of it. I think he hasnt showed guilt because he hasnt allowed himself too. But at times he has such as when Willow confronted him when he found out she knew, she asked him if he was okay and he said he had to be for Bella's sake. Plus when he got his gun back last week, he was clearly uncomfortable. We've seen glimpses of guilt. I saw no moral high ground either over his drug taking, just concern.
  13. With the way Brody is behaving at the moment I'd expect if ziggy/Ben hit him or Simone he'd have them arrested as lets face it he's behaving very out of character that I wouldn't put it past him.
  14. They've went to the bother of inventing another never before seen room at the diner flat for Bella which would be pointless if she moved out.
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