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  1. Sorry if I sound really stupid but I keep seeing TPTB everywhere and I don't know what it means. What does it mean?
  2. When Bobby died was it completely unexpected or was it published in magazines and stuff long before it happened?
  3. Yeah Don said he was going to get Nick and Roz on the way.
  4. Ohhh I've finally got the nerve to watch this weeks episodes. All this foreshadowing. Was it common knowledge that Shane was going to die back in 1996? I remember it happening but I was only 11 in the UK at the time. I don't remember us having the spoilers we have these days.
  5. Sorry, I don't understand that. Can you explain? What actually happens to her in the end? I know Travis doesn't end up with her but where does her storyline end? We may never meet again, so shed your skin and lets go started.
  6. I think she was going more for a sexual assault than sexual harassment.
  7. Yes she played Cindy. I had to look it up the other day as she looked so familiar.
  8. I've just started watching the modern day home&away and I'm so lost (UK pace and a good week or two behind that) and it made me smile so much that even with all the vast changes when Alf comes to talk to Marilyn he is wearing his straw hat and she still calls him Mr Stewart <3
  9. Argh so frustrating only being able to watch one episode per day. I was watching earlier episodes on dailymotion but I ended up catching up to where I started the early years. I wish they did some Early years the later years too haha
  10. We did before Jack burned it down but I'm not sure if he has a permanent place yet.
  11. I actually thought Irene looked into adopting Selina which was why she eventually took Irene's last name. I think that was Finlay and Pippa before Pippa eventually took her in as a foster child but it could have happened again with Chloe and Irene.
  12. She does seem to have quite the wardrobe of fashionable (for the time) clothes. Considering she was supposed to be a bit daggy she has managed quite a bit. We know she isn't getting the clothes from her own money as her cheque thingy hasn't come through yet. I'd have liked to see her in Selina's old clothes but she would have looked very out of place. Thanks, I'll check that out.
  13. What sort of timeline does Summer Bay work on? lol It's only been a week or two since Kelly jabbed herself with the needle but its supposed to be two months? Did anyone notice Selina getting rid of her old Selina clothes the other day? Made me sad. When is she replaced by someone for a while? Is it this year.
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