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  1. There were some exciting parts of 2009, (I personally enjoyed the Trey Palmer storyline) but compared to 2008 it wasn't as fantastic. I think Jack Holden's death had a bigger impact on the show to the viewers than it was meant to have. It was obviously a very sad occurrence but I think people took it too harshly. Hugo Austin was the worst part of that year, I really did not like his character at all. I also didn't think the Walkers were as good in 2009, compared to when they returned. 2009 was probably the worst year for them.
  2. It's a real shame that this character left so soon. He moulded into a position on the show which pretty much made one of the "main" main characters and out of all the people in that category (especially in 2008) he was my favourite. I really wish he lasted longer, I'm sure Conrad wanted him to as well because his character was awesome. It's a shame that the writer's explored too much into his dark side so soon otherwise he would definitely have been around for a while. What's good is he wasn't a young or old actor so he could have stayed on for a lot longer than most if he had the choice.
  3. Ever since Maz returned, she seems to be fairly useless. The only real storyline was the Jordan one which sadly lasted 5 minutes. I saw potential in him to become a regular and was gutted that he was just a guest. Aside from that though, they are showing a lot less of her and her house this year. I think it's partially due to her being away for so long. She returned right when the Morgans and Duncan (which was seemingly an impact guest role) came back so there wasn't much focus on her at all Hoping for bigger and better things for Maz in 2017! Such an awesome character, would love to
  4. Whenever it was, it should of been something further explored.
  5. This might sound really silly and like a bit of a big call but I would not be surprised if Hunter is written out of the show. The only storylines that he seems to have lately are with Olivia, like if you think about it his whole life pretty much revolves around her at times. Seeing as Olivia is looking likely to have a thing with Mason then it could spell the end of their relationship for good. Without Hunter's relationship with Olivia there isn't too much currently left for his character, he has recently got a job at the Bait Shop which is something but he seems like the type of ki
  6. I reckon that at the moment Raffy is a great character, I think she is a talented young actress. Hoping for some school-related storylines involving her and Elly next year. Like hopefully something involving a boyfriend for one of them
  7. I agree with whoever brought it up, the return of Pippa in 2009 was unneccesary and I believe should not have happened. I understand that someone should had to look after the Campbells but I just reckon that it would have been better if it was someone else (I can't think of anyone else who should have come back instead though, Campbell's didn't really know any other Bay veterans who weren't currently living there). Pippa deserves to have last been in the bay because of Sally and not because of the Campbell's in my opinion.
  8. My opinion: I don't fully remember Drew in all honesty, but compared to the other people from that Teen's Group, I think he was the worst character. Like I know the writers made him prominent by giving him lots of storylines in 2007 but just the guy's attitude and other stuff I personally found annoying. Like when I think of Drew I think of a guy who is miserable, he obviously had his happy moments but also had plenty of moody/sad moments. I think that if he never wanted to leave the show and stayed on, the writers would have never made Aden a regular and he probably would have continued
  9. 2012 or 2013? Because Leah never met Kyle until 2013 as shortly after he arrived was when she and VJ went on a massive break for over 6 months. I never saw that episode but would have liked to for sure
  10. I really liked the return of Duncan this year, definitely one of my personal highlights because I never got to see Duncan at all and his character interested me a lot purely because I have always been a fan of the Stewarts. I really hope that he can return full-time one day, maybe what could happen is if they wanted him to have a realistic occupation for Summer Bay, they could have it that he got involved in another plane crash in the states and decided to give up piloting so moved to the bay to run the Bait Shop? Just an idea, but could be tempting by the producers for Alf and Duncan to have
  11. I never saw any of Nick, but I find it funny how he moved overseas to become an actor. Purely because it's what he ended up actually doing!
  12. Now that I think about it, him returning would have definitely been worth the watch seeing as he had a feud with John Palmer
  13. Yeah would have been nice if himself, Rachel, Lucas and Harry all returned. I think he would have personally liked to as well because he would have been the best person to bring back aside from Xavier. Would have been a miracle if Lucas returned due to Rhys's work in the US
  14. He was my favourite Morgan at first, however he has dropped down the scale a lot more lately. He is probably my least favourite character right now. I used to think he was really funny at first but now I don't and him and I'm not liking where he is planning to go with Olivia
  15. They should have had Kyle and Phoebe getting married, because it would have given Kyle a big storyline seeing as he was the only Braxton left
  16. I'd like to see Pippa, Sally, Miles and Little Pippa return for the 30th anniversary
  17. I have always loved Phoebe! I think her character is great for the show because she is good-looking, free-spirited and positive. Obviously like every character she has her bad moments but I feel she is judged way too harshly by everyone. I would be very interested to see how much longer she will last on the show. I don't want her gone or anything but I have this feeling that the year of 2017 could be her last, but that is purely based off of how long young actors normally stay in the show, so I could be very wrong in speculating this and there has also be no real rumours/announcements of this
  18. In my opinon, Kyle's character was so underused. Throughout his 5 years that he featured on Home and Away, in the last 3 (2014, 2015, 2016) he barely had too much interaction with characters other than his family or family associates (People like Ricky, Phoebe, Ash and Kat towards the end). It seemed like straight after Tamara Kingsley left the bay, it was as if to the majority of characters he was just seen as "another resident of Summer Bay". He lived in Leah's house briefly in 2013, then dated Tamara who lived with Leah. As soon as Tamara left the bay, I don't think he properly spoke to Lea
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