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  1. Now that I think about it, him returning would have definitely been worth the watch seeing as he had a feud with John Palmer
  2. Yeah would have been nice if himself, Rachel, Lucas and Harry all returned. I think he would have personally liked to as well because he would have been the best person to bring back aside from Xavier. Would have been a miracle if Lucas returned due to Rhys's work in the US
  3. He was my favourite Morgan at first, however he has dropped down the scale a lot more lately. He is probably my least favourite character right now. I used to think he was really funny at first but now I don't and him and I'm not liking where he is planning to go with Olivia
  4. They should have had Kyle and Phoebe getting married, because it would have given Kyle a big storyline seeing as he was the only Braxton left
  5. I'd like to see Pippa, Sally, Miles and Little Pippa return for the 30th anniversary
  6. I have always loved Phoebe! I think her character is great for the show because she is good-looking, free-spirited and positive. Obviously like every character she has her bad moments but I feel she is judged way too harshly by everyone. I would be very interested to see how much longer she will last on the show. I don't want her gone or anything but I have this feeling that the year of 2017 could be her last, but that is purely based off of how long young actors normally stay in the show, so I could be very wrong in speculating this and there has also be no real rumours/announcements of this being set to occur. However I reckon that she has a lot in front of her with the relationship with Justin which will hopefully see her stay on beyond 2017. There are two things that I really want to happen with Phoebe in the future, the first thing is a relationship with Brody. Obviously her and Justin are together right now but if that doesn't work out then I think Brody and Phoebe would make a great couple, currently they are good friends and get along great so I see potential Another thing I want to see is her mother join the cast, I think it would be cool because after seeing her dad in 2014 and knowing that they were divorced, I think that Phoebe's mother will be a lot more like her and would be a fun addition to the cast as a guest/recurring role. I am not sure if bringing her in as a regular would happen or not but I still think seeing Phoebe's mum would be awesome
  7. In my opinon, Kyle's character was so underused. Throughout his 5 years that he featured on Home and Away, in the last 3 (2014, 2015, 2016) he barely had too much interaction with characters other than his family or family associates (People like Ricky, Phoebe, Ash and Kat towards the end). It seemed like straight after Tamara Kingsley left the bay, it was as if to the majority of characters he was just seen as "another resident of Summer Bay". He lived in Leah's house briefly in 2013, then dated Tamara who lived with Leah. As soon as Tamara left the bay, I don't think he properly spoke to Leah again. It's not just Leah though that he barely interacted with, he didn't have too much to do with Alf Stewart, Irene and I guess Marilyn. He probably should have been associated with John a bit more than he was (even though they didn't have a lot to do with each other), seeing as John owned the Surf Club that Angelo's (Now Salt) is located in. Staying on the topic of barely associating with the majority of characters, one thing that restricted him from this in the last 3 years especially was his lack of scenes in the Pier Diner. From what I can recall, he was only seen in the actual diner 3 times (probably a bit more than that) from 2014-2016. He was seen outside the diner as well but it still would have been a lot better if he was in the actual diner because to me, if you are a proper Home and Away Character, the diner is a place you go to alot. Another thing that I noticed a lot was with certain events, he was never there. Examples- Zac and Leah's Wedding, Hannah's Breast Cancer Night (that one really surprised me as he did have a bit of interaction with her and the fact that he shut Angelo's that night made me think that he would have been there), I'm not sure about John and Maz's Wedding but the fact that Casey would have most likely been invited makes me think that Kyle would have been too. Those are all the non-Braxton or Angelo's related events that I remember that occured when Kyle was a regular. Now the last thing I will touch on is his departure, I would rant about how bad it was but I see it has already been done to death on here so I won't go there. But after his departure occurred, aside from his family and family associates. Nobody really seemed to care or notice that the owner of Summer Bay's only licensed restaurant who worked his butt off 24/7 has been sent to jail. If he was a recurring/guest character who had only been there for a short amount of time, I would perfectly understand. But this guy was on the show from 2012, so I honestly could not believe it. What I find the most interesting about this is the fact that his character was so popular among viewers of the show so it really does surprise me how low-key his presence was to the Bay's residents. His character should have had a lot more to do with other characters. I think when he said that his family was "big on education" he could have been referring to the fact that he did his HSC, unlike the other Braxtons.
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